Six European vacation destinations perfect for cannabis consumers

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With the summer travel season about to end, many people are already looking ahead to their next vacation opportunities. having travel on the calendar to look forward to is always a good feeling. Whether securing a coveted spring break getaway or refuge from the freezing cold temperatures winter brings, there’s always a reason to book.

For cannabis fans, choosing a vacation destination often means considering the plant in addition to the tourist attractions. While there are plenty of weed-friendly travel spots in North America, many people seek a jaunt across the pond.

These six European vacation destinations offer gorgeous sights, rich history, and remarkable culture. They also happen to be accommodating to those with a penchant for pot. 

But make sure to do your research before heading abroad—laws vary from country to country, as do customs and practices. For example, some places may tolerate possession but frown on public consumption. Follow the rules, and you’re sure to have a memorable and magnificent time.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A mecca for cannabis culture, Amsterdam has long been a canna-tourism favorite. Known for its unique coffeeshop scene, exquisite art museums, and NSFW Red Light District, Amsterdam is bursting with activity. 

Cannabis flower, concentrates, and edibles are widely available at green-centric coffeeshops. Guests can choose from classic strains like White Widow or Silver Haze or imported California genetics like Alien OG or Apple Fritter. Smoking devices and accessories are often available alongside hot drinks and snacks, for those who wish to hang out and enjoy their purchases.

Cannabis is decriminalized in The Netherlands. While public consumption is frowned upon, authorities will typically leave you alone if you’re inconspicuous.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Located southeast of The Netherlands is the tiny yet powerful country of Luxembourg. Part of the Benelux nations (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg), this picturesque locale is known for its dense forests, rock formations, and grand castles. They also happen to be one of the latest European countries to legalize cannabis.

While state-run dispensaries have yet to open, adults over the age of 18 may possess up to three grams of cannabis. Residents may also grow up to four plants. Consuming cannabis in public is prohibited, so tourists may struggle to find spots to enjoy the plant (or find cannabis altogether) should they visit.

Barcelona, Spain

Another famed cannabis tourism locale is Barcelona. In addition to its over-the-top culinary scene and Gaudi-inspired architecture, the Catalonian capitalboasts close to 200 private cannabis clubs. These discreet spots allow adults to pay a yearly membership fee in order to purchase cannabis products and lounge the day away.

It’s important to note that while cannabis possession and consumption are tolerated within cannabis clubs, outside is another story. People do still get charged with cannabis-related crimes in Spain, so keeping your stash secret and safe once you depart a club is crucial.

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Barcelona is a great place for pot smokers to visit, but keep the consumption to the social clubs. Photo: Getty

Valletta, Malta

This Mediterranean archipelago is a popular tourist destination thanks to its sky-blue waters and a large number of historical sites. They also have the distinction of being the first EU nation to officially legalize adult-use cannabis. Citizens over the age of 18 may possess up to seven grams of cannabis (50 grams at home) and grow up to four plants in their residences.

While the cannabis law in Malta called for the licensing of social clubs, the government has yet to issue a single license. It has also been noted that the Maltese bill covers the country’s citizens, so it’s unclear whether visitors will be granted the same rights.

Berlin, Germany

There’s an old saying that goes, “Everyone once in Berlin.” For cannabis fans, a Bavarian pilgrimage will likely soon be obligatory. The annual Mary Jane Fest has long been a draw, but things are about to get even more interesting.

The country of castles, stunning mountain ranges, and a bounty of beer will soon be the biggest EU nation to have legal cannabis. While not a done deal yet, a bill is making its way through the country’s parliament at a fairly quick pace.

Once approved, adults over 21 will be allowed to purchase and possess up to 25 grams per day, topping out at 50 grams per month (people ages 18-20 will be limited to 30 grams per month). 

Bud will be acquired at licensed clubs, much like Barcelona’s system. Consumption will likely be kept within the walls of the clubs as well as private residences, so tourists should make sure they don’t step out of line with their weed.

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Could Germany be the next big canna-tourism destination? Photo: Sylvain SONNET / Getty

Zurich, Switzerland

Known for its towering Alps mountain range, beloved by adventurers, Switzerland is revered by tourists from every part of the globe. This peaceful nation is a hotspot for skiing, hiking, and history. The famed cuckoo clocks and cheese are the icing on the cake.

While cannabis is technically illegal in Switzerland, possession of up to ten grams is decriminalized. There have been whispers of nationwide reform for almost a decade, and a pilot program  called “Züri Can – Cannabis with Responsibility,” was just initiated. 1,200 participants will be able to purchase cannabis products from nine designated pharmacies and six social clubs. So-called “low THC” cannabis containing less than one percent THC is widely available at smoke shops, which is far better than the CBD flower sold in the US.

The European cannabis market is picking up steam, and consumers around the world are taking note. Reform throughout the EU will take time, but as the dominoes fall, more countries will likely take action.


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