Reddit said I should try this dry herb vape – here’s what happened

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Cannabis technology has sprouted into many sectors, from agriculture to retail systems. However, the original weed tech was found in dry herb vape devices. For decades, these unsuspecting “dry herb vapes” that claimed to be for lavender and essential oils grew despite cannabis being highly illegal. Now, they can operate outside of the shadows.

We’re lucky that vape culture is in the light because it’s how we learned about the Healthy Rips Rogue. Where once few people were willing to share their experiences publicly, Reddit is now chock-full of hot takes. After posting one of the most recent vape reviews in the /Vaporents community, we were given a few recommendations of what to try next–this is a review of the first.

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healthy rips rogue: image of vape in desert
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Healthy Rips Rogue Vape Basics

The Rogue Vape uses hot air and a stainless steel vape chamber. Its glass mouthpiece creates an all-glass vapor pathway, resulting in cool hits. Those who like to vape on the go will appreciate the travel mouthpiece, which is made of the same durable plastic as the body.

The piece is at a full charge in 90 minutes and heats up for a sesh in 25 seconds. The temperature can be set down to the degree between 280 and 430°F, which I tracked via the easy-to-read LED screen. Once heated, it will vibrate and start ticking down a five-minute session. The screen counted down the sesh by the second. Adjust the sesh time anywhere between three and eight minutes with the click of a few buttons.

To adjust the pre-set session time, turn the piece on with three clicks and simultaneously hold the power and (+) buttons. This will open the sesh time to blink and allow the (+) and (-) buttons to adjust how many seconds it will stay on. Lastly, if the unit has at least 20 percent charge, it will work while charging. This is welcome news, as I often forget to keep my device batteries full.

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Clean the device by emptying the chamber and removing the mouthpiece. Take the o-ring off of the bottom of the mouthpiece and remove its screen. Clean the screen with alcohol, using the brush to remove buildup. Use an alcohol-dampened Q-tip to wipe out the empty chamber and glass mouthpiece without letting any liquid drip into the chamber.

Put the o-ring back, push the mouthpiece into the device, and turn it on for two minutes to burn off cleaning residue. The process is simple and will elongate the life of the technology. Specs are well and good, but the reality of dry herb vapes is that you don’t know if it rips until you rip it. So I did just that.

I used the Rogue weed vape

Flavor and vapor are my primary concerns with a dry herb vape. I like to taste the terps and see something when I exhale. I’d say the Healthy Rips Rogue is comparable to the others in the price range.

The unit looks like many dry herb vapes, with a black medium-weight body and magnetic piece that reveals a chamber. The glass mouthpiece was a pleasant surprise. There are also options to switch out the mouthpiece with the travel one or pretty colored glass.

Watching the temperature tick up and the session seconds go down on the screen pleased me. It also allowed me to dial in the sesh. I’d recommend starting the first pull about 10 to 20 seconds in to get the herbs cooking.

I enjoy the Rogue a lot and will recommend it to others, but I don’t see why this would be so much better than the other options presented in the Reddit thread. As I said, I really like it, and this is a positive review. Still, I’m left seeking how it’s miles better than those I reviewed (like the commenter said it was). Either way, I’m glad Healthy Rips is officially on my radar. Thanks, Vapor Ents.

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healthy rips rogue: image of vape on waterfront
Image provided by Healthy Rips

Healthy Rips Rogue Cool Tips:

  • Don’t tamp the flower in this vape chamber; it allows heat to move through the individual leaf better.
  • Never charge unattended or leave on the charger past full battery to avoid overheating or fire.
  • Deep clean weekly for the longest-lasting tech.
  • Turn the unit off after you’re done as the sesh timer continues, whether you pull or not.

Bottom line: Rogue is a great weed vape

When it comes to weed vapes, the Rogue is a viable option for newcomers and old-timers. It is easy to use, heats herbs evenly, and can be set down to a degree. People looking for a simple loading method will still wish they had a tiny funnel. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with this durable dry herb vape.

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