Australia lawmakers introduce groundbreaking cannabis legalization bill

australia map over cannabis australia cannabis legalization

A push to legalize adult-use cannabis Down Under is ramping up. Senator David Shoebridge of The Greens party has introduced a bill to Federal Parliament that would create a legal cannabis market across Australia.

“The Greens Legalising Cannabis Bill 2023” is a historic moment for the Australian government as it marks the first time a marijuana reform bill has been presented to the country’s Parliament. In addition to legalizing possession and sales for adults, the law would also permit home cultivation of up to six cannabis plants.

Medical cannabis was approved in Australia in 2016, but the program is heavily regulated. The Greens have been working on adult-use legislation for some time.

“It’s time to stop pretending that consumption of this plant, consumed each year by literally millions of Australians, should still be seen as a crime,” Senator Shoebridge said in a statement obtained by GreenState

“Everyone knows that it is not a matter of if we legalise cannabis in Australia, it’s a matter of when, and today we’re taking a huge step forward,” he continued.

The Greens had previously sought public commentary on its cannabis bill, receiving over 8,000 responses from across the country. Several components of the bill were based on survey results, including labeling requirements on licensed cannabis products, safe storage of marijuana, and online advertising.

“Using the collective wisdom of almost ten thousand respondents we know the Greens will be tabling the most popular and effective bill possible to legalise cannabis for the whole country,” Senator Shoebridge noted.

During The Greens’ fact-finding, they also estimated that legal cannabis could bring in $28 billion within the first nine years and create more opportunities for the Australian people.

“This is the chance for tens of thousands of quality green jobs, new small businesses, enriched regional economies, and the boon for tourism that will come with establishing a totally new legal industry,” Senator Shoebridge said.

Rachelle Gordon

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