These new weed devices could be your latest obsession

new weed devices

The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly, every day brings something new. When it comes to cannabis extracts, there are dozens of ways to dab.

Many purists swear by their glass rig and blowtorch. Others align with the cult of Puffco. But while these two heavyweights may lead the pack for the dabbers among us, they aren’t the only game in town. 

I recently had the chance to try a few new additions to the cannabis hardware scene, and I must admit: they all give the previous methods of consumption a run for their money. From powerful puffs in a tiny package to a Cali-themed disposable that packs a punch, these new weed devices could stand their ground against the main contenders.

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Rover by Dip Devices

Rover new weed device

When I discovered that Dip Devices debuted new product, I could barely hide my excitement. After seeing the initial response to the Rover at the Champs Trade Show via social media, I was even more intrigued. 

Rover takes the portable dabbing game to the next level. Resembling a robustly built dab pen, the gadget offers a legit sesh in the palm of your hand. Place the extract of your choice in the chamber, along with the included terp pearls. Activate the heating element with the press of a button, and prepare to blast off—this thing rips.

My first impression of Rover was one of astonishment. I was not ready for just how hard it hit. I quickly discovered that it was crucial to tread lightly with this one. For people seeking an authentic dab experience on the go, Rover is it.

Utillian 8 

Utillian 8 e rig weed devices

E-rigs have become increasingly popular thanks to their convenience and sleek nature. The Utillian 8 definitely matches this description. 

With a unique cloth covering on the base and a gorgeous glass bubbler, the Utillian 8 screams sophistication. The carb cap doubles as a dab tool, making the device even more straightforward. Four temperature settings allow for the perfect sesh, whether you have shatter or live rosin

I found the first dabs off the Utillian 8 to be shockingly strong. The only hindrance was the airflow design of the carb cab. The curved shape and placement of the holes could make it difficult for some people to manipulate.

The battery life is considerable on this thing, and I’m happy to report the price point is reasonable ($219.99). With such a classy design, I have no qualms about proudly displaying the piece. 

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Cali Heights Disposable Vape

cali heights vape

There are plenty of all-in-one vaporizers on the market, but Cali Heights offers something different. Instead of mimicking an ink pen or tobacco vape, this rechargeable device is literally shaped like the state it’s named for. The result is a proud homage to the epicenter of American cannabis culture that fits surprisingly well in your hand.

The oil within is as memorable as its quirky design. The live resin variety was especially tasty, providing a terpene-rich draw that was smooth as silk. I try plenty of vapes, and most are a one-hit-wonder—but not Cali Heights. This ‘lil guy went straight into regular rotation.

With so many products in the modern cannabis market, it can be difficult to know which ones are top shelf. But thanks to solid first impressions (and impressively robust hits), all three of the devices on this list get the GreenState seal of approval, and worth giving a shot.


Rachelle Gordon

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