Full Moon Sesh Bangkok 2024: a weeklong adventure of hash in Southeast Asia

full moon sesh

After covering the Full Moon Sesh in LA, I knew I had to make it to the epic event culminating in Bangkok this year. Thailand has always been very welcoming to tourists, but with new regulations coming into effect and concentrates falling into somewhat of a gray area, I knew this event would be like no other. So, I made the trip across the world to bring back the scoop on who and where the best things were happening at one of the premier hash events in the world. The event is part contest, part celebration, with some of the best cannabis in the world present.

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The Launch Party: Rooftop At the High Garden

Blasting off like a rocket, the full moon sesh launch party was something to behold. Right at the start, some awesome budtenders downstairs gave us the details on the party location, which was above them but through some stairs on the right. After making the journey up a few floors, you were met with gifts like fresh coconut, pins, lanyards, t-shirts, and more before entering the ultimate weeklong sesh launch party.

full moon sesh
Rooftop High Garden sesh Photo: Josh Freeman

After making it into the exclusive setting, the beauty and ambiance are overwhelming. Four Twenty, the people behind the High Garden and one of the sponsors of the Full Moon Sesh really went all out in making this a launch party to remember. With people busting out their personal rigs, it meant dab stations were at almost every table, with both local and imported concentrates on display. Once you had made the rounds, hit the bar, and did your fair share of dabs, you knew this weeklong sesh was going to be something for the books.

Midnight Seshes

This being a weeklong sesh, there were many events and things to check out. Many people go on tours and check out dining and street food options, all while making concentrates and dabbing an integral part of their experience. However once the lights went dark, the rigs came out at the midnight seshes held at a few spots in downtown Bangkok.

Probably my favorite spot to sit down and sesh was The Drugstore, with the owner having shops in both Zurich and Bangkok. The upstairs smoking spot, while being up a few flights of stairs, is a convenient place to sit back and relax. As the full dispensary downstairs caters to both flower and concentrate connoisseurs, the upstairs is set up with servers and a full menu of snacks and beverages for purchase while you enjoy yourself. The owner also graciously let me clean my Proxy using the ISO washing station they have available for customers the evening before flying back to the US, so a big shout-out for that as well.

Another major hangout was at Shanti, a spot well-known in the industry among the cannabis elite. While I only spent one night here because of some itinerary issues, I can say the location was dope, with the Thai British budtender being hilarious and the shop owner William being a stand-up guy with an interesting back story. If you are looking to sesh, even when the moon isn’t full, this is definitely a spot to check out. 

shanti thailand
Shanti is a hotspot for the cannabis elite in Thailand. Photo: Josh Freeman

Amber x Four Twenty Boat Ride Strain Drop

When you think of a cannabis celebration in Bangkok, a smoking river cruise has to be the pinnacle of it all. And for me, this was the event I was most looking forward to, and it did not disappoint. Two ticket options were available on this cruise, one for Flower and one for Rosin. So I did both!

smoking river cruise
The Smoking River Cruise was a highlight of Full Moon Sesh 2024. Photo: Josh Freeman

The flower drop consisted of 6 grams of flower across the two brands sponsoring the boat ride, which were Amber Farms (Candy Pave#3, Apples Bananas#1, Windu#4) and Four Twenty (Da Funk, Mandarin Cookies, Rozay Cake). The best Apples and Bananas I have seen to date, and Rozay Cake being possibly some of the most unique floral terps, ones I had not seen before, reminiscent of a rose rosolio. A full review of each will be part of my upcoming piece, so if you haven’t read Finding the best weed in Bangkok, check it out to get a head start on what’s to come.

After some initial confusion on the Rosin drop, I was presented with my score: one gram of rosin from Zuki (0.5G Tangarin Bread, and 0.5G Le Creme Cake) and one gram from Growzo (Colt 45). The Tangarin Bread from Zuki was like fermented citrus funk and right up my alley. Le Creme Cake had terps of sweet citrus in the beginning that got washed out by gassy frosting. The Colt 45 was very terpy, with gassy notes that leaned towards an earthy spice as on the exhale. 

amber farms flower
Apples And Bananas by Amber Farms. Photo: Josh Freeman

The cruise itself was an amazing journey. Showing up a bit late, I had to grab a motorcycle taxi over to Wat Worachanyawat Temple, where the entrance to the pier was located in the back. Walking through the gilded walkways, I was somewhat blown away by the party boat that emerged before me. Not your typical yacht, the Bangkok Island is a sand barge that has been converted into a full-on concert venue, restaurant, and party cruise combined. The boat has the capacity for 300 guests, being both large enough and private enough for events like this to seem truly special.

The food was tucked away in what they call the Hall deck, but basically just the lower deck of the ship. With no air conditioning on the ship, the lower decks can and did become a bit hot, and with the kitchen getting slammed with orders, things became a bit pear-shaped for some guests. However, I did not experience any of those issues and received my food and a table to sit at in a timely fashion and everything was delicious! With a menu that consisted of both Western classics and Thai favorites, everyone can find something they enjoy on their ride.

Zuki and Growzo concentrates. Photo: Josh Freeman

Who Won The Full Moon Sesh Bangkok 2024?

As far as the winner’s circle goes, there were some familiar faces, along with some local experts getting some respect. Taking first place in Rosin and second place in Water Hash was Trichrome Tortoise with his Ze Boof. I caught up with the champ-in-a-half-shell prior to his official win on the boat cruise, and he seemed very hopeful for a full sweep, but with other big players in the mix, even he knew that was optimistic. 

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First place in Water Hash and third in Rosin was The Real Cannabis Chris. Wrapping up the other categories, Zuki took home first place in the Dry Sift category. Winning first place in Hashholes was Zaenzuk / Terps Cartel, and Sweed Dreams took home both second and third place. Would love to see this competition branch out into only using local sources for entries, but understand with growing markets like Thailand, this is not always a possibility, so having both local and international competitors battling it out made for unique competition, with trophies truly going to the best in the world.

It’s not Goodbye, it’s see you again soon

It has taken me almost a month to put my thoughts together, and as a seasoned professional in the space, I will say this very well may have been the best cannabis event to date. It would go down in cannabis history books, if they had those, as one to remember.

full moon sesh
Bangkok river cruising with a hashhole. Photo: Josh Freeman

With the event lasting all week and other events popping up along the way, I couldn’t make it out to all the activities included in the Full Moon Sesh Bangkok. But I think that was part of the charm, really. It was a mix and match of the types of experiences you wanted, paired with close friends and the best hash the world had to offer. Not much more a person could ask for, to be honest, and that’s why I will be following and looking forward to the next Full Moon Sesh, wherever it is hosted. 

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