Moon magic meets Hollywood: the Full Moon Sesh enchants LA

full moon sesh la

When East meets sesh, and the hash stars come out at night, you know have made it to the special edition of Full Moon Sesh Los Angeles. Their first foray on this shore was not one to be missed either, including competitions in Ice Hash, Hash Rosin, and Hash Holes, which brought out some of the best cannabis makers from around the world. Not only was the competition heavy, but the unique gathering of connoisseur-level hash and cannabis vendors was game-changing for someone looking to restock themselves on the best in the business.

Taking its name from the iconic Full Moon Parties, which started back in 1988 on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand, the Full Moon Sesh is no slouch.  The first event was in Las Palmas, and the following year Madrid, and this year topping two destinations, including Berlin, and making it across the pond in Los Angeles. The team behind Full Moon Sesh isn’t taking their foot off the gas either, with the roll-up to the big blowout in Bangkok in early 2024, and Prague coming later in the year.

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Vendors howl at the moon

Benjamins were flowing at the vendors’ tables with hash deals that could not be turned down. Some familiar faces like Sugar Magnolia Farms were present and still had some of their award-winning Strawberry Yogurt, which ended up selling out well before the event ended. Recognized as probably the most iconic brand in the hash hole category, Fidel’s was on the scene and making things big with their original hash holes, hash rosin, fruit chews, and more. 

Making your way through the maze of vendors, you might find yourself wanting to take a dab, or two, or as many as you wanted, which was the answer from the kind souls at Treats Los Angeles. Makers of single-source indoor hash rosin and not shy about giving out free samples, so this was definitely a table worth stopping by. 

If the dabs got you faded and you were looking for an energy boost, Hyphae had you covered with gummies that were, get this, non-medicated but made from Lions Mane mushroom. Easily one of the tastiest things I initially turned down before learning more and taking the plunge.

One of my favorite things about events like these is meeting new vendors like Fire Farms Maui. They not only produce some amazing single source sun-grown live rosin like Sour Cindy #3, but they also made medicated hot sauces in both 100mg and 300mg varieties. 

fire farms maui at full moon sesh
Fire Farms Maui was a standout booth at Full Moon Sesh LA Photo: Josh Freeman

Jelly Wizard was also on scene and initially their gummies brought me in, with a texture unlike others who only use pectin as a base; these combined both pectin and gelatin to give a bit more bite. However, I stayed for the funky Wakanda hash rosin they were offering.

One thing that could not be ignored was Sluggers Hit, along with Dee Thai, who helped make the event a success for sure. Taking a puff off one of their slugger bats is a highlight to anyone’s party, but the fun doesn’t stop there as they decorated the walls with oversized baseball cards like the collectible ones packaged with Sluggers 5-pack joints. Dee Thai was the perfect pairing for the Full Moon Sesh as well, as a brand that’s focused on bringing the flavors of Thailand to the medicated US market.

Munchies and awards cap off the evening

With the full moon floating along the clouds of weed smoke and hash vapor, the munchies were an inevitability that we all had to battle at one point or another in the evening. With several food options on the scene, like Buns B Smashin wagyu burgers and tacos by Delicias Internacionales, made sure no one was being left hungry. In the back, however, there was an aroma making its way through the terpene-heavy air, which caught my attention.

Once I found the source of the delicious smells, I was met with a hip bearded gentleman, KabobSenpai, who was slinging some of the most delicious skewered meat I had eaten. Charred beautifully over real coals, the method allowed the smoke to envelop the meat. These were as well toasted as most of the attendees, and that was a good thing. To wash things down, Archies Noho was rocking and rolling with a cooler of JesseTheChef Banana Pudding (RIP), which always hits the spot.

kebabs at full moon sesh la
KabobSenpai working the grill and being passed a joint Photo: Josh Freeman

When it came time for the awards ceremony, the hostess with the smokeness, Doja EK, got the crowd excited as they brought out the winners of each category. LA Family Farms took home Gold in Hash Hole, while The Real Cannabis Chris took home second and third place in Ice Hash. Sweeping across both Ice Hash and Hash Rosin with golds was Trichrome Tortoise, showing that not only can they win the race, they can take the win back to their native Thailand, bringing this entire event full circle, or should I say moon?

trichome tortoise at full moon sesh
Trichrome Tortoise accepts an award at Full Moon Sesh LA Photo: Josh Freeman

What could only be considered a blazing success here in their first US market debut, the Full Moon Sesh brought out 30-plus vendors spanning the gamut of cannabis flower, infused joints or hash holes, and all manner of concentrates and edibles. Speaking with vendors and other hash enthusiasts, everyone seemed genuinely excited to be part of such an amazing inaugural celebration here in the States. Needless to say, my flight is booked, and I am so stoked to see what is in store as the sesh heads back to Bangkok in January 2024.

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Josh Freeman