Dr. Dabber Switch has a cult following, here’s why

Dr Dabber Switch review: image of switch in front of cool lit backdrop

The world of dabbing has developed rapidly since the first extracts rolled onto the scene. As tech got more inventive and useful, the pieces got smaller. All but one, that is. The Dr. Dabber Switch is notably larger than its relevant counterpart, the Puffco Peak, but that doesn’t mean it’s undesirable. I tried the Dr. Dabber Switch and enjoyed it for a very specific reason.

Dr. Dabber has been in the game for years. The brand released the Switch in June 2018 to fanfare, though many found it bulky and easy to knock over. Still, it’s maintained a loyal fanbase, like Tr3flip_king on Reddit, who said, “Dr.Dabber Switch + Sic insert + hive ball + the best I ever had (drooly emoji).

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Dr. Dabber Switch review: image of switch lit green
Photo by VisualsByChern for Dr. Dabber

I have to agree that the hit from my Switch was lovely; it replicated the feeling of an e-nail dab from a glass rig more than comparable electronic rigs. The Switch also seamlessly vapes flower with the force of my usual bong rip less risk to my lung health.

Dabber Switch Specifications

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a hefty piece. The base contains a rechargeable battery and a glass housing unit. A glass bubbler affixes onto the base unit, completing the big, reliable e-rig. This piece uses proprietary induction technology to heat the cup. I preferred to pre-fill the cup with my chosen extract and flower and drop it into the Switch while it heated.

There are more relevant specs to the Switch than just the induction cups, which bang, by the way. The two-year warranty is a good vote of confidence from the brand and insurance for the buyer who is about to drop $375. If that doesn’t sway people to buy it, other things, like the battery power, might.

This unit charges in 60 minutes and can be used while it’s plugged in. It turns on with the flick of a switch (get it?). I kept forgetting to switch it off, which I’m guessing is why my battery life never lasted very long. The website does promise 100 sessions before the battery dies, though. It didn’t matter to me because my weed relaxation station is by an outlet, not on the road.

I set the unit to one of the 25 temperature settings, hit the switch, and it heated up in the promised three to 10 seconds. LED lights on the back of the base cycle through five colors representing temperature settings.

Purple is five temps between 300 to 380°F, royal blue cycles through five temps from 400 to 480°F, cyan teal blue ranges from 500 to 580°F, green is from 600 to 680°F, and yellow is from 700 to 780°F. These temperatures let the dabber truly choose their own adventure, from the lowest therapy temps to red hot induction cups.

Dabbing and hitting flower with the Switch

The experience of dabbing with a Switch is what I find compelling about the rig. Sure, it’s heavy as hell, and my clumsy self almost knocked it over a few times. Ok, I knocked it on the ground and watched it roll away once. But, to be honest, it still works–a testament to the product.

Hitting the Switch reminded me of the high from taking a quick rip hot dab in 2012 without the coughing and suffering. It’s cool, filtered through water, and clean, but it also hits quick and hard.

That may be why Redditor deetznutz6969 recommended the Switch, “It will make you cough if you want it to! I have the Sic bkt for mine and got the recycler glass attachment and a few other diff styles of bkts.”

Both Reddit advisors cited another great offering from Dr. Dabber that makes the Switch attractive: the customizable accessories. The Switch comes with stock concentrate and flower cups. But the brand also offers quartz, Aluminum Nitride (ALN), and sapphire induction cups.

The quartz promises a terpene-heavy hit with lots of preserved flavor. ALN is used in the medical and aerospace industries. Sapphire is also flavor-focused and is said to be ideal for all full melt concentrates. The ALN induction cup claims to be resistant to breakage after lots of heating and cooling. Accessories like a silicone base, loading tool, and various artistic recycler attachments are also available on the Dr. Dabber site.

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The Switch also gets its name because it can be used for extracts and flower. Though I’m still a bong-ripping combustion girl despite knowing it’s not good for me–the Switch does a great job. The flavor was clear as a bell, and the hit was cooled from moving through the glass diffuser.

This weed device is aptly named; it can switch on and off easily and it can switch seamlessly from flower to dabs.

Inside tips from the Dr. Dabber team

After using the Switch, I can see why the Dr. Dabber device has a cult following. But still, I was left wondering if anyone else was puzzled as to its size. Daniel Mars, general sales manager for Dr. Dabber said that people choose the Switch over more portable pieces because of its induction strength. I can attest to that. He also cited versatility as a major draw. That’s another thing I can confirm after using it.

Mars shared another crucial tip that I saw echoed in other forums: don’t draw extracts too hard, or they will splash up into the piece. Slow, measured draws are the way with these dabs. He also recommends operating in Advanced Mode, using all 25 temperatures.

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The Switch really rips

There are many pluses to the Dr. Dabber switch that figuratively outweigh the large, heavy piece. It hits well with extract and flower, heats quickly to a wide range of temperatures, and has a quality battery that lasts a long time. While the Switch won’t take over my regular bong habits and somewhat regular joint consumption, it will make its way into the rotation. This piece rips, and it’s worth its weight—no pun intended.

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