Play cannabis cupid with these weed-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts

weed friendly valentines

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. From pink-hued boxes of chocolates to the eponymous candy hearts, the season for love-based gifting has arrived. And for cannabis fans across the country, flowers offer more than just a pungent aroma.

Weed has become an increasingly popular present choice for Americans, with the majority of consumers saying they now integrate the plant with their holidays. With Cupid and his arrow just around the corner, GreenState compiled 12 weed-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts perfect for pot-friendly couples. Just remember that gifting green can sometimes be complicated, so be sure to do your homework before grabbing the wrapping paper.

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Smashin’ Passion by Betty’s Eddies

Available in Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts & Puerto Rico

betty's eddies
Smashin’ Passion Fruit Chews by Betty’s Eddies Photo: Betty's Eddies

Get in the mood with the Smashin’ Passion fruit chews by Betty’s Eddies. These tasty passion fruit-flavored morsels contain full-spectrum cannabis and natural aphrodisiacs like horny goat weed, damiana, maca root, and muira puama. Consider these the perfect dessert for your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

Flower by Edie Parker Heart One-Hitter necklace

Available Nationwide

edie parker necklacke
Heart One Hitter Necklace by Edie Parker

Edie Parker remains one of the most in-demand plant-friendly fashion lines for a reason. The brand’s haute-couture apparel, smoking accessories, and accouterment are fun, feminine, and free-spirited. Their heart-shaped one-hitter necklace is an adorable way to wear your weed affinity—and at an affordable price of $40, your boo will get a taste of luxury that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Hautebox by Charlotte Welch joint case

Available Nationwide

Hautebox joint holders
Hautebox by Charlotte Welch in Marble and Wood Grain Gift Set Photo: Hautebox by Charlotte Welch

On the subject of high fashion, the Hautebox by Charlotte Welch is another must for any stylish smoker. This water-proof, smell-proof joint case has a compartment for your lighter, so you’re always ready to toke on-the-go. Available in multiple sizes and gorgeous finishes (the new metallic line is especially sleek), the Hautebox is sure to delight the love of your life.

Moon Made Farms Joints

Available in California


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When Miley Cyrus said, “I can buy myself flowers,” was she actually talking about weed? Probably not, but if you want to give your special someone some greenery this Valentine’s Day, woman-owned Moon Made Farms is the perfect pick. This legacy sun-grown farm uses regenerative practices and harnesses lunar goddess energy from moon cycles to create terpene-rich cultivars like Forbidden Wonder and Tuscan Gelato.

That Badu Topical Cream

Available Nationwide

that badu topical
Lavender Topical Cream by That Badu and Cookies

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a relaxing massage—and That Badu topical cream is the perfect infused topical to pair with your rub down. Containing high-dosage CBD, CBG, relaxing lavender, arnica, and aloe, this collab between soulful singer Erykah Badu and Cookies offers a wonderful way to unwind.

Jane West Twenties Collection

Available Nationwide

jane west pipe weed friendly valentines gift guide
The Jane West Twenties Collection Water Pipe in Amber Photo: Jane West

Giving serious Gatsby vibes, the new Twenties Collection by Jane West is old-school opulence with a stoner twist. With custom-textured glass and Jane West’s signature bowl, the pipe offerings are sturdy yet elegant. Complete the collection with a matching astray—your flapper friends will thank you.

Mountaintop Extracts lollipops

Available in New Mexico

mountain top extracts lollipops
Infused Lollipop Confections by Mountaintop Extracts Photo: Mountaintop Extracts

Give your sweetheart a little sweet treat with Mountaintop Extracts. The family-owned and operated brand’s signature lollipops are a high-dose lover’s dream, containing 60mg of full-spectrum THC concentrate. If your beloved is more the micro type, Mountaintop also offers low-dose hard candy drops and gummies.

Chill Pipe

Available Nationwide

Chill Pipe weed friendly valentines gift guide
Rainbow Glitter Chill Pipe Photo: Chill Pipe

Does your darling adore playing with different styles and aesthetics? Do they also love ice-cooled bong rips? If the answer is yes to either question, the Chill Pipe is the gift to give. The double-wall vacuum-insulated base is made from food-grade stainless steel, keeping ice water colder than a Wisconsin winter, while the ceramic interior hits like a dream. Available in dozens of colors and patterns, you can mix and match bases and neckpieces to suit any mood.

Flwr joint pack

Available in California


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With stunning packaging and bud sourced from women-led farms, Flwr offers elevated “vibe-forward” products with a creative touch. Their eighths open to reveal a joint-rolling kit complete with a fun message like “Get weird!”—but it’s the pre-rolls that really stand out. The case doubles as a compact, perfect for checking that lipstick post-sesh.

incredibles 50 Shades of Grape gummies

Available in IL, MA, MD, NJ, NV, RI

incredibles gummies
50 Shades of Grape gummies by incredibles Photo: incredibles

Inspired by the infamous NSFW book and film series, the 50 Shades of Grape line from incredibles is a sultry and intoxicating treat sure to kick things up a notch. These limited-edition, 1:1 gummies will certainly send a certain message—perfect for the shy couple wanting to try something new.

JGoldCrown x PAX vaporizer

Available Nationwide

pax devices weed friendly valentines gift guide
JGoldCrown x PAX vaporizers Photo: PAX

Sure to spell love for your significant other, the latest artist collab from PAX was inspired by JGoldcrown Studios’ world-famous heart icon. The “Love, Hits Different” message is meant to promote all types of amore, starting with the all-important yet often overlooked self-love. With that in mind, the JGoldCrown x PAX vaporizer could also be a fantastic Galentine’s gift or personal present for the singles out there.

Purient Bedroom Cannabis

Available in Massachusetts

purient cannabis lubricant weed friendly valentines gift guide
Purient Bedroom Cannabis Kit Photo: Purient

Spice things up after dark with the  personal lubricant. This 1:1 coconut oil-based lube contains both CBD and THC to help boost blood flow and relax the muscles. Each grown-sexy kit contains a 15ml bottle of lubricant, measured syringes for precise internal dosing, and a cute travel pouch to keep your extracurriculars on the DL.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be basic. Infuse your partner’s passion for the plant with one of the presents above for a smokin’ hot holiday you won’t soon forget. From gorgeous glass to bedroom-ready treats, there’s a weed-friendly Valentine’s gift for every type of lover.




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