Ghost Train Haze strain is a wild weed ride

Ghost Train Haze strain

The Ghost Train Haze strain is a classic sativa that grows memorable buds. This flavor has been coveted for decades, and rightfully so, it’s impressive in multiple ways. The flower smells, looks, and tastes vibrant, exciting the sense with bursts of flavor and feeling.

This flower was created by Rare Dankness, a breeder who also crafted varieties like Venom OG and Commerce City Kush. Ghost Train Haze is a cross of the hybrid strain Ghost OG and pure sativa Neville’s Wreck, which results in a flowering lemon tree of flavor and potent, focused effects.

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Ghost Train Haze strain
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The look, smell, and taste

While the effects of Ghost Train Haze are all sativa, some see an indica-leaning bud structure in the flower. However, this may be in the eye of the beholder. Nugs are dense and chunky, light green with bright orange pistils. Each bud has a bounty of sugared trichomes, which must play a role in the strong scent these give off.

Ghost Train Haze smells of delightfully bitter yuzu and piquant rose. The aroma is straightforward, with no surprise back notes or undertones. The flavor is the same: categorically pungent citrus and stinging florals.

There are methods to get the best flavor experience possible out of flower. One way is to roll a joint and inhale without lighting it, which gives a burst of flavor. Another solid method is to inhale through convection, which is possible when using a dry herb vaporizer like the Volcano or Pax 3.

Effects of Ghost Train Haze strain

Sativa is the main character with common Ghost Train Haze strain effects. That said, those with anxiety are warned to steer clear. This one has been known to agitate a worried mind.

One parent of this plant is Neville’s Wreck, a cross of Trainwreck and Neville’s Haze. This almost pure Haze lineage is almost all mental. This contributes to possible worry after consuming, but it plays a part in the enjoyable effects, as well.

On the positive side, this weed variety is potent. Ghost Train Haze is said to make people feel focused but with a creative edge. Smoke more, and the sharpness pixelates in an increasingly cerebral, almost psychedelic state. This is reminiscent of both parents, as pure haze is intensely heady. Ghost Train Haze is a gnarly sativa that can settle heavily in the body if taken in large doses.

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Ghost Train Haze strain
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Growing Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is a suitable strain for beginners. With the right touch from an expert cultivator, this one is a real stunner. The Ghost Train Haze strain likes a warm, dry climate to avoid mold and mildew in the dense colas. Those growing outdoors should pick a space in the garden with long periods of sun into fall. For the same reason, indoor cultivators should pay extra attention to humidity levels.

Colas are dense but can foxtail, which means finger-like growths out of the nugs. This is a trait of many pure sativas and can be trimmed off, though this isn’t ideal. This strain flowers in eight to ten weeks, about mid-October for outdoor cultivators. Though flowering time varies based on environmental and genetic factors.

Ghost Train Haze FAQ

A classic cultivar like Ghost Train Haze is bound to leave cannabis connoisseurs with queries. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the sativa strain.

Is Ghost Train Haze the strongest strain?

Ghost Train Haze can contain anywhere from 20 to 27 percent THC, which some may consider strong. Due to every individual endocannabinoid system, deciphering which strain is the “strongest” is highly subjective.

What does Ghost Train Haze feel like?

This cannabis variety feels focused, uplifting, and when consumed in large quantities, a bit heavy and introspectively cerebral.

Is Ghost Train Haze an indica or sativa?

Ghost Train Haze is a classic sativa strain; many say it is around 80 percent sativa and 20 percent indica.

This cannabis strain is a focused but creative sativa with an enticing scent and flavor. Classic weed variety lovers will remember this one and the canna-curious will appreciate its appeal. Ghost Train Haze is one to try and enjoy, but remember to avoid it on an anxious day.

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