Cannabis darlings Sackville and Sundae School to drop mini grinder collab

Sackville x Sundae School grinder collaboration

Two stylish cannabis brands are coming together. Fashion house and cannabis brand Sundae School recently teamed up with high design head shop Sackville & Co to bring us the Mini Mochi Grinder, available July 6th.

The new Mochi Grinder is not only cute, it’s functional. This aluminum trinket is modeled after award winning Sundae School gummies. It’s small enough to wear as an earring, and detailed enough to pass as a piece of jewelry. That’s perfect, because there’s a ring attached to the grinder so it can be easily threaded onto a chain or house keys for cannabis lovers on the go.

Cannabis grinder collab: Product image of Mochi grinder
Image provided by Sackville & Co Photo: Sackville & Co

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Sackville & Co co-founder Lana Van Brunt answered questions about the new product in an email with GreenState. The collaboration was a long time as the admiration has flowed between the two brands for years.

“We have been friends with Dae (Sundae School co-founder) for many years and beyond that we are huge fans and admirers of his work,” exclaimed Van Brunt. “We are in constant awe of what the whole Sundae School team creates, they are leading the way on creativity in cannabis and it’s such an honor and joy to be able to collaborate with Dae and the team”

Sackville & Co is no stranger to a hot collab or a cute grinder. The women-owned and operated firm most recently released a limited edition pipe and joint case with Playboy. And the Sackville brand released a delightful apple grinder in their Big Apple Collection which celebrates New York City cannabis.

Sundae School has also engaged in some keen collaborations, like the Jade Taiyaki with Farbod Ceramics. There’s also the notable mochi gummy hair clip released with beloved brand Chunks, the second collaboration for the two companies.

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“Both Sackville and Sundae School are known for pushing the boundaries of what cannabis accessories and fashion have traditionally been known for, so this collab was less about the grinder itself and more about how we can continue to blur the lines between cannabis, fashion, art and function,” shared Van Brunt. “We wanted to create a pendant that has the versatility to be worn any way you could imagine. The final product was a piece of jewelry that has the function to grind your weed.”

Cannabis grinder collab: Product image of mini grinder
Image provided by Sackville & Co

These brands are both known for releasing intentional, well-designed and manufactured products, making this collab one to cop. The Mini Mochi Grinder doesn’t take up more than an inch and a half, making it the perfect little charm to have on hand for a quick sesh. Come July 6th, the grinder will be available online through Sackville & Co and Sundae School.

“There are so many things that fulfill us when it comes to design and curated collaborations, but this one was really special to be able to work with our friends. It makes the process so fun, and what more could you ask for than to have fun while you work,” Van Brunt concluded.

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