7 Cannabis jewelry brands to match any aesthetic

Cannabis jewelry: photo close-up of hands with heady manicure and gold rings.

Wearing the plant is one way cannabis connoisseurs, activists, and consumers have expressed their devotion. Cannabis fashionistas often choose to do that through jewelry.

Elise McRoberts, who goes by The Hashinista, finds community through cannabis-focused fashion choices.

“I noticed early on that whenever I was wearing a cannabis piece, it’s like a signifier- random people on the street, in the grocery store, etc. make eye contact and smile, and say ‘I like your earrings.’ It’s a tool for normalization,” McRoberts shared.

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Each cannabis jewelry brand has a signature style, and the space has grown to offer something for everyone. These brands feature a diverse scope of pieces that complement any style.

Ras Boss


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This unique jewelry brand plates real cannabis nugs and leaves with 24K gold and platinum, creating drippy pendants and leaf hoops bound to spark a conversation. Ras Boss nug pendants feature stones and jewels atop golden nugs still featuring their original bud structure.

The brand uses fan leaves as well as nugs to create one-of-a-kind pieces; recently expanding to include mushrooms. Every pendant and earring is as unique as a nug of weed frosted with the elegance of precious metals.

Edie Parker


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Eclectic, colorful accessories from Edie Parker are the least on-the-nose of all cannabis jewelry featured on this list. A barrette decorated with a polka-dotted joint can be found alongside a bedazzled doob tube necklace (it’s exactly what it sounds like).

The line doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for function, even with the matchstick keychain meant to tamp a joint or vape chamber. For cannabis lovers with a funky, vintage style, Edie Parker is the place to shop for weed jewelry.

Stigma and Style


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Take a more understated approach with bracelets from Stigma and Style. The line includes bangles in silver and gold, each imprinted with a stigma-defying saying like “Take a hit” and “High society.”

The brand also offers a ring and joint holder, an accessory you never knew you needed. This brand has a soft flare ideal for the femme in your life.

High Society Collection

Adorn yourself with the iconic fan leaf with cannabis hoops, studs, hair pieces, and even a mask chain. The High Society Collection comes in brass and 24K gold.

Many of the brand’s products are both functional and beautiful. The Keychain Clip can come in handy when you spark a joint, and the Swank Necklace is the perfect joint holder.

This collection uses bold lines and sleek designs to create refined pieces that unapologetically express support for the cannabis plant.

Blunted Objects


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There’s something for most in the Blunted Objects shop. If you’re looking for antique ashtrays, cannabis leaf-adorned vintage cigarette cases, or hand chains– look no further.

Earring lovers will find hoops dripping with little fan leaves, drop earrings, and studs displayed amongst pieces with charming mushroom embellishments in the psychedelic line. Lastly, for the divas who love their jewelry to speak for them, necklaces featuring sayings like “Blunt Babe” and “Fucking Stoned” in Old English font could be the perfect fit.

Sweet Leaf Collection by Jacquie Aiche


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The Sweet Leaf Collection offers many of the same types of pieces as Blunted Objects but with a softer vibe. Chains are lighter, and decorations are minimal for a delicate look and feel.

Grab toe and finger bracelets alongside earrings, anklets, and rings, or opt for a cannabis leaf inlay necklace featuring fine stones like turquoise and opal. Don’t forget to check out the clothes and accessories while shopping (like red or black snakeskin lighter carriers).

Mary Jane Collection by Vida Kush


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Offerings from Vida Kush are extensive, listing rings and jewelry with sunglasses and Tika head jewelry. The line includes many different pieces adorned with a small cannabis leaf.

The brand’s collection features trending stackable necklaces with jewels, cannabis leaves, nameplates, and other embellishments alongside chokers and nose chains. Shop the Vida Kush’s bejeweled smoking gloves and satin robes to get the full look.

These jewelry brands have crafted elegant pieces that could transition from the festival to a fine dining experience. Some make a statement, prominently displaying fan leaves and name plates, while others whisper it with almost unrecognizable barrettes or small cannabis-friendly imprinted sayings.

As with developing any component of your style, how you express your love for the plant should be your choice alone, and these cannabis jewelry lines have pieces that fit any aesthetic.

“Eye-grabbing wearable art like Ras Boss’s 24k gold dipped actual leaves and buds can spark a conversation, or go completely unnoticed. So in the end it’s about wearing pieces that make me feel good and ultimately saying ‘hell yeah I am proud to work with this plant. Ask me about weed!’” McRoberts concluded.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.