Seth Rogen visits OCB factory kicking off latest Houseplant collab

Houseplant OCB papers

The age of the casual celeb collab is upon us. Only a few months ago, Snoop Dogg shook the cannabis culture upside down announcing that he was “quitting smoke.” Now anything feels possible. The most recent bid for buzz comes from French paper company OCB, who announced a collaboration with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg-backed Houseplant.

Houseplant OCB papers
Photo provided by Houseplant and OCB

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Snoop didn’t quit weed, by the way, as implied. The post was actually an ad for the Solo Stove, a smokeless fire pit. And despite the firing of the Solo Stove CFO due to overall negative revenue impact, the campaign put the brand on the radar of stoners everywhere. The Snoop Stove sold out quickly after the announcement as people laughed at the reaction to the Doggfather not smoking cannabis, showcasing the power of the demographic.

Back to the collab at hand, Houseplant by OCB launches on February 16th and will include papers made with sustainably sourced bamboo, brown rice, and classic wood fiber. Rogen, Goldberg, and Michael Mohr of Houseplant visited the OCB factory for a hands-on experience with the products.

“Going to France and seeing the highest quality rolling papers get made from start to finish was literally a dream of mine,” said Rogen in a press release. “We were blown away by the process and are so happy to have found a partner that cares as much as we do about giving weed smokers the elevated experience they have always deserved.”

Finding a trustworthy brand for papers is important, seeing as how they’re burned and inhaled. It’s especially important after an SC Labs study released in September 2020 showed that many beloved papers contained heavy metals and pesticides.

OCB, owned by Republic Brands, oversees the process from the field growing the rice, wood, and bamboo to the paper pack. The FSC-certified wood and other materials are made into pulp and then paper using proprietary vegan, responsibly-certified, GMO-free acacia gums. The craft focus with large output marries well with the Houseplant modus operandi.

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“We view this partnership as an opportunity to make a carefully curated assortment of craft papers easily accessible to consumers who care enough to smoke the very best,” said Don Levin, founder of Republic Brands.

Seth Rogen rolls up publicly more than any other celebrity, so it’s logical for his cannabis lifestyle brand to partner with a rolling papers company. The line of specialty rolling papers drops February 16th at and hits retail shelves at the local corner stores and bodegas in Spring 2024.

“The rolling paper market is massive, but there is a lack of education out there about how the paper is made, what it is made from, and where it comes from. With Seth and Houseplant’s stamp of approval, consumers can trust that we did the homework so they don’t have to,” Republic Brands brand director Andrew Osterman concluded.

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