Unusual sun tea ingredient offers added benefits

cannabis sun tea

From seltzers to sun tea, everything’s coming up in cannabis these days. As the summer months close in, jars of tea go back to steeping in the window. This brewing method uses the heat of the sun to extract the yummy, often medicinal, properties of the plants within.

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Gardeners might cut fresh herbs from their backyard patch and brew up something delicious, and those who plant weed may wonder if the abundance of gorgeous green fan leaves would make a nice addition to their brew. It may, but not for the reasons you’d assume. Fan leaf sun tea might not get a person stoned, but there are possible benefits to adding a few to the floral, herbaceous, earthy mix.

THC and other high-inducing compounds must bind to fat for the body to process them. While steeping the sun may extract something from the fan leaves, it likely won’t translate into feeling high. It may have other benefits, though.

Cannabis fan leaf sun tea

Making sun tea is easy; set it and forget it. For fan-leaf sun tea, the process is just as simple. Finding fan leaves may be the most complicated part of the process for non-growers. Please note that this will only work on a hot summer day, otherwise, it is best to steep herbs in boiling water. Any day over 70 degrees Fahrenheit is best for sun tea brewing. Here’s how to do it with weed leaves.

How to make cannabis fan leaf sun tea

  1. Place two to three teaspoons of dry tea (hibiscus, black tea, green tea, jasmine oolong, and peppermint work well) and one fan leaf per eight ounces of water into a glass jar.
  2. Let the jar sit on a sunny windowsill for three to six hours on a 70 °F+ day, then steep the liquid from the once-dry matter.
  3. Taste the decoction and sweeten with simple syrup or sugar if desired.
  4. Refrigerate and drink over the next three days.

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Benefits of fan leaves in sun tea

THC and cannabinoids may not be prevalent in cannabis fan leaves, but there may be other compounds worth sipping on, according to research. Researchers in Chrząstowo, Poland, studied the biology of fan leaves and found the leaves contain a few bioavailable Białobrzeskie, Tygra, and Henola antioxidant varieties. Add them to a batch of sun tea and enjoy the possible benefits of added antioxidants.

Those who want added potential benefits can take a few routes. The chosen herbs and teas in the jar with the fan leaves may have their properties. Chamomile may be relaxing, and peppermint may soothe an upset stomach, according to herbalist books.

Anyone looking to feel some weed effects can add cannabinoids to their sun tea. THC, CBD, and other compounds can find their way into a liquid by way of tinctures, but it may not mix into a water-based beverage completely. Making cannabis simple syrup at home also isn’t expert level and could be added as a sweetener if desired, but there’s also prepared THC syrups available in many states. Lastly, add an infused seltzer and make a sun tea spritzer for a fun evening.

There are possible benefits to drinking tea, fan leaves or not, but researchers have shown that cannabis leaves may boost the bevvie with antioxidants. For those over 21, it seems like a fun addition to a summer brew.

Fan leaves are useful in myriad ways. Make art projects, use them as a rolling paper, or batter and fry them–there are boundless possibilities. Just don’t forget to clean them first.

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