How to fry cannabis leaves (yes, that’s a thing)

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Looking for an especially dope party snack for this 4th of July? Nothing says “freedom” like fried cannabis leaves.

More and more states are passing legislation allowing people to have cannabis on their person or at home. This has become even easier with the advent of CBD oil and other products derived from cannabis.

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If you grow legal cannabis, you can easily render your cannabis leaves into surprisingly tasty and truly unique treats that you can enjoy all day, every day.

While frying cannabis leaves won’t get you high, they’re a super tasty snack that will leave you wanting more.

Read on to learn more about how to fry cannabis leaves, and for some delicious recipes that incorporate this ingredient.

History of Fried Cannabis Leaves

Though they sound like a novelty in the U.S.,  fried cannabis leaves are a relatively popular delicacy in Thailand.

Cannabis was only just recently decriminalized in the country, but many Thai restaurants have been incorporating fried cannabis leaves in multiple delicious menu offerings for many years. Restaurant-goers can slurp soup garnished with dried marijuana leaves or crunch deep-fried bread topped with pork and deep-fried marijuana leaves.

Mae Khrua Hua Pa is considered the first Thai cookbook to contain a recipe for “tender ganja leaves,” and it was published in 1908.

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How to Deep-Fry Cannabis

It’s pretty simple. Just follow these six easy steps.

  1. Heat oil in deep fryer
  2. While oil is heating, prepare your tempura batter (you can purchase this boxed or prepare from scratch)
  3. Once oil is hot, coat cannabis leaves with a generous coating of tempura batter and place in deep fryer
  4. Fry cannabis leaves in the oil for one minute per side
  5. Remove from deep fryer
  6. Sprinkle a dash of salt on each side to taste

4 Recipes That Incorporate Fried Cannabis Leaves

Fried cannabis leaves are delicious to eat by themselves, but if you’re craving something more filling, here are some equally scrumptious and slightly more savory options:

1. Fried Sage and Cannabis Gnocchi

What’s better than soft, pillowy potato pieces with fried sage and cannabis leaves? Cannabis leaf frying just went to a whole other carb-filled level.

The recipe is super easy; just be sure that your cannabis and sage leaves are very dry for optimum crispiness.

2. Pizza With Deep Fried Cannabis

The “Crazy Happy Pizza” is a popular menu offering in Thailand, and you can make it at home, too!

To amp up the cannabis flavor, infuse cannabis oil into the dough of your pizza and top it with your favorite toppings. While your pizza is in the oven, fry up an entire cannabis leaf and place it on top once fully cooked.

3. Thai-Style Omelette With Fried Cannabis Leaves

A Thai-style omelet is as easy to make as it sounds.

Whisk eggs with fish sauce, soy sauce, and pepper. Pour the mixture into a frying pan and place a whole cannabis leaf on top. Fry in a pan until the edges crisp up.

You can also fry up your cannabis leaves separately and sprinkle them on top, along with fried shallots or chives.

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Get the Perfect Fry Every Time

If you have some leftover leaves in your kitchen, now is the time to fry them up.

For more summer cannabis recipe inspiration, you can check out these popular cannabis cooking shows streaming right now. Happy chef-ing!

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