Mesobis “Mystical Madness” collection merges tradition with modern streetwear

mesobis mystical madness collection: model stands with pitbull in tennis court

Latin American lifestyle brand and cannabis gummy purveyor Mesobis released a new collection last week. “Mystical Madness” is a collaboration with TIEMPOS creative director Esteban Tamayo. The line molds streetwear and classic Latin style together in line with the brand tagline “honoring our hybrid roots.”

Co-founder and CEO Nelson Cury expanded on how the summer clothing drop aligns with the greater goal of Mesobis: to usher in a new era of self-expression laden with possibilities.

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Though the brand has released films with prominent artists among other endeavors, Mesobis may be better known to Californians for its Gomitas. The infused gummies are shaped like the Pyramid of the Sun and are available in beloved flavors like tamarind with chamoy, mango with chili, and açaí.


This clothing line is crafted with just as much detail as the Gomitas, but these pieces are available worldwide. Cury is excited to make Mystical Madness available to a wider audience, not just those outside of California but beyond the cannabis consumer. These pieces are meant for anyone who appreciates the lifestyle Mesobis is promoting.

“Mesobis has always been a lifestyle brand that was born out of a desire and need to express an alternate view of what Latin American culture can be. We want to protect and resurrect elements from our past while also remixing them for a more modern and global culture of which we are increasingly living in,” said Cury in an email to GreenState.

Mystical Madness: functional streetwear

The drop features three traditional Guayaberas, a button-up shirt with origins in the Yucatán peninsula and Cuba. A traditional Guayabera has two lines of fine, tiny pleats called alforzas running vertically down the front and back of the garment. Instead, these Guayaberas feature the Mesobis logo styled to appear as alforzas.

Mesobis Mystical Madness collection: model stands in red Guayabera with a llama

Mesobis Guayaberas are available in two versions this drop. The red and yellow are 100% linen and the white colorway is 100% cotton. They are all handmade in Merida, Yucatán. Each intentionally runs a bit more baggy to accommodate an active lifestyle.

“Our goal was to take this traditional piece and give it a new fit and design to integrate it into modern culture and make it more versatile for our modern active lifestyles,” Cury shared. “Our dream is to see more skaters and creatives we love rocking these pieces.”

The line also includes a Stash Hat, which is fully waterproof with a smell-proof zipper pocket fit for a joint, lighter, cash, or whatever else needs to stay safe. This is the first step into smell-proof and waterproof technology, Cury says there will be more to come.

The release also includes a trio of shirts embodying the heart of the brand. The shirts all have a thick, heavy fit, are 100% cotton, and are designed in Mexico City.

In black and white options, the design aligns with the brutalist-architecture-inspired brand logo and overall vibe. The print features heavy graphics and the aforementioned tagline “honoring our hybrid roots” which pays homage to the diverse Latin American diaspora.

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“The concept of a pure Mexican or Brazilian seems outdated and like a stereotypical image we wish were true, but in reality, our global cultures have been mixing for a long time which can be seen in art, ancient monuments, and bloodlines even before colonization,” explained Cury.

The third shirt is best enjoyed alongside a Gomita. It is a graphic imagining of lizard-people aliens coming to Earth to build the pyramids. Though it may sound kitschy, the imagery is delicate and balanced on the back of the mocha-colored t-shirt.

Mesobis Mystical madness collection: Brown shirt with images of flying saucer, lizard, and pyramid

The line also includes a black bucket hat adorned with the Mesobis logo and a pair of Mesosocks, white tube socks with red graphics.

Honoring hybrid roots, bringing Latin Americans together

Each piece in the collection serves to further the Mesobis mission of expanding the confines of self-expression. Whether that is through handmade finery like a modern Guayabera, or unique cannabis products.

For the Mesobis founders, cannabis culture as it stands now feels too finite. They watched brands get cornered into serving only a medical market or only the diehard cannabis fans, but these segments didn’t represent their friends, loved ones, or themselves.

“Most of the people we know who consume cannabis are integrating cannabis into their day like they would with coffee, beer, or wine. It’s used as a tool to relax, to enjoy, to go out – it’s not really a drug as much as it’s a close companion which helps you connect with yourself and explore your mind and body,” Cury said. “We see clothes in the same way, as it allows us to express who we are and what our values are which make us feel a certain way as we interact with people throughout our days.”

Mesobis fine clothes are available online now at, where visitors can also enjoy past short films and projects released by the brand.

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