Dab torch round-up: the best dab torch picks in 2023

dab torch on flame

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All cannabis concentrate fans need a reliable dab torch in their arsenal of tools, as a simple lighter from the convenience store won’t cut it for blastoff dab sessions.

 This is because vaping wax concentrates (aka dabs) require a higher level of heat to make them combust versus dried flower. In other words, if you want to do a traditional dab, you’ll need to get a torch.

A solid dab torch should feature flame adjustment and should be able to provide consistent flames without wasting gas.

That’s not all. We’re also not OK with torches that break easily and that don’t stand the test of time. These simply won’t do for regular dabbing enthusiasts like ourselves and our readers.

With this in mind, we searched the universe of dabbing accessories to find the best torches out there with big flames, quick heating, and, above all, reliability. Here’s what we came up with (just remember to always proceed with caution).

2023 Top Dab Torches Review 

  1. Best Overall: Blazer Big Shot Dab Torch Lighter
  2. Best Dab Rig Torch: Stache RiO Matte
  3. Lifetime Warranty: Special Blue – Diablo Dual Flame
  4. Most Affordable: Groove Spark Butane Torch

What is a Dab Torch?

A dab torch is a flame source used to heat the banger or nail of a dab rig, causing concentrates to vaporize.

Dab torches are a super-necessary tool for dabbers because waxes require more heat to combust than traditional flower. You can’t get that kind of heat from your typical lighter from the grocery store. (FYI — If you want to dab without a torch, you’ll need to use an e-nail or a e-rig rather than a glass dab rig.)

However, a dab torch works like a lighter, making it easy to use. To use a dab torch, simply ignite the flame and heat your quartz banger for around 45 seconds or so. Then, let the banger cool for approximately 20 seconds before inhaling the vapor with your dab rig.

Dab torches come in a range of sizes and price points. They should be refillable with either propane or butane gas. Butane is the more common option with dab torches and is, by and large, considered the superior of the two. This is mostly because the flavor of your concentrates does not get as compromised as with propane.

Best Dab Torches in 2023

We’ve included a variety of dab torches that we think take the cake in reliability and value. We tried to keep different kinds of dabbers in mind. 

For example, some dabbers prefer big torches that scarcely run out of gas, and others want smaller options that fit in their pocket. Some people are OK with spending over a hundred dollars; others don’t want to go over $30.

Check out our list of the top four dab torches available this year that feature something for everyone.

Best Overall: Blazer Big Shot Dab Torch Lighter

blazer big shot dab torch 

The best dab torch out there, hands-down, is the Blazer Big Shot. There’s nothing we’ve found that’s more durable. It’s so durable that many verified users are shocked at how it lasts for years, even if you’re a bit rough with it.

The Blazer Big Shot generates huge flames (really), and it regulates gas better than any torch on the market. Its gas-flow dial helps you easily control the flame size. This means you won’t waste fuel, especially if you use it multiple times per day. 

Another great thing about the Big Shot is its detachable base that allows you to use it hands-free. 

The Big Torch’s max flame temp is 2,500 degrees and boasts a continuous burn time of around 35 minutes. There’s also a critical safety feature that will lock the torch when it’s not in use.

You can use the Blazer Big Torch for dabbing, soldering, making jewelry, and even creating culinary masterpieces. All in all, you cannot beat the durability and power here, which is why it’s #1 on our list.


  • Hands-free option
  • 2500°F blue flame
  • The size of flame can’t be beaten
  • Super durable, built to last


  • Size: 7.5 inches (19cm)
  • Material: Steel alloy
  • Torch type: Butane
  • Color: Purple, black, teal

What dabbers say about it: The majority of verified online reviews for the Blazer Big Shot are 5-star (around 90%). Most testimonials detail how it’s easy to use and lasts for years, even with daily use.

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Best Dab Rig Torch: Stache RiO Matte

stache rio all in one dab torch and rig

For the best dab torch that comes with a dab rig, the Stache RiO Matte takes the cake. This portable dab rig is the perfect device for dabbing at home or on the go. It’s hassle-free and comes with everything you need for a satisfying dab sesh, minus your concentrates, of course.

FYI – this is not an electric dab rig, so you don’t need to worry about a power source. Users love the RiO Matte because they can dab without needing a battery or coil, parts that eventually need to be replaced again and again. Instead, all you need is the powerful, handy-dandy dab torch that’s already included in the kit. 

The RiO Matte dab rig is available in three color options and features a micro-rig bubbler with a showerhead percolator for silky-smooth rips. It also comes with a 14mm male quartz banger, a carb cap, and a dab tool. Take it with you on your adventures in the matching carrying case that’s durable to boot.


  • Overflow valve for gas regulation
  • High temps
  • All-in-one dab torch and rig


  • Size: About 7 inches in height
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Torch type: Butane
  • Color: Blue, red, black

What dabbers say about it: Dabbers love how the RiO Matte covers all the bases at an affordable price and describe the accompanying torch as comparable to anything you’d buy separately. It’s consistently named the best travel piece for dabbers.

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Lifetime Warranty: Special Blue – Diablo Dual Flame

special blue diablo dab torch

Special Blue’s Diablo dab torch is lightweight and compact, with a stylish design reminiscent of the biker aesthetic. But don’t let its small size fool you, as this is one of the more powerful torches we’ve reviewed.

Although it’s handy, reliable, and powerful — all the things we look for in a good dab torch — we highlighted it on our list because of the lifetime warranty. This makes the Diablo a fantastic value for regular dabbers who use their torch multiple times per day. 

Special features specifically for dabbers include flame adjustment and auto ignition capabilities. You can easily refill the ergonomically designed Diablo with butane gas and let it rest on the built-in base. And if something crazy happens, don’t worry about it. The warranty covers you for life, and Special Blue is known for its awesome customer service. 


  • Lightweight & compact
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great value
  • Cool aesthetic


  • Size: 6 inches
  • Material: Steel alloy
  • Torch type: Butane
  • Color: Gold & black, silver & pink, silver & black

What dabbers say about it: Online testimonials speak to the big flames generated by this tiny dab torch that rival the bigger models. The most common themes we encountered besides this were durability and value.

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Most Affordable: Groove Spark Butane Torch

groove spark dab torch

You can get a cheaper dab torch than the Groove Spark, but not at the same quality level. That’s why we finished out our list with this powerful little firestarter that’s the most affordable option in our wheelhouse.

The Groove Spark is a refillable butane torch that offers a 10-gram capacity and one-touch ignition. Easily adjust the flame to the size you want, and take the Groove Spark with you on the go for reliable dab sessions anytime, anywhere.

The Groove Spark fits well in a small bag, and you can use it with just one hand. In a nutshell, you can look forward to reliability and convenience for all your dabbing needs at a highly affordable price.


  • Highly rated for convenience
  • Push button ignition
  • Affordable price point


  • Size: Around 7 inches
  • Material: Steel alloy
  • Torch type: Butane
  • Color: Black, black & yellow

What dabbers say about it: Reliability is the top theme mentioned by verified users who, at large, have not been able to find another dab torch with this level of consistency at a similar price point.

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What to Consider When Buying a Dab Torch

While finding and buying a high-quality dab torch isn’t complicated, it pays to do your homework. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Size and Power

How big do you want your dab torch? Some dabbers prefer the bigger models, as these don’t get lost easily and usually feature larger fuel capacity. Bigger torches are a good idea if you primarily want to dab at home and/or if you will use the torch for other uses, such as culinary or welding applications.

Other users prefer smaller dab torches that they can take with them on the go. Handheld, portable dab torches fit in a wallet or small bag and are perfect for traveling. Keep in mind that smaller dab torches won’t have a high fuel capacity, meaning you will have to refill them with gas more frequently.

Flame Size and Temperature

The more expensive, more industrial-quality dab torches boast higher temperatures and bigger flames. Dab connoisseurs are known to seek out the biggest flames they can get.

There are also users whose dab torches do more than one thing. Dabbers who use their dab torch in other ways may require higher temperatures for welding and making jewelry, for example.

Safety Lock

Most legit dab torches will come with some sort of safety lock to prevent children from using them. For our list, we only selected dab torches with a childproof locking mechanism, as we wanted only to feature the safest, highest-quality options.


There are two types of torches you can get for dabbing: propane and butane. For our list, we only selected butane dab torches for consideration in the top four. Butane is more accessible, better for flavor, and is considered to be healthier for dabbers. It has also become the industry standard, as most dabbing accessory manufacturers stick with butane for their lines of dab torches.


Butane torches start around $20 and can go up into hundreds of dollars. In our experience, you have to spend a minimum of about $30 to get the quality and features that will make your dab torch work better and last longer.

How Do Dab Torches Work? Here’s What It’s Like

If you’re using a dab rig, you’ll need a dab torch. Unlike an e-nail or vaporizer, a traditional dab rig requires a flame source in order to heat the banger.

Dab torches are what heat up the banger of your dab rig to vaporize your concentrates. They work like this: 

  1. You set up your dab rig and get your supplies together, including your carb cap, your dab tool, etc.
  2. Place a bit of extract on your tool.
  3. Turn on your torch and aim it at the base of the nail to heat up your banger. FYI – The top of the inner cone of the torch flame is the hottest part, so you want to aim this section of the flame at the base, trying your best to heat it evenly.
  4. Turn off the dab torch when the nail gets red hot. Wait 20 seconds or more before you take a rip, depending on your preference (you can also use a Dab Rite thermometer). Some dabbers prefer the blast of a hot, potent rip, while others like to wait a bit longer for a cooler dab temperature that releases more flavor.
  5. Now, it’s time to dab. Place the wax on the hot nail and cover it with the carb cap. Inhale slowly. Use the carb cap if desired to control airflow and hit your dabs more like a traditional bong.

Propane Torch vs Butane Torch

You can use either a propane torch or a butane torch to vaporize your dabs, but butane is more recommended. While both gasses are considered relatively safe, butane is thought to be a smidge cleaner than propane.

It’s also more accessible. The majority of manufacturers in dab accessories make butane dab torches, not propane, and you can pick up a refill from a grocery store or convenience store.

Finally, dabbers generally agree that the taste from a butane dab torch is better than propane. Butane tends to have a cleaner taste without detracting from your concentrates, where more terpenes and flavonoids can come through.

Dab Torch FAQs:

Are propane or butane torches better?

The overall consensus among dabbers is that butane is better than propane for dab torches. It’s a healthier, more convenient choice.

How long do dab torches last?

How long your dab torch lasts will depend on how often you use it, how you treat it, and the overall quality of the product. Refillable dab torches, like the ones on our list, should last you a lifetime when properly cared for. If you tend to be clumsy or a bit rough with your equipment, get a dab torch with a lifetime warranty or a super-durable model like the Blazer Big Shot.

How do I properly maintain a dab torch?

If you want your dab torch to last as long as possible, you need to take care of it by cleaning it regularly. Also, always use high-quality butane to refill your dab torch to make sure it functions properly. Finally, be sure to check regularly for punctures and other damage.

Where should you store a dab torch?

Store your dab torch in a cool, dry place, safely out of reach of children and pets.

Dab Torch Review Wrap-Up

If you need a torch for dabbing, a quality butane dab torch can’t be beaten. This is the prevailing wisdom among dabbing experts and diehards around the world. 

Be sure to get the size of dab torch you want, along with important features like a safety lock and adjustable flame.

Here’s a quick summary of the top four dab torches we landed on and who they’re best for:

  • Use the Blazer Big Shot for the hottest temperature and the most durability. It’s known to have the biggest flames and hold up after years of usage and even the occasional abuse. This is the industry best that you’ll have for a lifetime.
  • If you need a new dab rig anyway, the compact Stache RiO Matte comes with a refillable butane torch that will do the trick for as long as you maintain it. Aka, this is a good value for a torch, and a portable dab rig matched together.
  • The Special Blue – Diablo Dual Flame is aesthetically pleasing, and we love that it has a lifetime warranty. This makes it a good option for clumsier users and those who like to keep their devices around for life.
  • The cheapest dab torch you can get at a high level of quality is the Groove Spark. It will run you under $30 and is consistently reviewed as a reliable tool for the regular dabber.

Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission when you click links in this dab torch content. Our professional curators independently research and recommend products and services, with no newsroom involvement.