Top 8 dab tools to personalize your setup

Dab tool: shatter on a dab tool

Taking a dab is a ritual. Getting the accessories together, finding the ideal container of concentrate, setting the temps–everyone has personalized their flow. The same unique flare goes into what accessories and rigs people choose in a kit for weed, right down to the carb cap and dab tool.

How to pick a dab tool

Dab tools are usually made of glass, medical-grade titanium, quartz, or ceramic. Each is high quality and has specific benefits (and downfalls). Glass dab tools are generally made by artists, are one-of-a-kind, and have some personality. Titanium is durable but burns hot and can deliver a more muddled flavor.

crumble on a dab tool

Quartz is also durable, but dabbing with a quartz tool delivers a clear flavor. The ceramic options retain heat well and sit somewhere between metal and quartz options for the clearest terps.

Once the material is chosen, it’s time to understand what shape tool is right for the ritual. Paddles are wide and flat, like a paddle or oar. They scoop material of all viscosities well, and the shape allows the product to melt off without residue. A scoop has more depth, making it a fitting option for juicier extracts. The last commonly seen dab tool shape is the pick, a pointed implement ideal for sticky concentrates like shatter.

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Nailing down the material and shape is the perfect place to start, but now it’s time to find the flare. These dab tools are artisan made, functional and bring personality to the sesh.

Sherbet Glass Art Pencils


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Twelve years ago, Sherbert Glass made the first iconic pencil dab tool. Since then, many have made their own iterations, using crayons or even other pencils—but “Uncle Sherb” will always be the OG. The glass dab tool comes to a point and is available in original yellow pencil and various other colors, or opt for glow-in-the-dark.

Snuff Glass Dab Tool


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Heady glass dabbers will love Snuff Glass dab tools. Some are even specially designed with photographers in mind. Though all Snuff pieces can be used like any other dab tool, they’ve been designed to hold wax for macro photography. The glass artist is currently sold out of tools but keep tabs on their IG for updates on the latest drops.

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Puffco Hot Knife

dab tool: Puffco Hot Knife being used

This e-tool changed the game, especially when it comes to sticky extracts. The Puffco Hot Knife is a chargeable dab tool featuring a ceramic tip that heats instantaneously with a simple push of a button. Push the button, and in three seconds, extracts melt off of the tool onto the chosen dabbing nail.

Dab realm


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Hand-crafted dab tools from Dab Realm are another hot commodity made with titanium on the functional end and epoxy resin or wood handles. The resin designs are especially intergalactic and feature a stone in the back of the handle for some extra flare. Dab Realm tools use a combination of paddle and scoop, with a very shallow spoon good for the wax of multiple consistencies.


These titanium dab tools are unique and versatile. The pieces are handmade and unique in multi-color finishes and various shapes–they are gorgeous, special, and functional. Dabtanium is marrying the artisan quality of glass dab tools to metalwork.

Wicked Timber Tools

Wicked Timber dab tools are made with metal and acrylic resin or wood. They use a conical handle shape that often features inlay beads at the end for a subtle but memorable touch. Most of the tools use a long paddle and come with a padded case for safe travels.

Rowlands Metal Works Dab Tool


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Metals and other materials are combined in these special tools made in Ireland. Rowland’s Metal Works designs custom pieces like this which are made with a glow in dark beads and a white opal. The handle was lathed into a design that looks great to grasp.

Terp Shrooms by Ashley Ann Austin


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Terp Shrooms allow the rig to retain heat while taking a low and slow dab at the perfect temperature. Staring into the adorable little mushies while taking a hit is just an added bonus. Those investing in artistic dab tools, carb caps, and other accessories shouldn’t overlook the terp slurpers and shrooms either.

Personalizing a dabbing ritual is a part of the process. Finding the components for the perfect dab setup looks different for everyone. These dab tools are unique, artisan made available in so many alternative shapes. Set the tone of the sesh and create a vibe with a dab tool as individual as every strain.

Shatter being pulled by dab tool

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