Dab Rite: create the perfect dab experience every time

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What if we told you you would never burn your dabs again? That it is possible never again to obliterate your precious concentrates with extreme heat? And that you’ll always be able to get the perfect temperature you want for every session, every device?

Enter Dab Rite.

Dab Rite designs infrared dab thermometers for the dabbing connoisseur, but their devices offer more than meets the eye. Dab Rite dab thermometers innovatively read the temperature of your banger, helping dabbers make their sessions more of an exact science.

Once you find the perfect temperature for your dabs, you can get it right every time. It’s a super-effective way to conserve your concentrates and get more potency with each draw.

Another thing we love about Dab Rite is that they’re consummately inclusive. Their dab thermometers feature audible alerts, for example, so that low vision dabbers can still get the exact temps they want without reading the numbers.

That’s just one example. An authentic Dab Rite has even more unique features that make it different from your standard digital thermometer. FYI – it’s built exclusively for dabbers!

Follow along as we delve into the Dab Rite vision and explain exactly why their dab thermometers are so revolutionary.

We’ll also key you in on our selection of the best Dab Rite thermometers so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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What is a Dab Rite Digital Thermometer?

A Dab Rite is a simple yet sophisticated dab thermometer that monitors the temperature of your banger. The aptly named Dab Rite digital thermometer helps dabbers get the exact desired temperature for the perfect dab.

Discovering the best temperature for your dabs and then hitting that every time is what makes a dab thermometer like Dab Rite valuable. In a nutshell, it helps you:

  • Conserve your concentrates because you won’t burn them
  • Customize your sessions at low, medium, or high temps
  • Get bigger rips with deeper flavors at low temperatures
  • Adjust your sessions accordingly for different devices and different concentrates

The Dab Rite has an adjustable arm to help keep the sensor in the correct place, so you don’t have to worry about hovering the thermometer over the banger yourself, as with other digital thermometers.

So, what else makes Dab Rite different from the other digital thermometers out there?

To start, Dab Rite – as their namesake suggests – makes digital thermometers designed specifically for dabbers. Dab Rite combines tech, engineering, and design to optimize the dabbing ritual. They’re created by dabbers, for dabbers.

Dab Rite thermometers also incorporate standout features you simply won’t find with other digital thermometers. One example is the audible alert that lets you know when your dab reaches the correct temperature and the guide light that does the same.

This is a really cool benefit, both for users who may have sensory issues and all users who want a little more convenience and automation. Just another way Dab Rite elevates the dabbing ritual.

Check out more innovative features in the next section that explains what it’s like actually to use a Dab Rite.

How Does a Dab Thermometer Work?

If you’re not using a dab thermometer, it can be difficult to know when to pull your torch away to reach an ideal temp.

A dab thermometer can help ensure you never burn your dabs again. Here’s how the Dab Rite thermometer works:

First, you’ll put your banger directly above the Dab Rite’s silicon sensor. An LED guide light will help you put it in the exact right position, so don’t worry about user error.

Because the Dab Rite has a flexible, fully adjustable arm, you can use it with pretty much any dab rig you can imagine. As you arrive closer to your ideal temperature, the LED light will turn green to alert you, and you’ll also hear a beep.

If the temperature gets too low or too high, the Dab Rite will let you know on the digital display screen, and it will also beep.

The Dab Rite will automatically shut down after five minutes of non-usage and has convenient USB-C charging.

Best Dab Rite Digital Thermometers in 2023

The ORIGINAL: Dab Rite Digital IR Thermometer

dab rite ir thermometer

Forget worrying about scorching your dabs. This is the original Dab Rite model that started it all and the cheaper of the two versions on our list.

The Dab Rite removes the need for dabbing expertise in order to get the right temp. This gives all levels of dabbers the experience of a veteran or connoisseur every time.

This dab thermometer features the innovative features that made the Dab Rite famous. First up is the adjustable arm that keeps your banger correctly positioned. It’s also what makes the Dab Rite compatible with all types of dab rigs.

The original Dab Rite is designed to help you get more exact temperature readings on all your devices. Its industrial-grade temp sensor uses infrared technology to provide dabbers with an exact science.

The convenient digital display will flash ‘too hot’ or ‘too low’ if you go out of range.

The LED guide light is designed to help you perfectly align your banger with the sensor while the movable arm keeps it there.

The OG Dab Rite comes with a USB-C charging cable and 600 mAh battery. You’ll also get a handy carrying case along with silicone covers to protect your carb cap and your Dab Rite’s temperature sensor. The user guide is also super-helpful to give you all the right temps for all types of concentrates.


  • Sound + LED alerts
  • Extendable arm
  • Digital display
  • Free shipping
  • One year limited warranty

Color: Black

What users love: Users love that the original Dab Rite helps them avoid the nasty and costly burning of concentrates. Because there’s really no learning curve, even dabbing beginners love how the Dab Rite makes efficient dabbing easy. We also saw rave reviews from people with disabilities who can dab better with the sound and/or light alerts. 

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The PRO: Dab Rite PRO Digital IR Dab Thermometer – 2000 mAh

dab rite pro thermometer

The PRO will cost you almost double the price of the original Dab Rite, but there are a ton of upgrades to justify the increase.

At the top of that list is the almost threefold increase in battery life. You can keep the Dab Rite PRO charged for days, even with regular use. Plus, charging the device itself is also faster, comparatively with the 600 mAh battery of the original.

Another upgrade is that the extendable arm is now even longer, so it’s even easier to get started with the device.

The temperature sensor has also been updated for even more accuracy and is manufactured in Germany by the brand’s partners.

You’ll notice a different body style and that the digital display screen is colored, compared to the black-and-white version on the original. You’ll also be able to get more customization with your alerts, like controlling the volume.


  • Longer battery life
  • Faster charging
  • More advanced features like profiles
  • One year limited warranty
  • Free shipping

Color: Black

What users love: Power dabbers love the upgraded features of the PRO, especially the profiles. This helps you save info from past dab sessions to use in the future, and it’s also great for multiple users and extracts.

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How We Picked the Best Dab Rite Digital Thermometers

When you’re buying a digital thermometer, you need to keep a few things in mind to get the best product. The fact that you’re even looking for a dab thermometer in the first place means you want to improve/elevate your dabbing sessions. Getting a legit digital thermometer can help you get that perfect temp you want every time. 

These are the criteria we used to review Dab Rite’s digital thermometers and what you should keep in mind when you’re evaluating these types of dab accessories:

Battery Life

What kind of battery does the digital dab thermometer have? Dab Rites are known to have impressive battery life compared to the competition, but we purposefully gave two options– one 600 mAh and the other 2000 mAh– so readers can choose based on budget.


Dabbing is supposed to be a fun, enjoyable ritual, and messing around with clunky equipment isn’t something anybody wants to do. That’s why we made sure the Dab Rite thermometers we selected are easy for dabbers to use. In fact, you could even say that Dab Rite’s thermometers are the easiest to use of all the products out there for making dabbing more of a science.


Digital thermometers aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to go out of your budget. That’s why we factored in multiple price points and bonus value-adds like free shipping.

Benefits of Dab Thermometers

Temperature Accuracy

Getting the temperature right every time means you won’t burn your dabs! Instead of playing the guessing game and worrying about when to release your torch, a Dab Rite will alert you when the ideal temp is reached, as well as if you go too low or too high.

Better Flavor

Again, you won’t burn your dabs with the settings and automated alerts of a Dab Rite. Get the potent, deep flavors of low-temp dabs without risking overheating them.


We’ll say it again: you won’t scorch your concentrates! This means you’ll get each and every delicious rip, optimizing flavor and experience.


What is the perfect temperature for a dab?

There’s a fair amount of debate as to what is the perfect temperature dab. The perfect dab temp for you will depend on what device you’re using and your own personal preferences.

That said, generally speaking, the perfect dab temp will lie in the 500°F to 600°F range. This is the overall consensus from regular users for lower-temperature dab sessions.

However, there’s a little more finesse to it than that (which is why a dab thermometer is a good investment). Different temps work better with different devices and different concentrates. Here are some other knowledge bites about what dab temperature ranges work best:

  • 500°F-600°F is usually the best range for electronic vaporizers.
  • 400°F-800°F is the range for e-nails and nectar collectors.
  • 315°F-420°F is considered ideal for low-temperature dabs and certain hemp terpenes.
  • 500°F-580°F is best for dabbing live resin.

Do you need a thermometer for dabs?

You don’t need a thermometer for dabs, but using a digital thermometer is highly recommended in order to get the perfect temperature every time. A dab thermometer will help you conserve your flavor better and get more from every rip. This is especially true for low-temp dabs, in which you don’t want to overheat the concentrates to preserve flavor.

What’s the difference between a Dab Rite and a Thermometer?

Number one, Dab Rite is designed specifically for monitoring the temperature of dabs, whereas common digital thermometers are not. Dab Rite has features like sound alerts, LED guide light, an adjustable arm, and profile settings to customize dab sessions at a level unmatched by other thermometers.

Don’t want to dab wrong?

As the brand says, don’t dab wrong, Dab Rite. You can see by now that Dab Rite dab thermometers deliver the science and tech needed to get the right dab temperature every single time. They’re a sound investment that can help you protect your oil and get more enjoyment and customization with your dab sessions.

Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission when you click links in this content. Our professional curators independently research and recommend products and services, with no newsroom involvement.