CBD hemp flower: 4 of the best hemp pre-rolls in 2023

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Are you looking for a mellow and legal smoke? Look no further than hemp CBD pre-rolls. Convenient and easy to use on the go, CBD hemp flower pre-rolls are a great option for both new and experienced users, simply unpackage and light one up.

The best CBD hemp flower pre-rolls can provide an energizing, stress-relieving, relaxing, and mood-boosting buzz, as well as potentially providing pain relief and boosting sleep quality. 

Compared to the likes of CBD gummies and CBD oils, CBD pre-rolls provide one of the most bioavailable forms of CBD, i.e., it is absorbed quickly when it is smoked, so you feel all the wonderful benefits of CBD even faster.

However, the last thing you want when you’re looking to relax is a harsh and acrid smoke, thanks to a poor-quality hemp flower. Fear not, we’ve put together a list of the best CBD hemp flower pre-rolls to give you a smooth, flavorful, and soothing smoke. Every product was meant to be enjoyed – no industrial hemp here!

Best CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls in 2023

Best Overall Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls for 2023: Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolls

secret nature cbd hemp flower joints

Available in a staggering range of CBD strains, the Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls from Secret Nature are a convenient way to enjoy the highest quality hemp flower, wherever you are. Secret Nature never uses shake, trim, or any low-quality biomass material that would impact the flavor of their pre-rolls.

Some of our favorite pre-rolls from Secret Nature include:

  • Diesel Puff: The sativa-dominant strain uplifts and relaxes in equal measure, making it ideal for use any time of the day. The terpene profile offers a delicious blend of pine and citrus flavors for a fresh and smooth smoke.
  • Cherry Cough: The Indica-dominant strain has a unique and pungent aroma, smelling like sweet cherry syrup, Coca-Cola, and gas. Super relaxing and soothing, this is the perfect CBD flower pre-roll for winding down in the evening.
  • Papaya Nights: This uplifting sativa strain is rich in sweet and juicy flavors, including peach, papaya, and pear juice. Users report an uplifted effect and a boosted mood throughout the day after a Papaya Nights pre-roll.

The pre-rolls are made with 100% freshly ground, hand-trimmed indoor buds, and therefore you get a smooth smoke without the harsh taste of additives. No matter what variety you choose, your joint is wrapped in organic hemp paper and then hermetically sealed to preserve freshness.


  • 100% fresh ground buds
  • Smell-proof air-tight seal
  • Independently lab tested
  • High CBD concentrations


  • Count: 7 pre-rolls
  • Strain: Indica, sativa, and hybrid options
  • Flavor(s): Secret OG, Frosted Krush, Cherry Cough, Sweet Cake, Secret Dream, Diesel Puff, Melon Frost, Fuji, Papaya Nights, Dough Boy, Mr. Rainbow, Sour Gummy, and Madras CBG

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Best Tasting Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls: Cheef Botanicals Sour Space Candy Pre-Rolls

cheef botanicals cbd hemp flower joint pack

Cheef Botanicals’ Sour Space Candy CBD Pre-Rolls are perfect for daytime use and offer an uplifting experience that melts away stress while maintaining focus. This CBD-dominant strain is a cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry, which results in a pleasing sour flavor profile with dense, sticky buds.

Convenient and ready for use, each of the five pre-rolls is packed with naturally-grown CBD hemp flower. Each batch of hemp flower is third-party lab tested to verify potency and purity. 

If you appreciate the way Sour Space Candy makes you feel, you might want to explore the other CBD flower pre-roll options available from Cheef Botanicals. Some of our other favorites include the sativa strain Hawaiian Haze for its tropical-citrus aroma and Skywalker OG for its powerful relaxing effects.


  • 100% naturally grown
  • Non-GMO
  • Third-party lab tested.


  • Count: 5
  • Strain: Sativa
  • Flavor: Sour

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Most Variety Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls: Plain Jane CBD Flower Prerolled Joints


plain jane cbd joints

The Plain Jane Hemp Pre-Rolls come in a whopping 16 different flavors, each with its own unique properties. Some of our favorites include:

  • T-1 (Trump) – When smoking the T-1 hemp pre-rolls, users report feeling clear-headed and relieved from tension, which is great for unwinding after a long day of work. They release a zesty flavor and aroma, with notes of juicy blueberries and sweet maple.
  • Kush – Sticky and rich in resinous oils, Plain Jane’s Kush CBD buds have sweet lemon undertones, complemented with bold cedar and spicy pepper. Great for soothing the body and mind, the Kush CBD joints can contain anywhere between 15 to 19% CBD.
  • CBG Pre-Rolls – Made with CBG-rich hemp flowers, these pre-rolls release aromas of pine needles, citrus, and chamomile. The high concentration of CBG can help focus the mind and improve focus, it’s a great pre-roll for daytime use.

The pre-rolls contain nothing but densely packed, freshly ground hemp flowers – no nicotine or tobacco here. Each CBD joint is rolled in an all-natural plant-based rolling paper, designed to provide slow-burning and smooth smoke. The pre-rolls come individually packed to ensure freshness. 


  • 100% free of nicotine and tobacco
  • Free of additives and addictive substances
  • Up to 160mg of CBD per pre-roll


  • Count: Varied
  • Strain: Indica, sativa, and hybrid options
  • Flavor: Kush, Sour Space Candy, Hawaii Haze, Wife, Charlotte, Stress Killer, Girl Scout Cookies, Golden Cherry, Special Sauce, Sour Diesel, Cat’s Meow, Lifter, Painted Lady, and more

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Best Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls for Beginners: CBD American Shaman CBD Joints

american shaman cbd hemp flower pre roll

For those new to CBD or pre-rolls, CBD American Shaman sells single pre-rolls of the legendary Pineapple Express, Cherry, or Bubba Kush hemp strain. Pineapple Express, in particular, is a fan favorite for a reason. The well-balanced sativa-dominant hybrid is believed to soothe anxiety, ease frustration, and energize.

Pineapple Express is full of fruity flavors, including the tropical taste of pineapple, mango, and coconut. Strong citrus aromas add to the bouquet of sweet flavors, which makes this strain a great choice for those who are not yet used to the natural, earthy taste of CBD.

Each pre-roll contains an entire gram of CBD hemp flower for a potent yet smooth smoke, although beginners might want to start with just a few puffs instead of smoking an entire roll-up. Other flavors of CBD flower roll-ups from American Shaman that are worth a try include Cherry Wine and Bubba Kush.


  • 1 gram of hemp flower
  • Zero tobacco
  • Independently lab tested


  • Count: 1
  • Strain: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Flavor: Pineapple Express, Cherry, and Bubba Kush

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How We Picked the Best CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

Quality Ingredients

It’s not easy to determine the quality of a CBD hemp flower just by looking at it. However, you can get a good indication of the flower’s quality by looking at the source of hemp and the growing practices used. 

For example, hemp plants grown using organic farming will typically have larger, denser buds with fewer stems. Furthermore, CBD hemp flowers from organically grown plants will be free of pesticides and herbicides, the chemicals of which can give the buds a harsh and unpleasant taste. 

Strain Type

We considered CBD hemp flower pre-rolls in both of the major types – sativa and indica – as each is associated with different benefits. 

Sativa-dominant CBD-flower strains tend to be more beneficial for beating stress during the day, thanks to their uplifting and energetic effects. By contrast, indica-dominant strains have a more soothing and sedative effect, making them a better choice for promoting a more restful sleep and easing pain and inflammation. 

There are also hybrid CBD-flower strains, which combine the benefits of both sativa and indica strains.

Customer Reviews

Trustworthy CBD flower brands will have a wealth of genuine and honest customer reviews. Looking at this feedback for both the hemp flower pre-rolls and customer service gives a good indication of the quality of the product and the reputability of the brand. 

We also looked for trusted third-party reviews for more detailed information on the CBD hemp flower pre-rolls that made our shortlist. We looked for insights on the flavor, smoothness of smoke, and of course, the benefits felt, so we could feel confident in the quality of a CBD pre-roll before adding it to our list.

Tests and Transparency

Not only should a brand disclose the source of its hemp flower, but it should also send its hemp flowers for third-party lab testing. The results of lab testing should be available to consumers in the form of a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), which shows:

  • The potency of CBD is as advertised
  • Analysis of the terpene profile
  • The THC content does not exceed 0.3%
  • Non-detectable levels of contaminants, such as pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, solvents, and potentially harmful microbes

What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

Put simply, CBD flower is the buds of the hemp plant. Physically, they resemble the buds of the marijuana plant but do not have a high concentration of THC, which gives marijuana its intoxicating and psychoactive effects. When harvested, hemp flowers are rich in CBD and other cannabinoids, as well as being rich in terpenes. 

As the whole flower is used in supplements – like pre-rolls- the plant material doesn’t require as rigorous extraction as hemp oil, which means that it typically contains more of the plant’s naturally occurring compounds. However, it’s worth mentioning that hemp oils can be manufactured to contain a high concentration of CBD.

CBD vs CBD Hemp Flower

CBD and CBD hemp flowers are both derived from the hemp plant. However, as previously mentioned, CBD hemp flowers are taken directly from the hemp plant and are often unprocessed. Consumption methods for CBD hemp flowers include dry herb vaporizers, pipes, bongs, and pre-rolled joints.

CBD hemp flower is a source of CBD, which is extracted from the plant material and used as the key ingredient in a variety of hemp-derived supplements, including CBD tinctures and oils, CBD capsules, CBD topicals, and CBD gummies and other edibles.

Many CBD aficionados find that CBD hemp flower offers a more flavorful and potent cannabinoid experience, as it doesn’t undergo extra processing. However, CBD supplements are available in a staggering variety of flavors and have the versatility of coming in a variety of potencies and forms. 

Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

Although more research is needed, both animal and human studies have shown that CBD has a number of potential health benefits. 

These benefits are believed to be the result of the effects of CBD on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is involved in the regulation of several key bodily functions. When CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors in the brain and nervous system, it may help aid pain relief, ease the symptoms of anxiety, and improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

Pain Management

By interacting with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, CBD may alter the way we perceive pain, providing relief from everyday aches and pains and neuropathic pain. It may also act as an anti-inflammatory to help ease post-exercise recovery and reduce inflammation in tight arthritic joints. 

Anxiety Relief

CBD is believed to stimulate the production of feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which can help promote feelings of relaxation, ease the symptoms of anxiety, and boost mood. 

Ways to Consume Hemp Flowers

There are several ways that hemp flowers can be consumed. However, before you make your own hemp flower products remember to grind your flower up before use, as failing to do so can result in a harsh and unpleasant flavor or vapor. 

A coarseness similar to table salt is best for bongs and pipes for a smooth, controlled burn. A finer texture is recommended for vapes for smoother draws and less residue buildup. If rolling your own, hemp bud should be ground to the consistency of loose tobacco.

 Some of the most common ways to consume CBD hemp flowers include:


There are a number of disposable and rechargeable vape pens on the market that allow you to vape dry hemp flowers. These electronic vaporizers have a compartment where you can place some of your smokable hemp flower, which can be heated to your preferred temperature, vaporizing the CBD and other hemp compounds, ready to be inhaled.


Pre-rolls, like the one on this list, are a popular way of consuming hemp flower strains, as they have the advantage of featuring the perfect amount of product in the perfect roll. Of course. If you’re confident in your rolling skills, you can purchase loose CBD hemp flower and roll your own CBD joints.

CBD hemp flower can also be smoked using a pipe or a bong, which has the convenience of not having to roll your hemp into a joint first, saving on papers and time. 

  • Pipes: A simple hand pipe where hemp flower is added to the bowl, which is heated with a flame, as you inhale through a mouthpiece. You do need to be careful not to burn the dry herb, as this will cause a bitter and acrid taste.
  • Bongs: A popular method of smoking hemp flower, bongs use water filtration to filter the smoke for a smoother, more flavorful hit. 


CBD hemp flowers are edible and, therefore, can be added to food. Recipes that have a higher fat content – such as weed cake, biscuits, and brownies – are a good option as the fat aids the absorption of CBD. 

When using ground CBD hemp flower in recipes, a slow cooking method is best, as it helps to activate the cannabinoids with minimal degradation. If the recipe is not slow-cooked, you’ll need to decarboxylate your hemp flower first to activate the CBD to feel the maximum benefits. 

Simply spread lightly ground flowers on a baking tray and bake at 215°F for 30 minutes, and it’s ready to add to your favorite recipe.

CBD gummies are a popular edible form of consuming hemp flower. They are pre-loaded with a precise dosage of CBD and are available in a huge selection of fruity flavors. 

Oils and Tinctures

Once you have decarboxylated your hemp flower, you can use it to make your own CBD oils and tinctures. A simple recipe is to combine one ounce of hemp flower with two cups of oil – coconut or olive oil works best – and heat it on low heat for around six hours. You may need to add a few cups of water to prevent the oil from burning.

Once it has cooled, strain out the plant material and your freshly made hemp flower oil can be poured into glass jars or bottles for storage. Tinted glassware is best as it helps prevent CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes from degrading. Your CBD oil is now ready to be added to recipes, hot drinks, or administered sublingually. 

If you want to know the potency of the CBD oil you take, there are lots of brilliant ready-made oils on the market. Look for those made with high-quality, natural ingredients and simple formulations free of additives, flavor, and colors. 


Will CBD hemp flower make me high?

No CBD hemp flower doesn’t get most people high, but every person is different. CBD flower pre-rolls and supplements must contain 0.3% THC or less, which means the majority of people will not feel intoxicated. However, if new to CBD, it’s important to start low and go slow.

How long do pre-rolls last?

While hemp flower pre-rolls are less likely to get moldy, they will still degrade and lose their potency over time. An older pre-roll probably won’t hit as nicely as a fresh one, and it may also burn quicker, and have a harsher flavor. 

As long as your pre-roll is not broken or moldy, you have between six and 12 months – depending on how you store it – before it’s unsuitable to smoke. There are ways you can keep your hemp pre-rolls fresh, including:

  • Storing them in an air-tight container, such as a mason jar or a portable cigar or doob tube.
  • Protecting them from physical damage i.e. not in a flimsy baggy or just shoved into your pocket.
  • Keep away from light and moisture, as too much light can cause cannabinoids to degrade and moisture can lead to mold growth.
  • Using a two-way humidity control packet like Boveda in your storage container.

Is hemp flower legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill Act saw the removal of hemp from the legal definition of cannabis. Therefore, hemp flower pre-rolls and other hemp products are legal at the federal level as long as they are derived from hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC by weight.

However, state laws on hemp flower can vary, so before buying or traveling, we recommend checking individual state laws.

Are there different strains of hemp flower?

CBD hemp flowers come in two primary varieties: indica and sativa. Both varieties have a high concentration of CBD, as well as minor cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC, and CBG. The majority of hemp cannabis plants contain not only a bit of sativa or indica but also cannabis ruderalis.

In addition to cannabinoids, both strains contain a range of terpenes, which are aromatic compounds associated with therapeutic benefits, such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. When all of these active ingredients are present, the entourage effect can occur, meaning the effects are more potent.

Thanks to its terpene ratio, indica strains are believed to have a sedative effect, while the terpene profile of sativa strains is associated with a more uplifting, energizing effect. However, it’s worth remembering that all hemp flower supplements are limited to 0.3% THC.

Final Thoughts

Hemp flower CBD pre-rolls are a convenient way to get all the benefits from the hemp plant without the overt highs or anxieties that can come with THC. That being said, CBD may come with a few mild side effects — including dry mouth, nausea, and lethargy — which can be avoided by starting with just a few puffs.

The best CBD pre-rolls are made with organically grown hemp flower and nothing else — no fillers, no preservatives, and no additives that could affect the quality of the smoke.

Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission when you click links in this content. Our professional curators independently research and recommend products and services, with no newsroom involvement.