Best Orange weed strains: citrus sweet strains to help you get up and go

Best Orange Weed Strains

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Who doesn’t love a fresh sip of orange juice to invigorate the senses in the morning? What if you could translate that experience into taking a few tokes of a lip-smacking strain? Meet the Orange cannabis strains, a family of flower with a citrus-inspired taste and aroma.

This genetic line has tons of different variations. From sour and fruity to creamy and citrusy, the strain family has lots of orange-inspired treats to try from. We’ve prepared a small guide that goes over the classic Orange Bud strain, considered the original Orange Weed strain, from the early Californian cannabis scene. Many are considered sativa strains but Orange also shows up in many hybrids.

We also explored some of the best modern Orange weed strains, like the Orange Cream Cookies strain or even the exotic Orange Creamsicle strain. If you want to know more and choose a fruity treat for your next sesh, you can keep reading below.

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Key Takeaways

  • Orange weed strains are known for their delicious citrusy and slightly floral taste.
  • Orange Bud is considered to be the original Orange cannabis strain, as it dates back to the 80s Californian scene with the famous grower Dutch Passion.
  • The most common terpenes in these strains are myrcene, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene.
  • There are many delicious orange strains nowadays, like Orange Glaze, Orange Turban, Orange Creamsicle, and Orange Royale.

A Quick Look at the Best Orange Weed Strains

  • Orange Glaze Strain
  • Orange Durban Strain
  • Orange Cookies Strain
  • Orange Royale
  • Orange Creamsicle Strain

What is the Orange Weed Strain

There is a wide fruity variety of herb that cannabis lovers love to have in their stash, and citrus-tasting ones are some of the most popular ones. While there are many classic citrusy strains, the iconic Orange Bud is, in our opinion, the original Orange weed strain. Coming right from the 80s as an award-winning strain, this strain has roamed the scene for decades and has a long list of descendants for a reason. Let’s take a look at some of its characteristics.

Orange Weed Strain Appearance

The smell and taste of this bud are not the only things that are orange, as the small dense buds are usually covered by curly orange hairs all around the nugs. The plant usually has large and thin leaves, and most flowers are covered in tiny crystals where cannabinoids are stored. Some varieties are a darker green, or depending on the season, they might be a little on the olive side of the green spectrum.

Orange Weed Strain Genetics

The Orange Bud originated in the 80s in the California era; hence this sativa-dominant legend has a long story in the cannabis scene. Due to this, the exact origin is not known, but breeders have used Afghani Indica, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold in their crossbreeding techniques. Some varieties also included Skunk #1 instead of Aghani Indica, with similar results.

Orange Weed Strain Terpenes

OB has a unique profile that is perceptible when it starts flowering, with skunky orange and clove notes filling the area. This is mainly due to its terpene combo, which is usually composed of myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Thanks to these three, you get a slightly spicy, nectarine, and orange smell.

Orange Weed Strain Effects

Much like a glass of orange juice in the morning, this strain is usually sought by users of the potential energetic and creative effects. Users describe this as a cerebral buzz that slowly fades into a generally happy and relaxed feeling, which allows users to focus on work, get creative, or get a mood boost.

Orange Weed Strain Reported Flavors

Surprisingly, Orange cannabis strains can be complex despite having orange as their main flavor and aroma. This is also the case for Orange Bud, a.k.a, the original orange weed strain. Expect strong citrusy notes that slowly turn into a sour aftertaste.

Other notes you’ll find when smoked has cloves, mint, and some varieties might even get some skunky and fuel-like notes, depending on the genetics and if they used Colombian Gold or Acapulco Gold as one of the strain parents.

Some varieties of this Orange weed strain also report nectarine notes and a cinnamon-like spice due to beta-caryophyllene being present in this strain.

Orange Weed Strain Growing Info

Orange weed is the perfect intermediate challenge, so you can test your skills if you’ve grown a few buds already. This strain can have very heavy yields due to the dense nugs, sometimes giving up to 14 oz per plant when grown indoors and up to 19 oz if grown under the sun.

The Orange Bud strain usually flowers anywhere between 7-8 weeks, which in outdoor harvesting translates to the end of September and October. It is essential you do have good air circulation, as this strain might develop mold easily.

Strains like Orange Weed Strain

There are a few strains out there that are also pretty popular or relevant enough to call themselves the Best Orange weed strain. Some Orange cannabis strains that are also pretty citrusy but skunky are the agent orange weed strain, the Orange Creamsicle strain, or the Orange Kush strain, which has Orange Bud in its genetic lineage.

Best Orange Weed Strain

We’ve checked the original Orange Bud, but what about other orange cannabis strains? Some Orange varieties have the delicious and creamy Gelato in as their parent, making them very creamy with a touch of sourness that tops the taste profile perfectly.

Without further ado, let’s check some of the best orange weed strains in the hemp space.

1. Orange Glaze Strain

Meet one of the few full-on hybrids from the list. This bud has a delicious sugar, cream, and even spice orange reminiscent of the perfect citrus dessert. With cerebral and perception heavy-high, this strain is beloved by many due to its taste and powerful CBD content.


This CBD-only strain is the offspring of the T1 Trump and Kush E1 strains. This gives a vibrant, relaxing, and generally uplifting effect. It also makes this flower pretty balanced, with barely any THCa content.


Orange Glaze has a vibrant sour and citrus profile that gets even more complex with skunky gas notes and strong earthy spices. Don’t be fooled, though, this strain is sweet, even with the sourness from the diesel aftertaste.

Where to Buy It

Try the Orange Glaze in a preroll from Botany Farms They have 2 half grams available with 12.8% of total cannabinoids each, perfect for enjoying on the go or sharing with a friend. You can also try their alternative cannabinoid flower from Botany Farms has that as well.

2. Orange Durban

Here’s a strain that mixed the best of the Durban and Orange families, Orange Durban. This strain brings together a sweet orange profile that is mixed with soft earthy pine undertones. Orange Durban is pretty unique, as it mixes the best of fruit and citrus taste with an energy-inducing strain.


As the offspring of Durban Poison and Orange Juice Bud, Orange Durban brings the best from both sativa families to create a unique piney and citrusy strain. Some varieties of THC weed result in over 20% of cannabinoid levels.


Orange Durban is known for its sativa-like effects, meaning users have said to feel more energized, focused, creative, giggly, and even talkative. Flavor-wise, expect tangerine and juicy orange notes that intertwine with spices and the earthy, pine-like flavor from its Durban lineage.

3. Orange Cookies Strain

Do you want a buttery yet full of citrus peel strain? Meet Orange Cookies, one of the most delicious sativa-dominant hybrids on our list. This strain from the orange family has delicious tangerine-like notes that mix with slight butter and sugar notes, perfect to get a small treat midday.


The Orange Cookies strain is the offspring of two popular strains: Orange Juice and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). This makes it slightly more balanced, as GSC tends to lean on the indica side of hybrids.


If you have a sweet tooth, Orange Cookies definitely hits all the right spots. With a strong orange and tangerine mix at first that has sugar and buttery notes, this strain truly feels like homemade orange cookies. Most users report feeling happy, uplifted, and even slightly giggly when trying this strain.

4. Orange Royale Strain

If you love the orange taste but want something with a slight lemony and fuel-like flavor, you have to try Orange Royale. This flower will elevate your breakfast tokes with a complex citrusy and fruity taste that is both luscious and sour.


The Orange Royale origins are not fully known, but some varieties have Skunk #1 and California Orange as part of their lineage. We can also take an informed guess and some varieties might include either Orange Kush or Orange Bud as part of their lineage due to the skunk-like notes.


This strain has a very strong terpene flower profile, with beta-caryophyllene giving a little more spice and gassy notes to Orange Royale. With a unique profile, you’ll want more than a few tokes from this beautiful flower.

Where to Buy It

Try the Orange Royale from Elysian Farms x Secret Nature’s collaboration. You can try the organic CBD hemp version with no psychoactive components. If you want to feel the energetic high instead, try the THCa Orange Royale version with over 20.5% of total cannabinoids. Both versions are available in ⅛, ¼, ½, and up to a full oz.

5. Orange Creamsicle Strain

Meet one of the most delicious strains ever, Orange Creamsicle. This sativa-dominant strain can have anywhere between 19% and up to 30% of THC levels. The plant is an eye candy with orange resin bulbs and many white specks covering the bud.


Most Orange Creamsicle strain varieties have Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit as their parents. Some varieties use Gelato instead of Juicy Fruit as well. This gives this sativa-dominant hybrid luscious vanilla flavor and aroma.


What we love about this orange cannabis strain is the super creamy, vanilla, and citrus flavor that lingers with each toke. It really elevates the taste and aroma, it is basically like having an orange cream popsicle during the summer.

How We Made Our Top Choices for Best Orange Weed Strains

Since we only wanted to get the best Orange weed strains on our list, we had to make a small consensus on what to look for in each strain. Since orange strains can get pretty diverse, we looked for the ones that had the best taste profile and were easier to consume for all users, not only for the pros!

Brand-wise, we had to check each of the dispensaries individually when looking at orange weed strains., We checked their cannabinoid content, the overall quality of their flower and terpenes, and the general reputation of each of these brands. You must also check their third-party lab results for potency and purity.

Orange Weed Strains: Frequently Asked Questions

We checked some of the best orange weed strains so far, but here are some frequently asked questions about this juicy strain family.

How Many Orange Strains Are There?

Over 50 Orange weed strains are recorded on the internet, with new varieties being invented by breeders and dispensaries daily.

Is Orange Strain an Indica or Sativa?

Most Orange strains are sativa-leaning. Some varieties that use Afghani Indica are considered hybrids, but due to its effects and terpene profile, sativa flowers are the most common ones.

Is Orange a Strong Strain?

Generally speaking, Orange weed strains (especially Orange Bud) are more balanced. THC levels usually are between 14 and 16%, so it is not too strong to knock you off, but not mild either.

Which is the Original Orange Strain?

The first recorded orange strain is Orange Bud, grown in the Californian 80s scene by Dutch Passion. Other notable orange strains are Orange Kush and the Agent Orange weed strain.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this article, we reviewed some of the best orange weed strains available, from the classic Orange Bud to the newer hemp-based Orange Glaze and Orange Creamsicle. These strains lean towards sativa in their lineage, all with similar energy-boosting and creativity-inducing effects.

This family is pretty diverse, and while most have a deliciously fruity and citrusy taste, some can be a little sour or have a distinctive earthy spice taste. These are all thanks to the terpene combo of myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene.

Make sure to check the product lab tests and choose whichever seems better for your preferred taste profile and overall experience.

Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission when you click links in this content. Our professional curators independently research and recommend products and services, with no newsroom involvement. Merchants can pay for a sponsored listing and may choose to rewrite their summary. When that happens, we label the listing as “Sponsored” and highlight it in grey to differentiate the merchant-provided content from our writing.