The Ultimate Guide to Master Kush

The Ultimate Guide to Master Kush

There are over 700 strains of cannabis out there that farmers cultivate. The choice of a strain depends largely on your reason for consuming marijuana. Do you intend to get high or you are after treating a medical condition?

Each strain has specific characteristics that make it good for a specific function. Master Kush is an Indica-dominant strain that you’ve probably heard of. If not, worry no more.

This guide will help broaden your understanding of the Master Kush strain. Read on for more information on its effects.

The Origin of Master Kush

Master Kush weed goes by different names in different locations. Grandmaster Kush and high rise are some of its popular aliases. This strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid with origins in Asia –the Hindu Kush region.

Initially, the strain existed among cannabis plants growing in the mountainous range between Afghanistan and Pakistan. At this point, Master Kush was known as High Rise, a name associated with the buildings where people cultivated this strain.

However, the Dutch White Label Seed Company renamed it, Master Kush, once they commenced breeding High Rise on a commercial scale.

How to Spot Master Kush

First, you have to understand that there are different versions of the Master Kush strain floating around. For instance, So-Cal Master Kush from California and the Dutch version. These two might not be exactly alike but they come from the same strain.

Master Kush generally has dark, rounded, pinecone-like buds that may appear purple at times. It has a super-hashy aroma that mimics that of the Bubba Kush. Master Kush is predominantly loaded with trichomes.

The Effects

This is a versatile strain that you can vape or smoke. Master Kush Weed has strong landrace genetics which balances its effects on the body and mind. The strain has a THC content that normally ranges from 20 to 24%.

Master Kush promises to give you the ultimate feeling of relaxation after a few draws from the joint. This characteristic makes it great for managing anxious feelings. It’s also good for forgetting your worries momentarily.

The strain may have medicinal value as well. It can help you manage or treat chronic pain, nausea, and depression. Using MMJ for lower back pain may be an effective treatment regimen for some people. And since Master Kush relaxes you, you can use it to treat insomnia.

Ease of Growing

It’s easy to get the Master Kush seeds as they are readily available in feminized, regular, and automatic varieties. For the plant to grow successfully, you must cultivate it under optimal conditions. This can be either in an outdoor or indoor setting so long as you maintain the temperature at 65 to 80 F.

Try Something New

The popularity of Master Kush transcends continents for a good reason. This is a versatile strain that is good for both recreational and medicinal use. Its balanced nature can help you feel relaxed after a long tiresome day.





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