MAC 1 strain review: return of the even hybrid

Mac 1 strain

There are many uses for an even-balanced cannabis hybrid like the Mac 1 strain, a.k.a. Miracle Alien Cookies, The MAC, and M.A.C. 1. In the wide world of weed, there are varieties with all kinds of aromatic profiles, effects, and uses. Mac 1 is a 50/50 hybrid that brings the best of both worlds: indica and sativa.

I love these hybrids for daytime pain relief, though for us heavy indica consumers, it might spike up the anxious thoughts a bit, especially a high THC variety. However, its exceptional nose with an aroma that is almost one of a kind makes up for any negatives.

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Mac 1 strain
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New strains are exciting, but those that continue capturing consumer attention always interest me a little more. Mac 1 has outlived its hype, becoming a resident on dispensary shelves. Let’s find out why.

History of the Mac 1 strain

Mac 1 means Miracle Alien Cookies, a moniker symbolizing the two parents of this cannabis hybrid: Miracle and Alien Cookies. The cross was first stabilized by Capulator (Cap), a Redondo Beach, Calif. breeder who founded the operation in 1996.

Miracle is a cross of Starfighter and Colombian Gold that Cap accidentally ran through the washing machine. Despite the spin cycle, 15 seeds germinated. They became “Miracle 15.” That story is memorable, but for me, the smell was the most exciting aspect of the Mac 1 strain.

Mac 1 strain looks and smells

Mac 1 buds sparkle with trichomes in a medium-dense little pine tree, each giving off a floral pine aroma. The flower appears light green with tinges of brownish yellow. The way that each bud grew into a pointed top impressed me. Many cannabis buds grow in a pine tree shape, but these are the pointiest, tree-like nuggets I’ve seen.

Various sources report Mac 1 having a d-limonene-dominant terpene profile with guest stars b-caryophyllene and a-pinene. This leads to the scent that is somehow simultaneously familiar and unique. This is due to the peppery profile of b-caryophyllene.

I picked up Mac 1 grown by Falcanna in Olympia, Wash. from the local dispensary. Full disclosure: it was a consolation gram after being dismayed they didn’t have my favorite hybrid, Orange Blossom. Luckily, this checked a lot of the boxes I look for in a cannabis hybrid.

Effects of Mac 1

Mac 1 strain effects are able to bring the mental relaxation of a full indica with less inclination for getting couch-locked. My consumption method with Mac 1 was a Yew Yew mini bong, which delivered a clear hit with almost immediate effects.

For me, Mac 1 hit like a classic hybrid akin to Flo or Gemstone, with a level head and a subtle groovy body high. I tend to feel very anxious and paranoid with strains labeled sativa, and sometimes that can carry over into hybrids with certain parentage. Mac 1 did give me the slightest anxiety in the first hour after consuming, but after that, it was smooth sailing on open seas.

Mac 1 is a solid choice for anyone looking for a slightly Indica-dominant to fully 50/50 hybrid effect. As a dedicated indica consumer for a decade, I find this one is ideal for afternoon tea and cookies or charcuterie in the park (assuming you can smoke weed in public there, of course).

Those who fall in love with Mac 1 may consider popping a seed or two of it, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Check these growing tips before investing in a crop of The MAC.

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Mac 1 strain
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Mac 1 growing guide

Growing Mac 1 is for expert cultivators or those with a wise mentor on hand, as nurturing a good crop takes consistent patience. The variety is difficult to grow because it requires a hyper-specific environment. One little factor like the wrong humidity or temperature may greatly impact the yield; however, those who get it locked in will be happy with their results.

Mac 1 should flower in eight to 10 weeks, this can feel long since some strains mature in as little as six weeks. However, this timing is essential to ensuring buds are ripened and trichomes are fully developed.

These plants grow an average height, making them alright for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Those growing outdoors must be mindful of moisture since this strain is susceptible to mold. The yield can be moderate to high, with some outdoor growers reporting up to 20 ounces harvested per plant.

Growing Mac 1 requires patience and finite attention to detail, it isn’t for the faint of heart. Those bravely popping these seeds will be rewarded for their meticulous effort and will always celebrate the return of The MAC.

Mac 1 strain FAQ

This cannabis hybrid offers that classic effect expected from an even balance of indica and sativa with a peppered taste and aroma that screams Mac 1. Let’s answer the most frequently asked questions about The MAC.

Is Mac 1 indica or sativa?

The Mac 1 strain is listed as a 50/50 hybrid and indica-dominant hybrid by different growers. It is definitely a hybrid, but try the variety before relying on percentages to relay the effect.

Who created the Mac 1 strain?

Mac 1 was created by Capulator, a cannabis breeder that has been around since information was gathered and shared in anonymous forums, a.k.a. 1996.

Is Mac 1 rare?

Mac 1 isn’t a rare strain to get. Seeds are readily available, but they’re hard to cultivate. Because it takes a longer time to flower and requires a hands-on approach, Mac 1 isn’t exceptionally common, but we wouldn’t call it rare.

What is the original Mac 1?

The original Mac 1 strain is a cross between a Capulator strain named Miracle #15 and Alien Cookies F2.

What is the Mac 1 strain named after?

Mac 1 is named after the miracle that led to its existence. Cannabis breeder Capulator accidentally ran Colombian Gold x Starfighter seeds through the washing machine, but miraculously, 15 still germinated.

These 15 seeds became known as Miracle 15. Eventually, Capulator crossed the plants with Alien Cookies, and thus, Miracle Alien Cookies was born. It’s often shortened to Mac 1, The MAC, or M.A.C. #1.

What does Mac 1 smell like?

Mac 1 smells like spiced citrus in a pine forest; the aromatics of this hybrid cannabis strain interest the senses while also feeling like a warm hug.

Is Mac 1 exotic?

When it first hit the scene Mac 1 may have been considered exotic, however, that is up to each individual to decide. Exotic cannabis is a subjective concept, what one consumer considers exotic weed may be old hat to another.

The miraculous Mac 1 strain

A great cannabis hybrid that sits in the middle of indica and sativa provides people who prefer either a gateway to new horizons. Those who love sativa may use a hybrid to dip their toe into what an indica has to offer, and vice versa for indica lovers. Mac 1 is a perfect strain for this task, it has a mostly balanced effect and a stimulating look, smell, and taste.’

This hunted phenotype has been on the market for a while, but for many consumers, the hype still hasn’t died down. Mac 1 has staying power, and that’s no miracle.

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