Black Diamond Strain: berry-flavored chill vibes for experts

black diamond strain

As an expert-level indica, the Black Diamond strain is aptly named. Most who take a hit of this variety report feeling lethargic and snacky. Many patients also seek out this cross of Blackberry and Diamond OG when experiencing pain or nausea.

Origins of this cannabis flavor are hazy, but all reports say the strain was first bred in Northern California. It offers the tantalizing aromatics and flavor of Blackberry with all the heavy effects of a dank OG Kush. This is a straightforward, relaxing variety. Black Diamond OG is one to share, but maybe only with friends ready for the chill vibes.

Black diamond strain
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Black Diamond strain aroma, flavor, and look

This cannabis variety features a sweet and earthy aroma complemented by a similar flavor and a densely packed bud structure. The first thing you will notice every time you’re in the vicinity of this cannabis flavor is that the whole room fills with a sweet, blackberry aroma. Seriously though, nothing but the smell of luscious fruit fills the nostrils.

The buds are perfect little dark purple and kelly green pine trees with long, light orange hairs blanketed among icy trichomes. That sweet blackberry taste remains after inhalation, but is paired with a rich cocoa.

Black Diamond strain effects

Those who try Black Diamond OG often report feeling mellow and sometimes sleepy, though the kick off can be exciting. This review is based on Black Diamond grown by High Mountain Cannabis in Flagstaff, Ariz.

Effects from Black Diamond may take hold first in the spine, slowly creeping up and down the body to relax muscle tension. Aches and pains that have become normal slowly may dissipate in the first moments of inhalation.

Consumers report that creeping effects eventually take hold in the mind, with a brief relaxation quickly taken over by a curiosity of thought. At this point, the strain may begin to hit the ocular nerves and muscles around the eye. Once this effect takes hold, it is often a quick free fall into indica territory.

It may take you up, feeling almost like a sativa strain, and then drop you to a deep indica effect, much like a carnival ride that slowly brings everyone into the sky before a fast shot down to the ground. That slingshot makes this a questionable choice for insomniacs.

If your mind cannot be stimulated before bed then choose a cannabis strain for sleep like Granddaddy Purple or Purple Kush. Those who don’t have issues falling asleep enjoy this strain for counting sheep–it all depends on the consumer.

Black diamond strain

Black Diamond Strain FAQ

What is the Black Diamond strain?

Black Diamond is a cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG, some list the latter as Diamond Kush. It is widely accepted an indica with berry notes.

Is Black Diamond a rare strain?

As an older strain, Black Diamond is often passed over for the latest flavor. Because of this, it can be rare to see it at the dispensary.

Is Black Diamond an indica?

Unequivocally, yes. The heavy effects of the Black Diamond strain, the genetics, and the way the plant grows (shorter and more dense) indicate that it is an indica strain by common standards.

Is Black Diamond weed good?

Whether or not weed is good depends on who grows it and how. Given the best conditions, all weed can be “good.”. It’s cannabis, after all.

Final thoughts

Those who want to take it down a notch, reduce stress, and enjoy a berry-laden smoke love this cannabis strain. It can be a good choice for most, but isn’t recommended for everyone due to its heavy effects. Those who have never tried this flavor should make the first sesh somewhere safe with nothing planned afterwards to gauge just how heavy it feels.

Black Diamond is brings the berries and the chill vibes, making it a lovely option for sitting down after a long day or gearing up to get silly and watch cartoons with friends.

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