Celebrities wearing their love for cannabis on their sleeves—literally

Cannabis celebrities

Even before social media, tabloids, or gossip rags, celebrities have been trendsetters to the masses. When it comes to cannabis, some stars have chosen to share their love for the plant through fashion over the years. Whether shot by paparazzi, on a red carpet, or during a live performance, these public personalities have been clear about where they stand on cannabis consumption.

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Lady Gaga


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Going way back to 2012, at the dawn of adult-use cannabis, Lady Gaga chose to go green for Halloween. The singer and actress dressed as “Princess High the Cannabis Queen” with a golden crown adorned with fan leaves, a green tutu and puff sleeves, cannabis pasties, and bright green hair. She wore the fit to a party just weeks after taking a few puffs on stage in Amsterdam after a fan threw the joint tube up to the star.

Bella Hadid

Cannabis celebrities
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Bella Hadid and sister Gigi first graced the public eye when mother Yolanda Hadid starred in three seasons of reality series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The eldest sister, Bella, has been modeling through IMG Models since she was 16, and she’s been pictured multiple times in fine jewelry that features the plant.

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In 2019 the runway model was photographed at a Bulgari dinner party in Milan wearing a Bulgari collar necklace encrusted with rubies, diamonds, and cannabis leaves. The necklace is valued at $320,000 and is also made with emeralds and yellow diamonds in place of rubies. It was part of a 2018 Wild Pop collection that was awarded Collection of the Year from Town & Country.

Snoop Dogg

The OG has been repping the plant since long before rec shops graced his local strip malls. Snoop Dogg wore an iconic white snapback with a small embroidered cannabis leaf in the Nuthin’ But a “G” Thang music video. The rapper was featured on the track by Dr. Dre in his 1992 debut solo album The Chronic.

Both rappers have remained in the public eye. Snoop has stayed busy releasing edibles, performing, and collaborating with Jack in the Box. He’s not just an OG, he’s an original cannabis celebrity alongside legends like Willie Nelson.

Chelsea Handler


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This comedian, actress, and talk show host has been talking openly about consuming cannabis for years. She’s also been keeping her fan leaf bikini in the rotation for some time, we love a sustainable queen. In 2021, Handler curated a cannabis box in collaboration with Sweet Flower and The Apothecarium called “America is Back” with 100% of profits going towards cannabis reform.

One year later she posted a photo in the snow, skiing in her cannabis bikini with a jar of weed. This is one of many pics featuring the weed bikini, and also not the first time she’s shared her love for skiing in one, either.

Wiz Khalifa

Cannabis celebrities
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Rapper Wiz Khalifa’s passion for pot is well-known. He even recently smoked a joint with Bill Maher for Maher’s podcast. In 2017, Khalifa surprised the MLB by wearing a shirt that said “Legalize It” in a bold green typeface as he threw out the first pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates. To cap it off, he mimed smoking a joint too.

The MLB was far from accepting CBD sponsorships at that time and farther from ending its decades-long ban on cannabis consumption among players. The antics resulted in the league reprimanding the Pirates and doubling down on their formerly negative stance on the plant.

Miley Cyrus

Cannabis celebrities
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As she grew up in the public eye, Miley Cyrus went through the same phases as all teens. It just so happened the world was watching. Like the time her “friend” sold a video of her hitting a bong to TMZ, or when she mourned her public breakup by riding a wrecking ball in the buff. Cyrus has been sober for some time now after quitting cannabis and alcohol for vocal surgery, but back when she was on tour for the hit album Bangerz she was still in love with mary jane.

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In a 2014 Michigan show Cyrus donned a bedazzled cannabis leaf jumpsuit as she threw money in the air, performed atop a car roof, and sang her heart out. It’s not the only piece of cannabis fashion she’s been pictured in, but it may be the most memorable.

Vanessa Hudgens

Cannabis celebrities
Photo by Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Though she’s not the first person many think of when pondering cannabis celebrities, actress Vanessa Hudgens has chosen cannabis jewelry for more than one red carpet. Perhaps she stays somewhat lowkey because she gravitates toward understated pieces like the gold drop earrings styled with a blush Naeem Khan gown.

Even before that, Hudgens was pictured by paparazzi jogging in a crop top with “Dank” lettered across it, but the “D” used the Disney logo, and the “a” was a fan leaf. She even dropped knowledge on Rick Simpson Oil to a reporter at Weedmaps’ Museum of Weed in 2019. People may not think about Hudgens before Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, but she’s earned a spot amongst the upper echelon of cannabis celebs.


All the stoner girlies (non-gendered) worship at the feet of Rihanna. She’s been unapologetically smoking blunts and joints in photos for years. The singer shared with the New York Post that cannabis has been her coping mechanism when things get tough, but she’s probably taking a break right now as she is pregnant with her second child.

Back in 2020, Rihanna put together a look with her Fenty Corset Pumps, baggy jeans, and a Pantera cutoff featuring a big green fan leaf– capping it all off with a signature mullet. The singer, entrepreneur, and designer continues driving fashion trends. Maybe she even inspired others on this list to be more open about their consumption.

Willie Nelson

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No list of great cannabis celebs would be complete without the great Willie Nelson. The country outlaw legend is known for his music, braids, and love for weed. In 2017, Snoop Dogg sent Nelson a cannabis-themed Christmas sweater, which he donned in a since-deleted Twitter post thanking the rapper.

The singer started Willie’s Reserve in 2015, a cannabis brand funded by Tuatara Capital. The brand’s flowers, joints, and cartridges are available in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Missouri, and Ohio.

Celebrities are often trendsetters. As a growing number of famous faces wear their love for the plant, more minds will see cannabis as a regular part of society. It may seem insignificant to wear a pot leaf hat or cannabis jewelry, but every step toward normalization matters–even the little ones.

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