Bill Maher and Wiz Khalifa smoke weed, talk shop on latest Club Random

Bill Maher cannabis

Talking head Bill Maher has spoken about his cannabis consumption frequently. The podcast host often smokes while interviewing guests on Club Random video cast. In the latest episode, Maher welcomed cannabis celebrity and rapper Wiz Khalifa.

As the two pulled on their blunts they bounced through topics like strip clubs, picking up women, the responsibility of stardom, marriage, parenting, and then, of course, strip clubs again. Somewhere in there, the celebs quickly touched on cannabis.

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The plant came up as the pair talked about how it still affects them after years of regular consumption. After the commercial break midway through the hour-long interview, Wiz starts talking about feeling hungry and sleepy still after he partakes.

Maher shares that consuming keeps him up rather than puts him to sleep. His mind becomes too active, despite whether it’s an indica or sativa. Wiz then states he enjoys indica, common knowledge for those who have tried his namesake Khalifa Kush.

This is when Maher shares that he’s a part owner in The Woods, Woody Harrelson’s Los Angeles dispensary. He states it’s the best dispensary he’s ever been to before embarking on a miniature tirade on his preferred dispensary experience.

“The people at the pot store, all pot stores, they’re endlessly talking about indica versus sativa, and strains, and smell this, and can’t you tell– they treat it like wine,” Maher mused. “They’re just like people who love their wine, and I am just like, you know what? You people that are so into the drug culture, I’m not really into the culture, I’m just into the drugs.”

Maher continued, “And I get it that there’s an array of things that we could talk about related to this but, just, like, does it get me high or not? I don’t care what strain it is, I don’t care what it blew to get this way, I don’t care about the smell—I just care about my head.”

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Then the conversation fell flat with an awkward chuckle from Wiz and a quick turn from Maher’s preferences to Khalifa’s consumption habits. The pair’s banter is reminiscent of most respectful conversations between Boomers and Millennials, with off-putting comments and microaggressions toward Wiz falling flat with a dry chuckle or “yeah, yeah.”

Despite the cringe-worthy content, Wiz dropped some gems about finding your identity in your twenties and being a present parent. He also knew quite a bit about the process of getting a Brazilian butt lift. Throughout the cast, Wiz seemed to serve as a sounding board for Maher’s high ramblings.

Wiz Khalifa smoking cannabis on stage

This episode of Club Random followed through on the random, bouncing around from awkward to comfortable territory. For example, the conversation moved elegantly from an in-depth dissection of how they preferred a woman’s body to look to Wiz sharing wholesome parenting stories.

While cannabis took up about three percent of the interview, Maher’s opinion was resounding. But this is nothing new. Maher’s take on young people and politics has been called out-of-touch for some time. It tracks that his take on cannabis culture would be the same.

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