6 Alternative comedy podcasts to make you giggle

Alt-comedy podcasts: Person listening to airpods looks out window, holding mug.

Podcasts keep us company while we do chores, they accompany us on long road trips, and the hosts become friends that will probably never know we exist. I got into podcasts in 2018 when I became a coffee roaster while taking a break from writing.

The loud whirring of the roaster, the monotony of bagging beans, and the buzz of the grinder were all less grating when I was listening to something delightfully silly. While I enjoy the occasional true crime story or fictional paranormal series, my heart aligns with alternative comedy podcasts.

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Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck alt-comedy is. Well, it’s just how it sounds. Alternative comedy bleeds into pure comedy while diverting from the norm. In most cases, this means that the comedy centers voices that aren’t straight, white, males. These podcasts each add something special to the comedy space, and they’ll probably make you laugh like you just smoked a classic indica blunt with your friends.

Straightio Lab


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As a Glamour Girl myself, the name given to listeners of this pod, I’ve been with hosts Sam Taggart and George Civeris since the beginning. The pair did a Quarantine Crew episode of Couples Therapy, and I became a lifelong fan immediately after being roasted by George for being a Greek American who doesn’t like Greek yogurt.

Each episode features a special guest, often a fellow comedian, to speak on an inherently straight topic. Explore the nuances of “Celebrating Love” with Pat Regan and “The 20’s” with Joel Kim Booster while the trio weaves the episode together with bits.

Listeners will enjoy the Straight Shooters segment, where hosts ask rapid-fire questions to gauge a guest’s “familiarity with, and complicity in straight culture,” but they cannot ask a single follow-up question. Each episode is a ridiculous, silly good time ending with a shout-out done in the style of TRL in the 2000s.

Join for the giggles, and stay for the off-chance it’s an episode where the guest doesn’t come knowing that Straightio Lab is an alternate reality presented by Sam and George.

A Woman’s Smile


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This comfortable fever dream ended years ago, but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about it every few months since then.

A Woman’s Smile was a faux talk show hosted by Patti Harrison and River Ramirez. The pair speak in soft, public-access voices on outlandish topics that often crescendo into screeching madness. Using their real names, the hilarious comedians weave together a parallel reality where they are a pair of unhinged coastal elites in La Jolla. I mean, three minutes into the first episode, Lorelei projects a demon laugh beneath Patti’s story about dinner with her husband.

Do the episodes fit together? Are these stories from their real lives? Was Patti Harrison the first person to call out Ellen for being kind of a jerk? I still don’t know, and I’m not sure you will after listening–but I still recommend it.

Las Culturistas


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The rich lore of Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang is storied. The first episode premiered in 2016; in that time, Yang has become a star on Saturday Night Live, acted in films, and plays cousin Edwin in Nora from Queens. Rogers has had pivotal roles in film and television, including Darcy Leeds in I Love That For You.

From proclaiming Rules of Culture, such as number 49: “Swifties, it’s ok to be straight!” to serving as the ideal recap on the latest reality television, music, and film–Las Culturistas delivers what the name promises. They are shepherds of culture for people like me, who never need to watch an episode of The Real Housewives but enjoy keeping up to date on the tea.

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If you’re looking for an entry point into the often improv-heavy world of these two best friends, listen to “Goop Di Goop” with D’Arcy Carden.

Couples Therapy


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Soft souls, gather around because Andy and Naomi created this podcast just for you. Couples Therapy started as a comedy show in New York City where best friends and couples would perform stand-up together.

Couples Therapy released each live show as a podcast for those who couldn’t make the taping. Occasionally the hosts, stand-up Naomi Ekperigin and comedy writer Andy Beckerman would have a guest on for a special episode where they would answer friendship and love advice.

When COVID stopped public gatherings coupled with the hosts’ move to Los Angeles, the pod became an interview show in which the pair would welcome a guest to answer listener questions. The very real and thoughtful advice is sprinkled with silly bits and engaging conversation that reflects the delightful balance of Andy and Naomi’s interview styles.

This podcast is the perfect option for a gentle listener who loves a little giggle on the side of good advice.

Yo, is this racist?


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This podcast started as a Tumblr page in 2011 after host Andrew Ti spoke with a coworker about whether the phrase “cotton-picking” was racist. The blog picked up 2000 followers within 24 hours, and one year later, the first Yo, is this Racist? podcast episode was released. In 2018, Tawny Newsome, of Star Trek: Lower Decks and Space Force, brought some levity to the show as co-host.

Between Andrew’s heavy sighs punctuating poignant attacks on hateful actions and Tawny’s quippy blights on messed up current events–the pair offer a well-lit entry point to anti-racism work. No, this podcast should not serve as the sole work we do to dismantle racism in America, but the listener’s questions paired with diverse voices speaking on hot topics will get anyone thinking.

Urgent Care


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Those who love listening to comedians give deranged advice followed by wholesome empathy need look no further than Urgent Care. The podcast is no longer producing episodes, but the canon of material is bound to inspire a giggle or two. Mitra Jouhari and Joel Kim-Booster talk about therapy, butt stuff, drugs, and, of course, ceramics while providing the most dramatic applicable advice to listener questions.

Both hosts show disdain for the fact that they’re recording a podcast between enormous chuckles. The best parts of each episode are when Joel makes Mitra laugh uncontrollably. Though the pod went off the air leaving listeners wanting more, it remains a precious gem in my Spotify time capsule.

These comedy podcasts always make my weekly rotation, and there’s something for everyone. From relationship advice for little sweeties to outright absurdity–one of these pods is bound to make you laugh. Tune in to each on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.