Dank cannabis costumes for a high Halloween

weed costumes

Halloweed is around the corner, and those who celebrate are probably knee-deep in planning their costumes. Whether preparing to head to a house party with friends or kick around the local haunts–costume season is nigh. The adult cannabis lovers in the crowd may be pondering how to successfully show their love for the plant in their festive garb. Heck–even Lady Gaga has tried her hand at a Halloween weed costume.

Adorn yourself with a fan leaf for a low-effort weed costume. But for the Halloween lovers who like to go big, here are some ideas for the spookiest night of the year.

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Weed fan leaf

The weed leaf costume is a classic. All it requires is black clothes and a giant weed leaf over the top. This costume makes it pretty clear what you are, which saves most people that awkward moment of explaining what you’re dressed as to someone with a blank look in their eyes.

Many types of this costume are available at online retailers and big Halloween stores. The craftier stoners may make their giant fan leaf out of felt. Just remember to add the boning so the leaves stand up properly.

Pot Brownie

Those who like a pun costume might line up to be a Pot Brownie, which is a double entendre for a cannabis edible, and a troop scout with cannabis leaves on their uniform. Though this isn’t necessarily a child-friendly outfit, scout costumes have been gracing adult Halloween parties for generations. Store-bought Pot Brownie outfits are available at the usual costume stores, but this can also be thrown together with thrifted, gifted, and closet-sifted items.

Granddaddy Purple

Perhaps the most “inside” on the list, a Granddaddy Purple costume is an inventive homage to the beloved indica strain. Put this ensemble together with a cheap fake beard, baby powder or white hair spray, and second-hand accessories.

Being GDP is simple. Wear all purple, dress up like a senior citizen, and voilá–a costume. Consider a pair of glasses or a cane to drive the look home. This look might be best served at a cannabis event or place where people are keen on the culture unless you’re cool educating party guests on cannabis genetics.

Bag of nugs

Become a bag of nugs this Halloween with a simple DIY costume. Like the fan leaf costume, the first step is underclothes. Black clothes generally set the tone. From there, adhere a clear plastic from the neck to the thighs, leaving space at the midsection and bunching it to look like a bag. Extra points for anyone who makes a crisp-cornered mylar-looking bag. The last touch is to fill the bag with nugs–which may require some art skills. Green balloons with pistils drawn on them could look like cannabis flower, but adding paper mache would drive home the look.

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Last but certainly not least is a blunt (or joint) costume. This costume requires black or solid-colored clothes underneath and a giant blunt dress to slide over the top. These are readily available at stores but can be pulled off by a savvy DIYer at home. Make it a couples costume by adding a hemp wick coil or lighter in the mix. A hemp wick costume could be made out of rope that is coated in something to appear waxy. The lighter costume could be made with cardboard for the body and felt for the flame.

Not everyone celebrates Halloween, and that’s okay. Not everyone smokes weed either, but those who do both hopefully get some ideas from this list of weed costumes.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.