7 Cannabis-friendly North American travel destinations

Cannabis-friendly travel destinations: photo of people in hammock together.

As the first solar flares make their way across the United States this Summer, people may be planning that next vacation. Now that cannabis legalization is taking more states by storm, it may be time to check whether cannabis is legal there before deciding where to go this Summer.

These seven North American cannabis-friendly travel destinations not only offer island getaways, tons of hiking trails, or a city’s worth of fun–they also have legal cannabis. Just be sure to check where it is legal to smoke cannabis in public before lighting up.

Little Bay, Jamaica

Coral Cove Wellness Retreat operates in Little Bay, Jamaica, and is known for its turquoise water and white-sand beaches. The resort has an on-site cannabis dispensary where guests can present their medical card or have a physician consultation to purchase $10 per gram flower. The resort also offers guided psilocybin experiences alongside more common kayaking, personal yoga sessions, fine dining, and other amenities on request.

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Though ganja tourists are welcome, be advised that public consumption is punishable by a fine in Jamaica. Any attempt to traffic cannabis will result in prison time served in Jamaica, which can be harsh according to foreign travel advice provided by the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom also advises travelers that “certain” homosexual activity is deemed illegal, so LGBTQ+ travelers may opt for another cannabis-friendly travel destination.

New York City, New York

There is no need to sell New York City as a travel destination–the freedom to enjoy cannabis is just another sprinkle on the ice cream sundae that is visiting New York. There is something for everyone, like trending food sensations, the chicest clubs, architecture framing the past and the future, and now, cannabis events, pop-ups, and secret supper clubs.

As New York shakes out the regulation of cannabis commerce, visitors and locals enjoy consuming cannabis wherever tobacco is legal. There are also lounges and speakeasies populating the city, like Café Cannal, a cafe and restaurant where patrons can enjoy CBD-infused coffees and beverages. Cannabis tourists may also enjoy cannabis museums like THC NYC, or be lucky enough to get invited to one of New York’s members-only cannabis supper clubs. If NYC is on the list to visit, cannabis legalization in the state can only sweeten the deal. But buyer beware: the city is still ironing out commerce and many readily available products aren’t regulated.

Sedona, Arizona

For a relaxing wellness-focused vacation in the dry heat, try Sedona, an Arizona town a few hours from the Phoenix airport known for iconic hikes, desert scenery, and its four energy vortexes. Visitors can check out a dispensary in town or drive up the switchbacks to Flagstaff to visit a dispensary before a day trip to the San Francisco Peaks.

Public consumption is illegal in the state, so be aware of consumption laws before lighting up. However, some local purveyors have catered offerings to cannabis tourists, including Cloth + Flame, who have been creating culinary experiences in various Arizona venues in partnership with Copperstate Farms.

Sedona can be a heady experience even if you do not partake in cannabis-specific events; it’s abundant with crystal shops and other niche offerings that could make a skeptic roll their eyes. The metaphysical tourists, rock climbers, hikers, and cannabis lovers will enjoy a visit to Sedona.

Houghton, Michigan

The upper peninsula (UP) is a common Summer destination for those who enjoy the great Michigan outdoors. If access to cannabis plays a role in choosing where to visit, opt for Houghton, the Upper Peninsula destination with a cannabis dispensary. Houghton is a family-friendly tourist destination with access to many waterfalls, great food, and a ghost town.

From the mid-1800s to the 1920s, the Upper Peninsula was a hub for mining and washing copper. The Great Depression took out the trade, leaving behind a series of abandoned mining towns along the Keweenaw peninsula. For those chasing the many peninsula waterfalls, visit in the early Spring when snow runoff creates the most voluminous streams of water. Before partaking in a joint with the view, be advised that public consumption is illegal in the state.

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Vancouver, British Columbia

Combining the climate of beloved Coastal landscapes like California with that kind, Canadian demeanor, Vancouver, British Columbia, is a great place to visit. Additionally, adults 19 and over can consume cannabis anywhere that tobacco consumption is legal–making this an ideal destination for tourists inclined to partake.

Vancouver offers the best of many vacations. Enjoy a misty island getaway to Vancouver Island, explore the forest around Whistler, or appreciate the amenities of a big city in Vancouver proper.

Taos, New Mexico

At almost 7,000 feet, Taos is a coveted high-altitude destination ideal for desert dwellers, art collectors, and lovers of great Mexican food. Winter visitors enjoy skiing, and in the other months take in historical sites, appreciate the enchanting view of the Rocky Mountains, and take in the endless Southwestern sunsets. It’s an excellent choice for a chill adventure.

New Mexico does allow cannabis lounges, but Taos doesn’t have one yet. But there are lots of Taos dispensaries to pick up from– just be sure to only consume in designated consumption areas, private residences are okay too.

Bend, Oregon

Most outdoor enthusiasts are familiar with Bend, where river rats, rock climbers, mountain bikers, and hikers meet for a vacation packed with adventure, reverence for nature, or a combination of both. Bend is also known for its delicious fare and a trail of craft breweries to perfectly complement a day of going hard in nature.

Though Oregon cannabis laws prohibit public consumption, there are some cannabis tourism options to enjoy in the Bend area. Central Oregon cannabis tour company Detour Bend offers various cannabis tours to show off the town and the cannabis that it offers.

Whether they desire a vacation in nature, a metropolis, or a combination of both, these cannabis-friendly locations will fit the bill.

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