Fast Five Q&A: Dylan Brewington, Founder of Globs

fast five dylan brewington

In cannabis, authenticity is paramount. Those with a passion for the plant and a connection to the community are revered as the space quickly fills with corporate interest.

Dylan Brewington personifies this notion. The Bay Area-based founder of Globs is a former budtender and buyer who saw a gap in a market often caught up in hype. His concentrates brand is straightforward and accessible, focused less on flash and more on quality.

Brewington answered GreenState’s Fast Five questions, sharing about his humble start in Tucson, Ariz., the inspiration behind his brand, and what’s on deck for 2024.

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GreenState: How did your journey with cannabis start?

Dylan Brewington: I had my buddy Taylor introduce me to the first real plug I would ever know. Shout out to D and J from Tucson for putting me on the flavor game. Pink Lemonade, Pink Elephant, Space Monkey, and so many other wild strains they introduced me to would set me on a path that would alter the course of my life. 

Sometime around 2010 or 2011, I managed to scrape together enough money to get my hands on a quarter pound of Blue Dream. I quickly became one of the larger dealers in town, and the rest was kinda just history. The combination of these two factors led me to have an unstoppable passion for selling cannabis that simply tasted and smoked better than anything else around.

GS: What’s your favorite way to consume?

DB: Hands down joints. Specifically wooden-tipped 1.2g darts. They just, in my opinion, are the best way to taste flowers and even extracts if you’re rolling a hash hole or any other infusion. There’s just nothing in my book that compares to the absolute beauty of a joint that’s been rolled with intent and care.

GS: What’s the ethos behind the Globs brand?

DB: Being kind is the first thing that comes to mind. I see a lot of exclusion in cannabis, and I just want to create something that anyone can approach, understand, and easily obtain. Staying true to classic Dab Culture while being accessible is honestly my biggest long-term goal.

GS: How do you stay authentic in a market obsessed with hype?

DB: I actually talk to budtenders and everyday consumers. I love being in the lounges and stores, just talking to people who are working the same roles I initially started in and actually listening to what they have to say about the current state of the market.

GS: What’s on deck for Globs in 2024?

DB: In short… we’re really about to lean into it all. We’ve proven a lot of ideas in a really clear-cut way. At this moment in time, I don’t see a ceiling for where 2024 brings us.

Dylan Brewington, founder of Globs, leverages his firsthand experience as a former budtender and buyer to bring consumers exactly what they desire. Committed to a brand by the people for the people, Globs offers top-shelf strains at accessible prices. Dylan personally curates each product drop, prioritizing community preferences over investor influence or hype.

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