GreenState cannabis rankings: best-selling brands in Colorado

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Colorado made history in 2012 when voters made it one of the first states to legalize adult-use marijuana. The Centennial State paved the way for the rest of the nation, and in the last decade, 23 fellow states and the District of Columbia have followed suit. Since recreational sales began in 2014, Colorado’s pot industry has raked in over $2.6 billion, bringing much-needed tax revenue to the community. But with such an iconic market, what are the best-selling cannabis brands in Colorado?

GreenState analyzed dispensary menu and sales tracking data from Hoodie Analytics spanning January to October 2023 to learn which pot companies are the favorites among Coloradans. With both multi-state brands and Colorado’s finest in the mix, these are the top players in the game by sales.

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Best-selling flower in Colorado: Ascend


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Boasting four retail locations across the state, Ascend is beloved by fans for its commitment to clean cannabis. Deploying 99 percent vegan practices and sustainable cultivation, the brand offers some of the best weed in Colorado. Offering a wide range of strains, including classics like Bruce Banner and Wedding Cake as well as exotics, Ascend has a bud for every kind of toker.

2nd place – Veritas Fine Cannabis

3rd place – Onyx Label

Best-selling edibles in Colorado: Wana

Wana has cemented its place as one of the top edibles brands in the country, and for a good reason: with consistent effects and endless flavors and cannabinoid blends, the company dominates the market. Colorado is especially fond of Wana, given that the brand is based in Boulder. The hometown heroes also happen to have delicious products, a fact not lost on gummy devotees across the state.

2nd place – Wyld

3rd place – Dialed In Gummies

Best-selling pre-rolls in Colorado: Kaviar


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Founded in 2016, Kaviar rose to fame thanks to the brand’s premium infused joints and moonrocks weed. The ultra-potent products struck an immediate chord with high-tolerance consumers, and Kaviar’s popularity has yet to wane. And while the company has a range of products (including kief and flower), it’s the pre-rolls that remain on top. Current strains include Biscotti, Flava Ganga, and Lusty Lady.

2nd place – Willie’s Reserve

3rd place – Terrapin

Best-selling vapes in Colorado: Bonanza


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Cart fans in Colorado love Bonanza. Offering full-gram, half-gram, and disposable vapes, the company made a splash when it hit the market in 2018. Bonanza also has the distinction of producing Tommy Chong’s vaporizer line—a big win for the Colorado company. The live resin line is touted as one of the best in the state, with sativa, hybrid, and indica strains available. 

2nd place – O.pen

3rd place – Eureka

Best-selling concentrates in Colorado: Green Dot Labs


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Green Dot Labs is arguably one of the most visible cannabis companies in Colorado. Founded in 2014, the brand has become synonymous with the state’s concentrates scene. With a dizzying amount of SKUs available in dispensaries across Colorado, it’s nearly impossible to miss Green Dot Labs. Standouts include the Black Label Live Badder, Blue Label Cold Cure Live Rosin, and Silver Label FSE (full spectrum extract).

2nd place – 710 Labs

3rd place – Spectra

Colorado continues to set the bar for the cannabis market in America, with a decade of legal sales under its belt. As the premier place for adult-use weed, the Centennial State continues to be a leader for brands, retail, and ancillary providers. With so much quality pot going around Denver and beyond, it gives a whole new meaning to the Mile High City.




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