GreenState cannabis rankings: best-selling brands in New Jersey

best cannabis new jersey

New Jersey legalized adult-use cannabis in 2021 and has been an anchor of the East Coast cannabis market since. The Garden State has raked in roughly $1.3 billion in weed sales since recreational dispensaries opened their doors, and the industry is still going strong. But what precisely is the best cannabis in New Jersey in terms of sales?

GreenState analyzed recent dispensary menu and sales tracking data from Hoodie Analytics to find the top-selling cannabis brands in New Jersey. It’s no secret that multi-state operators lead the pack in NJ, but you may be surprised by which came out on top.

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Best-selling flower in New Jersey – Ozone

When it comes to good old-fashioned weed, consumers in NJ favor Ozone. The Ascend brand offers several unique varieties of flower from Animal Cake to Tuscan Gelato and everything in between. In New Jersey, the Mac 1 is a predominant variety available in full nug, shake, popcorn buds, and pre-rolls.

2nd place – Kind Tree

3rd place – Rhythm

Best-selling vapes in New Jersey – Select

slect briq best cannabis new jersey
The Briq vaporizer by Select. Photo: Curaleaf

Select is one of the biggest vaporizer brands in the nation, becoming a behemoth once Curaleaf acquired the company in 2019. Select offers three distinct versions of its popular oils: Essentials, Elite, and Elite Live. They also have the innovative Briq all-in-one disposables filled with a variety of extracts. 

2nd place – Fernway

3rd place – Airo Brands

Best-selling edibles in New Jersey  – Wana

There’s no doubt that modern cannabis consumers love their gummies—especially ones from Wana. The Colorado-based edibles brand is one of the most visible, available in 18 states and counting. Wana has gummy varieties for practically any occasion, whether you want to enjoy a night out with friends or fall asleep fast.

2nd place – Verano

3rd place – Select

Best-selling pre-rolls in New Jersey – Miss Grass


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Edgy, hip, and justice-minded, Miss Grass is a woman-founded brand boasting “weed for the times.” The potent effects-based pre-rolls come in sleek packaging that people love to show off. The company donates proceeds from several of its SKUs to organizations like Last Prisoner Project and the Women’s Prison Association. 

2nd place – Dogwalkers

3rd place – Find

Best-selling concentrates in New Jersey – Verano


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With operations in several states, Verano is a vertically-integrated MSO with brands for days. Their concentrate offerings include everything from live rosin to badder, with premium hash products coming soon. New Jersey dabbers love Verano’s live sugar, especially the Guerrilla Grape and Cookies and Cream varieties.

2nd place – Grassroots Cannabis

3rd place – Kind Tree

New Jersey is still a young market with big players positioned to take the lead, but craft and social equity brands are slowly emerging. With neighboring New York still coming online, many people continue to watch the Garden State for East Coast cannabis trends. Whether spending a weekend at the Shore or partying in Atlantic City, there’s green at every turn.


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