Step Taro Herbal Cigarettes Review

Step Taro Herbal Cigarettes Review

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Quitting nicotine can be complicated; however, there are newer products every day that can help with that transition. If you are looking for a product that tastes similar to your typical smoke, without any of the tobacco or nicotine, you need to try Step’s Taro Herbal Cigarettes.

In this small review, we tried and tested some of the best all-natural alternatives to tobacco. Step’s proprietary herbal blend promises to deliver a similar experience to tobacco with their herbal cigarettes, so if you want to know how they taste and if they can deliver that, you can explore with us in the article below.

Key Takeaways

  • Non-tobacco cigarettes, also called herbal cigarettes or smokes, are products that look and burn just like normal smoke but have zero nicotine or tobacco.
  • These herbal cigarettes are great natural alternatives, as they can scratch that smoking itch without any nicotine.
  • There are many potential benefits to swapping for herbal cigs, like tasting more flavor, not getting dangerous chemicals, and trying an all-natural alternative.
  • Remember to try the Step™ Full flavor or Green editions at an incredible price point with high-quality herbal blends delivered right to your home.

What are Non-Tobacco Cigarettes?

Non-tobacco cigarettes, also called herbal cigarettes or smokes, are products that are rolled up in a tube and also have a filter and paper but skip tobacco entirely. This means these smokes do not have any nicotine or additives, which can help people that want to try an alternative to quit smoking or simply want to add herbs to their smoking routine.

Some of these herbs have different plants and proprietary blends, from flowers and herbs like chamomile, lavender, or rose petals. Others have special blends that taste very similar to regular cigs, like taro leaf blends.

Now, in the realm of non-tobacco cigarettes, you’ll also find hemp-based ones. These basically use CBD, a mostly non-intoxicating compound naturally found in the hemp plant, to give you a relaxed feeling. While these might look and taste like weed, they do not contain any of the compound that can make you feel high, called Delta-9 THC.

That said, if you want a closer experience of what smoking tobacco feels like, you might want to try something like herbal blends or Taro leaves.

Why Consider Cigarettes Without Tobacco?

Nicotine-based products can be pretty harmful to your health, with studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention commenting on some related illnesses, like cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even increased risks for problems in the immune system.

Because of this, switching from using tobacco to natural herbs can be a big step toward quitting nicotine and smoking altogether. Cigarettes without tobacco skip nicotine and chemicals that could potentially also deteriorate your health with time.

Products that use herbals, such as Taro leaves, flowers, and other blends, may help you scratch that itch for smoking while also helping with potential benefits from these botanicals.

Are There Benefits to Herbal Cigarettes Without Nicotine?

Yes, smoking herbal cigs instead of nicotine can have many potential benefits. Besides the key part of leaving tobacco, you can incorporate herbal rituals into your daily life and have a few potential benefits here and there. Let’s take a quick look.

  • Can Help With That Smoking Itch: While they burn a little slower than your typical cigs, herbal smokes can be a great way to change your smoking habits by gradually turning to these types of products.
  • Better Tasting Cigs: Herbal smokes are pretty diverse and can provide a richer experience flavor-wise when compared to commercial cigs.
  • Less harmful: Since herbal cigs skip nicotine and additives completely, they are potentially less harmful to your general health.
  • Better for the environment: Cigarettes are some of the most contaminating products on the market. By using herbal swaps, you are helping the environment by using herbs that can be naturally harvested, like Taro, or flowers like lavender, chamomile, or roses. Just make sure to put the butts in the trash.

Overall, there are plenty of potential benefits from trying herbal smokes, most importantly, giving yourself a chance to try an all-natural alternative. While quitting nicotine is a complicated process, having a substitute that’s tasty and skips dangerous chemicals may help you in the general process of achieving your wellness goals.

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About Step Cigarettes

Step™ is an innovative brand that wants to provide natural alternatives to tobacco and nicotine-based products. Their branding is straightforward, with the everyday smoker in mind. Their cartons are all made from high-quality cardboard and properly packaged to ensure you get the best out of each of their herbal cigarettes.

The brand also prides itself on its high-quality but also taste, experience, and affordable price point. Step™ is one of the only brands that has innovated with their natural blend of Taro leaves and other herbs while keeping things friendly for consumers.

This unique brand really shines because it provides great products to aid smokers without having to break the bank or complicated process. It also helps their branding look and feels just like any cig, as you can stay lowkey without getting weird looks for spliff-looking rolls on the street.

Step™ cigarettes deliver an unparalleled smoking experience, designed to satisfy even the most discerning tobacco enthusiasts. Our dedicated team of researchers and developers went to great lengths to ensure that Step™ cigarettes offer an extraordinary blend that closely mirrors the taste, feel, and smoke of traditional cigarettes.

To achieve this remarkable similarity, we embarked on an extensive journey to find the perfect combination of flavors and ingredients. While staying away from tobacco and nicotine, we meticulously crafted the Step™ blend using top-quality components. Countless hours of testing and refining led us to a breakthrough—a layered tobacco-like flavoring system expertly infused with Taro and other botanicals. The result? A taste that is virtually indistinguishable from the richness of high-quality tobacco cigarettes.

But taste isn’t the only aspect we focused on. We understand that smokers also seek the familiar sensations and satisfaction that traditional cigarettes provide. With this in mind, our team developed a proprietary blend of Taro and botanicals, carefully engineered to deliver the desired throat hit and kick that smokers expect from their cigarettes. Step™ cigarettes offer an authentic experience, replicating the sensations that have become synonymous with traditional smoking.

To ensure the utmost quality, we have partnered with seasoned cigarette manufacturers and trusted raw material suppliers. This collaboration grants us access to high-quality production processes and the essential components necessary to create the perfect draw, burn, and overall smoke quality that consumers seek in their traditional cigarettes.

Step™ cigarettes are the result of meticulous research, innovative craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of the desires of cigarette smokers. With our commitment to excellence, we invite you to indulge in an exceptional smoking experience that leaves no room for compromise.

Product Review: Step Cigarettes

Now we’ve talked enough about Step and how herbal cigarettes work, let’s take a full-on review of their products. In this article, we are checking out two different flavors from them in their carton edition. The shipping and buying process is really fast and easy, and the age verification process was a breeze. But now, let’s start with the first product, the Full Flavor Step Cigarettes.

Full Flavor

Step Carton

Now, here’s the OG version of the Step™ cigarettes. The herbal cigarettes emulate as close as possible to smoking typical tobacco products by using taro leaves and their proprietary herb blend. These cigs stand for satisfaction, taste, experience, and price, providing a high-quality time each time you feel like taking a few cig tokes.

Product Features

The Step™ Cigarette Carton comes with a 10-pack of cigarette boxes, each with 20 delicious cigarettes in Full Flavor. Made from Taro leaves and their special herb blend, this is the perfect alternative to regular cigs or even nicotine salts. These have 0% tobacco, nicotine, THC, CBD, hemp, or TFN.


The flavor on these cigs is perfect if you want to try something like tobacco with dense but smooth tokes. The proprietary blend also gives these cigs their unique taste and flavor, giving some of the closest experiences to actual tobacco with no additives.


The carton comes with ten boxes in a super discreet look. They open and look just like typical smokes, except they have red and black branding with the Step™ logo in front. If you are worried about weird looks, these will keep things low-key, as they look very similar to your standard box.

How to Order

Currently, you can only order the full-on carton with ten boxes. That said, the buying process is very simple. First, go to Step’s website, select the desired flavor, and add them to your cart. You will have to verify your age due to the general restriction on smoking products through a verified website.

After that, it is as easy as choosing your payment method and then adding your delivery address. Shipping usually takes anywhere between one to two weeks.


Step Green Pack

For all the menthol lovers out there, here’s an all-natural alternative to get that cooling flavor without any nicotine or tobacco involved. The second flavor fromStep™ is not only delicious, but it also uses natural herbs to get this delicious and refreshing taste that’s very close to a typical menthol cig.

Product Features

The Step™ Cigarette Carton in the Green flavor comes in a ten-pack, pretty much like its sibling. Each pack contains twenty regular-sized cigs with about a gram of their natural herb blend made from taro leaves and natural herbs that give that delicious menthol taste. These also do not have THC, CBD, hemp, TFN, or nicotine.


The Green version of the Step™ Cigarettes has a rich flavor with dense smoke and a refreshing, mint-like taste. As a regular smoker, you won’t really notice the difference between tobacco-based menthol cigs and these, especially with their completely natural herbal blend.


Packaging-wise, these are pretty much the same as the original flavor ones. They come in a black box with lime green accents and the Step™ logo up front. The boxes are very discreet and easily fit any bag or pants. The only difference is that the tubes on these are all white, which gives them that menthol-like vibe from regular smokes.

How to  Order

The ordering process is very simple. You add the carton to your cart, press checkout, and start the age verification process. It’s generally simple, as you only need an ID nearby so the platform can check your age. After that, it is as easy as putting up your payment method and selecting your shipping address, and you are good to go.

Step Cigarettes vs. Honeyrose Herbal Smokes: Which is Better?

You’ve probably also heard of Honeyrose Herbal Smokes. And while they have very good quality products, the taste of Step’s proprietary blend is undefeatable. When you consider the pricing point and affordable costs of their iconic flavors, Step is a way more accessible option when compared to Honeyrose.

If you want a classic, herbal-like taste, Honeyrose will be more of your vibe. Step uses taro leaves, which give a very close taste to tobacco, so for an experience closer to actual cigs, you might want to try Step’s cigs instead.

Herbal Cigarettes vs. Tobacco

Now, herbal and tobacco cigarettes are essentially the same type of product. Both of them come rolled in a paper tube filled with some sort of herbal blend. In the case of nicotine or regular cigs, they have rolled tobacco with other additives and substances.

Some traditional cigarettes also have different flavors by adding flavor capsules or by infusing the herb blend with different additives. That said, these can have different chemicals that can be problematic health-wise in the long run.

Herbal smokes, on the other hand, can have different plants that naturally give flavor to the cig, like lavender, chamomile, and rose petals, or have naturally relaxing plants like Saint John’s Wort. Others use different plants that taste similar to tobacco, like Taro leaves.

Now, packaging-wise, most cigarettes use a standard box that flips open. Some herbal smokes imitate this, but others use longer tin boxes that can be fully reusable.

Price-wise, there are many types of traditional and herbal cigs, from low-cost and affordable options to more premium versions. Overall, this is pretty much the same between the two types of products, as both types of products are pretty diverse.

Does Taro Leaf Contain Nicotine?

This is a little complicated to answer, as it does have nicotine in very small quantities, but not enough to fall onto tobacco legislation. However, they are an all natural-alternative to tobacco due to the lack of other additives or other products that might be harmful in the combustion. Taro leaves also have the advantage of potential benefits.

Are Herbal Cigarettes Nicotine Free?

Yes! Herbal cigarettes are usually nicotine free, just make sure to look at the product description to choose cigs that do not have this compound. This is because most herbal smokes will have different plant blends that can either imitate tobacco flavor or simply provide a new experience.

Most products will also have some sort of labeling indicating if they contain any hemp, THC, nicotine, or tobacco. This is also because nicotine products have different legislation than other products, which is why by law, brands need to indicate the content of their products as well.

Step Taro Cigarettes: Frequently Asked Questions

In this review, we’ve covered the basics of herbal cigarettes and Step™’s products, but here’s a small list of frequently asked questions in case you still have a few things to clear out.

Are Step™ Cigarettes Legal?

Yes, Step™ cigs are completely legal since they do not contain tobacco, hemp, THC, or other components that are considered controlled substances.

Will Step™ Cigarettes Help My Nicotine Cravings or Addiction?

This is complicated, as Step™ cigarettes are not intended to quell nicotine cravings. They can provide a substitute for the ritual and experience of smoking nicotine-based products.

Do Herbal Cigarettes Give You a Buzz?

No, herbal cigarettes should not give any kind of buzz or intoxication feeling. Some users might experience feeling relaxed due to the properties of herbs and botanicals like lavender or different types of warts.

Are Taro Cigarettes Legal?

Yes, taro cigarettes are legal. Since they are non-tobacco and non-nicotine products, they are not part of any type of tobacco-related legislation. Some states like Kentucky, Oklahoma, Nevada, and New York may require Step™ cigarettes to be stamped due to the way some states define cigarettes and the different laws required by each state.

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