10 must-have weed accessories for your 420 celebration

420 weed accessories guide

The high holiday of 420 is almost here and cannabis enthusiasts around the globe are gearing up for an especially epic celebration (a palindrome date of 4/20/2024 is indeed cause for excitement). Want to elevate your pot party or solo sesh? These weed accessories are the perfect addition to any 420 festivity.

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Jelly Tabletop Lighter

Price: $195 – 275

Edie parker jelly lighters
Edie Parker Jelly Tabletop Lighters Photo: Edie Parker

Edie Parker Flower Jelly Tabletop Lighters pay homage to vibrant vintage jello mold desserts in a non-edible but highly functional form– and it has a hidden ashtray. 

Smoke Honest Grinder & Storage Set

Price: $75 – 105 (Grinder $75 & Storage set of two containers $30)

honest grinder and jar
Smoke Honest Grinder and Storage Set Photo: Smoke Honest

This new grinder from Smoke Honest stands up to time-honored favorites. Grab the matching, stackable containers to complete the set.

Terratokes Katana Bong

Price: $99.99

terratokes bong
Terratokes Katana Bong Photo: Terratokes

The Terratokes Katana Bong reimagines the classic glass tube water pipe in all-natural, shatterproof timber bamboo. 

Yew Yew Cloud Case

Price: $75

yew yew cloud case
Yew Yew Cloud Case Joint and Lighter Holder Photo: Yew Yew

Packing weed to go has never been easier (or more aesthetic) thanks to Yew Yew. Keep up to two joints and a lighter safe thanks to the magnetic lid and smell-proof technology.

Sackville x Slime Sunday Ashtray

Price: $60

420 products sackville x slime sunday ashtray
Sackville x Slime Sunday ashtray. Photo: Sackville

This limited edition oversized Sackville luxury ashtray was imagined specifically for 420 by unconventional collage artist Mike Pariselle, known as Slime Sunday.

Dip Devices Aster Dry Herb Vaporizer

Price: $49.99

420 products dip devices aster
Dip Devices Aster Dry Herb Vape Photo: Dip Devices

The ultra-affordable Aster vaporizer does not disappoint. And it comes with a 14mm male glass adapter so you can use the gizmo with your favorite bong or rig.

Puffco Proxy E-Rig

Price: $299

420 products puffco proxy
Puffco Proxy and Carrying Case Photo: Puffco

One of the best ways to enjoy hash on the go, the Puffco Proxy comes with a convenient and sleek carrying case. 

Revelry Rolling Kit

Price: $60

revelry rolling kit
Revelry Rolling Kit Photo: Revelry

The smell-proof Rolling Kit from Revelry contains everything you need to roll the perfect joint in one super-portable case.

Triple A Glass Terp Pearls

Price: From $60

triple a terp pearls
Triple A Glass Terp Pearls Photo: Ashley Ann Austin

Take your dabs to the next level with Terp Pearls by Minneapolis-based glass artist Ashley Ann Austin. These stylish terp pearls will help increase air flow and oil distribution in your banger.

Weedgets Tic-Toke Filter Tips

Price: Sets start at $10.99

420 products weedgets filter tips
Weedgets Tic-Toke Filter Tips Photo: Weedgets

Remove tar and other irritants from your joint, blunt, or chillum with a Tic-Toke Filter Tip from Weedgets. 

420 is a special time for plant enthusiasts, and this year’s holiday is no different. Whether you’re enjoying herb at home with friends or at a raucous gathering, these weed accessories are sure to make the day extra dank.

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