Fans of this award-winning weed strain still have one question

The Animal lineage is beloved in the cannabis world, the Animal Face strain included. There are natural notes of citrus and greens. Online reports show conflicting information regarding indica or sativa nomenclature. The Animal Face strain GreenState tried for this review was labeled as indica and felt as such but that’s not to discount any sativa reports available.

animal face strain

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Animal Face is a cross of Animal Mints and Face Off OG, two heavier varieties often labeled as indica strains. Like many in this family, the flower was created by Seed Junky genetics. One of the more popular recent cuts of Animal Face was grown by Fig Farms. This specific iteration of the plant was so impressive it took first in the 2022 Emerald Cup, and its popularity has only continued.

The lineage of this plant is reflected in the complex but familiar aroma and bud structure–not to mention the effects. As a lover of indicas, I am pleased to report that this flower is one I’ll pick up next time it’s back on the dispensary menu.
Great scents, bountiful flavor, and deep effects make Animal Face one to remember.

Animal Face flavor profile and aroma

This cannabis strain has a quintessential OG Kush with an extra something alongside a gorgeous, chunky, bright green flower. A big whiff of Animal Face brings a thick scent of lemon with Kaffir lime leaves and a touch of gasoline. The flower transports me to a hot summer day in a citrus grove, the sunbeam releasing the plant’s fragrant oils.

A big Storz & Bickel Volcano vapor bag of Animal Face brought me a flavor as delicious as the scent. The flower tasted like Lemonheads candy paired with loamy forest and gas aromas. First, it’s all OG Kush with a lemon peel aftertaste.
The sensory experience of Animal Face is refreshing and engaging. It smelled so good I wanted to keep taking one big sniff after another. What made that even better was the effects the hit provided.

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Effects of Animal Face strain

Animal Face felt relaxing without much ability to focus, a perfect indica strain for me. Right after hitting it my neck and shoulders, which are often tense, immediately relaxed, with my mood not far behind. In the following moments, the pressure in my temples dissipated. Eventually, I felt that salve throughout my skull and brain.

As the high bore on, my focus was very muddled. This is definitely not a functional daytime indica strain. On the positive side, my often tense mind let go of daily stresses and to-do lists after enjoying Animal Face. I just chilled out and enjoyed a TV show. It also gave me a huge appetite; munchies may be imminent with this one.

animal face strain

Animal Face strain FAQ

Animal Face is a flavorful cannabis variety that made me feel intensely chilled out. However, some report it’s uplifting. With that alone, there are questions, so let’s break down the most frequently asked questions about Animal Face.

Is Animal Face an indica or sativa strain?

Some outlets report Animal Face as an indica, while others say it’s a sativa. The truth lies in personal experience. Try Animal Face for the first time in a cozy, safe place and see how it feels before trusting indica or sativa to dictate the effects.

Who created the Animal Face strain?

Animal Face was created by Seed Junky Genetics.

How does Animal Face make you feel?

Animal Face made me feel relaxed. It loosened my muscles and released my brain and temples. That said, everyone has an individual endocannabinoid system, meaning everyone will have their own personalized experience with each strain.

Animal Face strain is on the top tier

Animal Face served up the true “in-da-couch” experience–at least it did for me. I’m hesitant to claim it’s like that for everyone, seeing as half of the reviews say it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid. For this one, you’ve got to see for yourself.

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