Is alcohol so last year? Cannabis edibles are upstaging libations

cannabis edibles vs alcohol

Dry January has picked up steam since its debut in 2012, leading to a month of abstinence into the new year. Cutting back on alcohol is rarely a bad idea but some might seek an alternative to kick the stress of a hard day or add accompaniment for a dinner party.

Enter cannabis drinks, which have become more prevalent as canna-curious consumers dip their toes into the pot pool. Between THC seltzers, drink mixes, and other novel edibles–the product factor continues to grow. With increased consumer interest and the growing popularity of Dry January, Kiva Confections created an infographic that compares the average alcoholic cocktail with a gummy (specifically the Kiva Camino gems).

cannabis edibles vs alcohol

“Research shows more people are opting out when it comes to alcohol than ever before, while more consumers than ever are opting into cannabis,” said Vilay Matsuka, VP of marketing at Kiva Confections told GreenState, “We know cannabis edibles can be a great healthy alternative. However, we hadn’t seen data comparing alcohol to cannabis, so we did the math and created a chart illustrating the difference between the average cocktail and one 5 mg THC Camino gummy.”

Alcohol vs. cannabis edibles

Onset time, length of effect, and hangovers won’t be the same when comparing a gummy and a shot of liquor. However, both cannabis and alcohol can inspire a euphoric, altered state that some adults covet.

Comparing the two

Kiva compared what it’s like to drink a cocktail with eating one Camino 5 mg gummy. The first obvious difference was that the cocktail’s effects would last one hour for most, while the edible would last about three. How long edibles last will vary on multiple factors, including how full someone’s stomach is, their liver health, and more. Nutrition information also differs, with a mixed drink coming in at around 150 calories and 17 grams of sugar. A Camino Gem is 10 calories with two grams of sugar.

The true cost of drinking

The most glaring differences in eating an edible versus drinking liquor come with the cost, both on your morning after and wallet. One cocktail averages about $13, with cocktails in Wisconsin as low as $3 and libations reaching new heights on the Las Vegas strip. Camino Gummies come out to $1.25 per 5 mg of THC. Cannabis prices can range widely by state, but this difference is hard to ignore.

Another notable change in experience is the hangover, which may be worse after an alcohol-fueled night compared to an evening with weed. Alcohol hangovers may include headaches, fatigue, nausea, and more. Comparatively, edibles might create some grogginess but otherwise have little impact on people the morning after.

One might seem like the better option when assessing the differences between enjoying an edible like Camino gummies or a mixed drink.

Are mixed drinks or cannabis edibles better?

Whether cannabis or alcohol is better is a question best left to medical professionals, but this information may help individuals work it out for themselves. Edibles may last longer, have less sugar, and less calories. Best of all, the potential hangover looks a lot more manageable when eating weed. These are the differences, but it’s up to those over the age of 21 to decide what they prefer.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.