Slurricane strain: a whirlwind weed variety

slurricane strain plant over storms

The great thing about cannabis is how dynamic the plant truly is. Some varieties come on strong, while others creep up on you. There are cool, mild strains and ones that pack a punch. If you’re seeking a typhoon of terps, and effects that mimic a sensational storm, the Slurricane strain may be for you.

Considered to be one of the heavier indica strains on the market today, Slurricane is a weed wallop. The variety comes on much like a thunderstorm, leaving you in a remarkably tranquil state after a powerful start.

Unlike its namesake, the Slurricane strain is anything but seasonal. This weed strain has been popular from the jump, thanks to its stoney high and tantalizingly fruity flavor profile.

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slurricane strain bud over clouds
Prepare for the storm of a strain that is Slurricane

What are the genetics of Slurricane?

The Slurricane strain was originally bred by the team at In House Genetics, based in Seattle. A cross of Do Si Dos and Purple Punch, Slurricane took all of the indica leanings from its parentage to create the perfect stoner storm.

While Do Si Dos is an indica-dominant hybrid, it has many OG leaning ancestors. Purple Punch is no different, itself a descendent of Hindu Kush and Mendo Purps.

Slurricane makes good use of its iconic lineage. Fans of old school strains will love this tornado of genetics, putting a modern spin on several classic varieties.

Slurricane strain terpene profile

Slurricane isn’t just known for its powerhouse genetics—it also has an incredibly robust taste. The intoxicating aroma is thanks to its terpenes, which are the compounds responsible for the flavor, scent, and overall effects.

The main terpenes in the Slurricane are beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. The result is a stacked bouquet of fragrance that leaves you dizzy trying to pull apart.

The initial whiff of a Slurricane jar or bag fills your nostrils with a smorgasbord of tropical fruits flecked with spicy notes of black pepper. The smoke is a similar experience, giving a hint of candied grapes and earthy berries. 

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Effects of Slurricane: the eye of the storm

Much like a torrential rain or wild wind, the Slurricane strain comes on hard and fast. When the Slurricane clouds roll in, you want to be prepared.

Expect a near-instant body buzz that you’ll feel all the way down to your feet. Couchlock is definitely in the forecast when the Slurricane strain is in town. Consider making this one of the last smokes of the day since you’ll likely be heading for the pillows soon after your sesh.

Because of its considerable THC content, this variety is definitely not for beginners. People seeking to relax and get a good night’s rest will enjoy Slurricane, but make sure to take a breather after a few hits since this stormy strain is a Category 5 stone.

slurricane strain against clouds
Slurricane: the eye of the storm

Strains like Slurricane

If you can’t find Slurricane at your local dispensary, there are a number of similar strains that you may want to check out:

Remember that weed strains may vary based on how they were cultivated and the individual source genetics. Consistency is something the cannabis industry is still striving for, and each plant is its own unique creature.

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Growing the Slurricane strain

Speaking of plants, you want to grow Slurricane yourself at home. While this strain does well both indoors and outdoors, it generally likes moderately warm climates.

The Slurricane strain is a good one for low-stress training during the veg and flower. This practice sees the branches and stems gently bent downward to increase the exposure of light throughout the entire plant. The result is more even growth and a bigger harvest.

Slurricane plants see an average flowering time of 8-10 weeks, creating brightly colored buds with flecks of purple and orange. The trichomes glisten like stars dancing across the plant, resulting in a gorgeously frosty yield with a potential for high THC percentages.

Slurricane strain: calm after the storm

With a literal tropical storm of flavor and a high that mimics a record-setting surge, the Slurricane strain is a once-in-a-lifetime cannabis variety. A legendary lineage sets this powerfully potent strain up to be an icon all on its own with a complex aroma and sedative effects.

Not for the faint of heart, this indica strain is best enjoyed after the hustle and bustle of the day is through. Hunker down with the Slurricane strain and be prepared for a wild ride. 


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