Must-have cannabis accessories– gadgets and gizmos aplenty

must-have cannabis accessories

Acquiring a new piece of cannabis tech is always exciting. Opening the box to reveal shining consumption devices with LED lights and enticing features. It’s a whole experience.

Once the newness settles in, some people seek attachments and other accouterment. Other times, the need for a new addition presents itself. Here are some of the most necessary gadgets and gizmos on my radar.

G Pen Hyer

must-have cannabis accessories

Any water pipe can be a dab rig with the G Pen Hyer. I used it with my Sackville Crystal Ball Pipe before understanding it’s best to use it with a water pipe. It worked with the female piece in the mouthpiece, but I recommend following instructions so you don’t break a dry pipe.

The Hyer unit includes an e-nail with a glass adapter attached to a battery by the cable. To use it, turn it on with the power button and use a cycle of clicks to select one of five preset temps and one of five preset sesh times.

The Hyer comes in its own travel case, making it ideal for bringing to a friend’s or seshing in nature. I find it novel because it converts flower pipes to an e-nail, which I have a lot of.

Puffco Flower Bowl

must-have cannabis accessories

Turn the Proxy into a flower pipe with the Puffco Flower Bowl. The attachment slides right into the glass body of the Gandalf-style pipe in place of the silicone ceramic extract chamber.

When I first slid the rubber-lined bowl into the Proxy body I was skeptical about how cool the smoke would be able to get before I inhaled it. I was pleasantly surprised to get a pretty smooth hit from the piece.

The simplicity of the Puffco Flower Bowl diverts from the brand’s usual tech-heavy offerings, but it’s exactly what it needs to be. I’ll be keeping this in my Proxy case so it’s easy to switch from wax to flower.

PaperPlanes Extracts Palm Pilot

must-have cannabis accessories

California soil-to-oil brand PaperPlanes Extracts released a batch of cured live resin vape pens from a harvest on its regenerative farm. The 510-threaded cartridges come with a handheld Myster battery, the Palm Pilot.

The Palm Pilot is a bottom-loading rechargeable vape cartridge battery that can work with any 510-threaded cart. It’s discreet, and it vapes the brand’s recently released Lemon Tree x Fatso and Zereal Milk live resin cartridges available in California.

These batteries are puff activated: three quick puffs change through three temperature settings, and two quick puffs preheats the setup. Once I learned the ways it became an intuitive setup, I enjoyed using this type of battery.

Hitoki Saber Portable Attachment

must-have cannabis accessories

The Hitoki Saber and Trident are specialty consumption devices that use lasers to heat the bud. The Saber is the smaller of the two, meant to be more portable. The device comes with a glass water filtering base, but the company wanted the piece to be even more travel-friendly. Enter the silicone portable attachment.

The silicone base has a glass mouthpiece on one side and a space for the Hitoki Saber on the other. Smoke moves from the laser chamber through the silicone base to the glass mouthpiece. I personally like the glass attachment, but I’m clumsy enough to find a need for the silicone base as well.

Most consumption devices work perfectly on their own, but at times, it’s nice to have a special guest star. These four useful cannabis accessories have proven their worth, at least to me. Anyone with an interest in versatility will appreciate these gadgets.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.