Ear Bud, Episode 1: Is weed the key to artistic genius? How cannabis could spark creativity

BIG news: (drumroll please…) GreenState is launching a (pilot) podcast!

From medical marijuana to CBD toothpicks, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to weed. So, we decided it’s high time GreenState had a podcast.

Tune into EarBud to hear our assistant editor Elissa Esher chat with experts in the cannabis world on the medical, recreational, and business sides of cannabis.

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On this episode, we’re answering the question, “Can cannabis make you more creative?”

Aside from having some of the most creative minds on the planet, Pablo Picasso, Maya Angelou, and Victor Hugo had something else in common: using cannabis to fuel the artistic process. So, we had to ask – is cannabis the key to creative genius? In this episode, we spoke to author and blogger Marisa Zeppieri and Cannabis Clinician Leigh Vinocur on the benefits of cannabis for creatives, and why so many artists have found inspiration in pot.

This podcast was inspired by GreenState’s article “Cannabis and Creativity: Is Weed the Key to Artistic Genius?