Inside the world’s most elite cannabis seed market

The Emerald Cup cannabis seed market 2017. | Photo by David Downs
The Emerald Cup cannabis seed market 2017. | Photo by David Downs

Fresh off our coverage of the massive cannabis competition The Emerald Cup in Sonoma County, we’ve brought back a story you’ve likely never heard before.

It’s about seeds. Yes. The humble seed.

Cannabis can grow from a single seed to a 15 foot-tall tree worth $5,000 in a single season. One fertilized female plant can yield thousands and thousands of seeds to make an entire forest of marijuana.

Seeds power the world’s multi-billion dollar cannabis industry and if you want to be on the cutting edge of that industry, you go to The Emerald Cup each year and get there super-early. And if you do, you will witness something unique in the world.

Listen along as GreenState editor David Downs takes you inside The Emerald Cup‘s famed seed bazaar, where we met seed sellers like legendary breeder DJ Short, as well as growers like Paradiso Gardens‘ Christina DePaci, and Gold Seal‘s Neil Dellacava, and marketer/rapper Yung LB from Long Beach.

Learn why a pack of 10 seeds are going for up to $1,000, and how having the right or wrong seeds can make or break a cannabis farmer.

And understand why The Emerald Cup’s famed seed market may never be the same now that state and local regulations are biting down on the sector.

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