These weed comedy shows are lighting up the U.S.

Weed comedy: POV from a microphone at a comedy club with smoke and a hand holding a rolled joint.

Being high makes things funnier. Sit down to watch some standup, listen to a comedy podcast, or have a silly conversation with friends after lighting up and find that laughter comes with ease. With that in mind, it would be legendary to see a comedy show in a cannabis lounge, but regulations in every state aren’t quite there yet.

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In the meantime, some comedians have found alternative ways to feature the plant in monthly and semi-regular shows. Others revel in their city’s lounge laws with consumption events. These are the more prominent cannabis comedy shows in the U.S. right now.


Hellafunny Fridays: The Stoner Comedy Jam

Light up and sit back at San Francisco, Calif. cannabis lounge Moe Greens and watch The Stoner Comedy Jam every Friday night. The show is presented by Hellafunny Fridays and hosted by Stroy Moyd and Shivaan Nadan.

For at least 70 minutes, four or five of the top San Francisco comics will do a set for patrons. The show is free for anyone over 21, but one purchase is required for entry.

Alien Labs & Connected host Comedy Night

Down south in West Hollywood, Alien Labs and Connected present Comedy Night at The Studio Lounge at The Artist Tree. This is also a consumption event where comedians and the audience enjoy weed and jokes. Outside cannabis is not permitted; the audience is encouraged to buy something from the attached dispensary if they plan to consume.

Tickets to this show are $10, and once inside, enjoy California-style fare and an espresso bar while chilling and chuckling.

Touring the country

Smokus Pokus 420

Those who attend a magically comedic evening at Smokus Pocus are encouraged to come stoned because consumption isn’t allowed. Tricks performed by magician and cannabis connoisseur Ben Zabin are described as trippy, making up a performance entitled Dank Debauchery.

Zabin has performed the show in extended residencies in Brooklyn, New York, and Las Vegas, Neva., and now he’s hitting the road. Catch his 2024 tour through the U.S. and prepare to be amazed.

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High-Performance Cannabis Comedy

This expanding cannabis comedy show is currently in two locations in Boston, Mass., with a third headliner event starting in Spring. Catch an early or a late show on Saturdays at a secret location in Chinatown or every other Friday in Sullivan Square. Though it isn’t explicitly stated, it’s probably consumption is alright, but bring your weed.

Metro Arizona

Jokes and Joints

Most shows listed are regular events, but Jokes and Joints is a one-time party on January 30th at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy on High Street. Award-winning host Reef the Comic will run the night complete with vendor booths, a dab bar, and open consumption. Those in the Phoenix Metro area can swing in for one night of hilarious cannabis fun.

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Colorado, Montana, Washington

The Gateway Show

The Gateway Show features weed in a fun way. Comedians do a set sober and then go into a private residence, consume A LOT of cannabis, and then come back in and perform the set over again. The result is a silly spectacle where the audience often arrives high.

Though the party started in Washington, events are currently only running in Denver, Colo. Let’s hope that host Billy Anderson brings it back someday.


Jokes & Tokes

Jokes & Tokes opened on April 20th at Delta Dispo, a Dayton, Ohio hemp dispensary. Host Johnny Woods approached Delta Dispo about holding the event that has now become a community staple, infusing comedy and cannabis as the earth intended.

Enjoy comedy, Farm Bill-compliant hemp products, and food from the trucks parked outside the venue for a one-of-a-kind experience lighting up Ohio.

Weed comedy hits the States

Comedy is funny, cannabis makes people laugh–it’s a match made in heaven. These hosts sure think so, with various shows around the U.S. There are some cannabis comedy shows that don’t happen regularly, so check with the local stand-up scene before assuming there are no plant-based shows in town.

Where there’s weed, creative people are throwing thoughtful events. Those who can’t find one may consider starting it themselves. Cannabis comedy is a fun way to spend an evening, but get lifted before and prepare to take off.

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