This is the perfect cannabis edible based on your zodiac sun sign

Zodiac cannabis edible pairings: Image of sky with zodiac symbols and a bunch of food

Astrology is a contentious topic for some and a hyper-fixation for others–much like weed. When it comes to sun signs, there’s no black and white, but some birth time connections are spot on. Those who buy into the pseudoscience might believe tidbits like “Aries are natural leaders” and “Gemini is generally talkative.” Exceptions to the rule always present themselves, but some might say they prove it’s real.

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People may not always buy the same edibles as their fellow sun signs, but maybe they should. Here is what each Zodiac member would like from the dispensary pantry based on their personalities and temperaments.

Aries // Tempo Crackers

The Buffalo Cheddar Create Crackers from Tempo are a lovely choice for Aries, but really, any savory, balanced edibles will do for the Ram. Aries is a dopamine seeker who loves a thrill but could also use it to calm down a bit.

The equal parts CBD and THC in this edible are one reason it fits the Ram’s constitution, and the piquant flavor profile is the other. One cuts their thrillist edge, while the other provides a small shot of dopamine. Aries who don’t have access to Tempo Crackers should seek out a flavor-packed edible with some CBD and even CBG to take the edge off.

Leo // Kiva Churro Milk Chocolate

Leo screams old Hollywood glamor, and what is more timeless and chic than an infused bar of premium chocolate? The Kiva Churro Milk Chocolate bar is decadent, melts in your mouth, and has an exciting flavor that will surely keep the Lion interested.
Sweetness is appreciated but not required, and an air of something special (in this case, the unique Churro taste) is necessary. If just anyone can have it, Leo will likely be unimpressed.

Sagittarius // Floor Scores

May I congratulate those reading this who don’t know what a floor score is, you seem like a functional member of society. For the rest of us, this may be the preferred edible for Sagittarius. A floor score is a bit of weed, or in this case a packaged edible, that has magically ended up on the ground right in front of you. Score!

The beloved clown Sagittarius doesn’t necessarily need to get their infused foods from the ground (nor do we recommend them as such), but they are always up for adventure. The unknown of their next four hours will have Sag ready to walk to the beach, even the ones in Ohio.

Gemini // Space Gem Belts

Speaking of kooks in the Zodiac: next we have Gemini. The twins are expert linguists who love to act up and get silly with their treasured friends. Oh, who are we kidding? They will do it whether with cherished buds or alone at the bar. Gemini is truly living for the plot.

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Space Gem Mind-Expanding Belts should always be the go-to for Gemini. From the groovy branding to the out-of-this-world intense effects. Belts have less sugar than other Space Gem offerings, are vegan, and hit hard. Just what Gem needs.

Those who don’t live in California can find similar offerings in your state but won’t promise the same experience Space Gemz provides. You’ll just have to visit the Golden State to experience what I mean.

Libra // Lush Ginger Peach 1:1 Gummies

This Venusian Zodiac sign lusts for balance and beauty, and both are provided by the Verdelux Lush Ginger Peach jellies. Each soft, chewy candy has 10 mg each of THC and CBD for a balanced effect. They’re also a gorgeous peach color and perfectly shaped.

These specific gummies are only available in Washington state, but luscious gummies are available in almost every state. When shopping the gummy catalog for Libra, remember to find something gorgeous with balanced cannabinoids.

Aquarius // Mesobis Mango Con Chile Gomitas

Everyone’s favorite weirdo, Aquarius, is known for forging their own path, and nothing works better for this sign than the Mesobis Gomitas. Gomitas aren’t your everyday infused gummy candy because they’re shaped like the Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun and come in various delicious Latin American flavors and cannabinoid profiles.

These gummies aren’t like other girls, and Aquarians will take note–especially with the Mango Con Chile uplifting option. These infused candies were originally only available in California but are now available nationwide after an April hemp THC launch.

Cancer // Mary Jones Soda

These delicate divas enjoy being surrounded by loved ones and cherished friends, reveling in the chosen family they’ve built. What better way to cap off that reverence than sipping on a THC-infused seltzer.

One thing Cancer loves as much as nostalgia, and Mary Jones Soda has you covered there. The line was released by none other than the beloved 00s colorful soda brand Jones, but this time with weed. Grab a variety pack, and stock the fridge for your Cancerian friend, and watch their eyes light up with memories.

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Scorpio // Squier’s THC Syrup

Those who like sipping on weed but require some extra cannabinoids should reach for THC syrup, and those who appreciate all-natural ingredients may want to grab Squier’s. Dose up any drink with a splash of the 100 mg Squier’s, and Scorpio’s biting mind may benefit from a higher dose of cannabinoids, but we recommend pairing the THC with CBD to offset the bite.

Pisces // Atlas Granola Bites

Pisceans are often ethereal fairy children connected equally to the earth and sky. This magical nature means that sometimes this sun sign doesn’t need any weed to get on the stoners’ level. That said, when Pisces wants to indulge in a weed edible, look no further than Atlas Granola Bites.

The granola bites let consumers choose their adventure, advertising creativity on some flavors and calm tranquility on others. This is ideal for dreamy Pisces, who can benefit from both depending on the day. Pass on the high sugar content and get the fish these healthful granola bites next time you’re dosing THC together.

Taurus // Gourmet truffles

Fancy and gorgeous, stubborn and cold–these are things that Taurus brings. The sun sign is ruled by Venus, which means Taureans love the finer things and aren’t afraid to treat themselves to them. That said, the Bull will love a gourmet artisan candy like Swift’s Truffles.

Consider more than style when buying edibles for a Taurus; substance matters just as much. This sign won’t be pleased with the truffles simply looking good. They must also be made with the highest quality chocolate and tempered to have a perfect shine. While Sagittarius (and probably Arieas) are up for a floor score, it’s only the best for this Zodiac sign.

Virgo // Mr. Moxey’s Mints

If any sun sign needs to take a deep breath and unclench, it’s probably Virgo. The detail-oriented Zodiac is quite particular and doesn’t put up with time-wasting BS. When they’re forced to, expect eye-rolls and hefty sighs are sure to come.

For the Virgo, try a low-dose mint like Mr. Moxey’s. While many might view their Virgo friends as needing some weed to relax, feeling out of control might make them even less happy to be there. Give this sign of what they truly want (control) in the form of a low-dose edible. This way, they can eat two mg at a time and titrate their perfect dose. Trust me, they’re going to love it.

Capricorn // Capsules

Don’t let the tropes fool you, Capricorns aren’t always all business. They can be pretty hilarious when with their chosen friends and family. One trope is mostly true, though: they’re not here to have their time wasted.

Capsules fit a Capricorn because they aren’t littered with unnecessary calories and get the job done fast. It’s an effective, no-frills experience. The efficient nature of a capsule like those from Care By Design will attract the Sea Goat, who probably has a successful career and a side hustle to get back to.

Buying edibles is as simple as the wheel of the Zodiac

There are shelves of edibles at the dispensary. It’s a luxury, but it also makes it complicated when hoping to buy infused food for a friend or gathering. Luckily, astrology provides a place to start. Sun sign stereotypes don’t apply to everyone, but why not let them be your guide as you discover more about people–like their moon sign.

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