The solar eclipse is coming – equip yourself with these weed strains

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Watch out for early next week because vibes may be off. On Monday, April 8th there will be a solar eclipse. Towns through the eclipse path are planning celebrations and viewing parties while astrologers warn those who follow their advice to batten down the hatches.

GreenState caught up with professional witch Jasmine Wolfe about the upcoming eclipse— and how choosing the right weed products may bring levity.

“This new moon solar eclipse is going to be a doozy,” Wolfe shared. “With the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, north node, and Chiron all in fiery Aries, you can expect to be feeling irritable, irrational, and irate.”

Aries is signified by the Ram. Those born when the Sun was in Aries are considered a fire sign known for spontaneity, passion, and sometimes anger. When planets are in these signs, those who follow astrology believe that Aries traits are illuminated in areas this planet shines on. With three planets and three satellites all in Aries, the time was already looking tenuous, but that’s not all at play.

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Astrologers regard eclipses as a powerful force. These events are often harbingers of new beginnings, whether people like it or not. Those investing in themselves may feel a pull forward into welcome newness. However, the universe may also force change for those not yet ready to do the work.

With these planetary energies coinciding on Monday, Jasmine has some advice about what strains and cannabinoids to choose.

“I’d steer clear of sativas and instead relax with some indica since it will help ease the tension in your body. An indica hybrid enhanced by CBD or CBG will help calm you down and help you survive this brutal eclipse,” Wolfe recommended.

Keeping Wolfe’s advice in mind, here is a list of the best weed strains for surviving the solar eclipse.

Weed strains for the solar eclipse

Magic Jordan

This mysterious hybrid is said to have come from a Hawaiian sativa cut, but the exact genetics are unknown. What people do know is that Magic Jordan usually contains large amounts of CBG. Those who prefer sativas over indicas might want to stay in the lane of a CBG-heavy hybrid for the eclipse. For this camp, Magic Jordan is a strain to settle in with.

Holy Grail Kush

Heavy, mind-numbing indicas are a great choice when tension is high, and Holy Grail Kush often delivers in this department. The strain is a swift killswitch on stress and anxiety, bringing down even the most amped-up energy.

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Not into THC? No worries. Pennywise is a high-CBD strain that still has a little THC to keep the mind cruising through eclipse season. This variety is a cross of Jack the Ripper and Harlequin, a lineage that gave its name based on a Steven King horror novel. But that’s where comparisons halt. Pennywise offers a gentle ride through a gnarly eclipse.

Lava Cake

This cross of Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie results in a delicious combination. Lava Cake is a dessert strain that should be enjoyed alongside actual desserts because it’s potent, relaxing, and perfect for after dinner. But maybe this one can come out before dark during the eclipse energy.


Hybrids can be hit or miss, but Mochi always hits the bullseye. The Gelato variant invites a heavy feeling with ample body effect and a dulling of daily stressors. This is a hit because it offers the best of both worlds. It’s not entirely sedating but also maintains the peace.

Sunset Sherbet

Ever been hugged by the stars? Well, Sunset Sherbet might be a close second. The tingly body high often felt after enjoying this cannabis variety is something special. There aren’t many strains that make the body vibrate slightly, but Sunset Sherbet does while also mellowing out tension. This stellar strain may be the ideal lineage to take the edge off during an eclipse.

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Cherry Pie

Dig into the Cherry Pie strain for a taste of the old-school indica, with rich terpenes and an impactful effect. The indica hybrid is a cross of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, both of which are arguably considered best in class. Pop some Cherry Pie in the bowl and prepare to unwind, even during an eclipse with no chill.


Sticking with the classic indica strains is a good move during trying times. They generally don’t have intense THC content and often maintain a full-spectrum profile. Blueberry fits the bill with soothing, mild effects that are all on the easy, breezy side.

Cannabis strains for braving the solar eclipse

These weed varieties promise to smooth out the kinks and melt stress, trying astrological times or not. Those who opt to try flower that has lower CBD or CBG may consider supplementing the experience with a tincture or edible that does have concentrations of those cannabinoids. Stacking cannabinoids like this can help enhance an experience and smooth out sometimes intense vibes of THC.

Those who are hoping to consume cannabis this eclipse should stick with relaxing hybrids, CBD strains, and full-out indicas. That way, the internal monologue and real-life conversations can stay civil even with Aries rearing angry horns from five directions.

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