These cannabis tips may transform your holiday experience

cannabis to stay chill

Christmas lights are being hung around neighborhoods, and autumnal offerings are being replaced by dancing Santas at stores. If this is a sign of anything, people are excited for the winter holidays.

With the season, many are gearing up to share meals with their family and pack 20 heads into Grandma’s cozy parlor. Others are contemplating another year of forced small talk over loud music at the company potluck. Outside of events, there are gifts, travel, greeting cards, and more to consider.

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With a handful of events and possible stressors coming down the calendar, it’s time to explore how cannabis can help people avoid being overwhelmed during the holiday season. This is for those people with social anxiety, those who don’t enjoy the sensory experience of being in tight spaces with lots of people, and anyone who thinks the holidays are a bit too much.

Relax and rest

It’s no secret that cannabis helps many people relax and rest after a long day, hard week, or and overwhelming season of life. The plant can be valuable in high-stress situations if it’s utilized correctly.

Certain cannabis strains can be helpful for promoting relaxation for even the most stressed individual, and others might aggravate an already taxed mind. Peruse some indica-dominant hybrids for a safe zone to find what works best for you.

Finding the right strain is as crucial as locating the perfect consumption method. This seems to be up to the consumer. While one person feels that a bong rip gets them lit, another might prefer a pull from their Puffco Proxy. When consuming cannabis to relax, make sure the method matches the end goal.

Microdose the social anxiety away

Engaging in countless little conversations can make some feel overwhelmed, but unfortunately, this is what most holiday parties are made of. The right microdose may be the antidote to social anxiety, with emphasis on the word right. Too much, and that anxiety will only get deeper.

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Two milligrams (mg) often makes for a clean, social buzz–an ideal microdose. That’s why many microdose seltzers, like Happi drinks, offer 2.5 mg in a can. After about two to three hours, it’ll be clear what the microdose is accomplishing as the weed wears off and anxious thoughts creep back in. It’s alright to take another 2.5 mg in these circumstances but remember a few things.

Before consuming another microdose directly after one wears off, drink a lot of water and eat some nourishing snacks. The body works hard to process cannabis and needs to be replenished. Re-upping without the proper sustenance may lead to lethargy, headache, and other side effects.

For those eating edibles, wait at least four hours before eating more. Taking another batch too soon may intensify the effects. The doses can stack on one another, so be ready to have a heightened experience the second time around, or hold off for at least four hours before eating more.

Don’t experiment

When consuming cannabis before a social event, don’t try new things. It’s best to stick with a product that has already resulted in the desired effect. Trying a new brand, dose, or consumption method in a social setting may trigger anxiety, which is the opposite of the goal.

In those times when trying a new edible, live rosin, vape cart, or other kind of cannabis isn’t avoidable, take a little bit and feel it out. It’s almost always possible to have more, but it’s impossible to take it back after the weed has been smoked, vaped, or eaten.

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On top of not trying new cannabis products, it’s best not to mix cannabis and alcohol. Cross faded is a term that describes the uncomfortable feeling of spinning after consuming cannabis in combination with alcohol. This is one of the worst cases, in the least, weed and booze can play negatively off of one another. Keep it separate for the best experience, especially in a social setting.

Cannabis to avoid overwhelm

The cannabis plant is versatile, which is a great thing. But that versatility means that it takes some knowledge to understand exactly how to wield it.

Smoke, dab, or eat the right amount and it may be the perfect blur on the edges. But a little too much might make everything that was overwhelming feel more intense rather than more manageable.

These tips can help someone walk that fine line, but remember that the best tip of all is to always start slow with small amounts and avoid overconsumption. Hopefully, those who wield the plant find this holiday season filled with more cheer than overwhelm.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.