Cannabis edibles etiquette for the holiday function this year

Cannabis edibles etiquette

There are still many cousins taking the yearly walk that ends with them walking back red-eyed just in time for the holiday meal. But every year, edibles become a more prominent fixture amongst the adult crowd at family functions. While popping a gummy or slinging back a cannabis mocktail sounds like a brilliant idea while hobnobbing with great uncles and grown niblings–consider this cannabis edibles etiquette first.

#1 Know your dose

The first step to eating weed at a big party or intimate gathering is to eat the right amount of weed. Too much and a person is sometimes left incapacitated, unable to talk, and maybe overwhelmed with anxiety. Everyone has a social dose, and it is often a bit less than we’d think.

Avoid over eating cannabis at this year’s holiday gatherings with a few tips. First would be to only eat cannabis edibles that you’re familiar with, that way you know the milligram dose before diving in. If offered an edible you’ve never tried, start with two milligrams and work your way up. This is the best way to avoid THC overdose.

#2 Keep the weed locked away safely

Whoever is the keeper of the cannabis edibles must realize the power of that responsibility. Whether there are curious children or pets around, both will get into the pot if given the opportunity. So don’t give it to them.

Keep the cannabis safely stored in a lockable bag, or literally on your person to avoid the wrong little hands or paws from finding the pumpkin spice edibles.

#3 Be a compassionate steward

Anyone who offers someone cannabis, especially if they’re a true novice, is responsible for that person at the function. Being a compassionate steward of the plant means advising people to start low and go slow. It also means checking in and ensuring they don’t get trapped in thought.

Not everyone will agree that this is a must, but it is the most compassionate way to introduce someone to eating weed. If more people took this approach there might be fewer cannabis edible overconsumption stories to share.

#4 Don’t get someone high without consent

Every year I hear an offhand joke from a well-meaning person about how they want to serve their family cannabis mashed potatoes at this year’s big harvest meal. Please, don’t ever do this.

Even if it is clear a person may benefit from cannabis, it’s their choice. Someone must consent to being dosed at all, let alone with a strong, mind-altering substance like cannabis edibles. Be chill, and don’t dose your family without asking.

Eating edibles with your adult cousins can lead to big laughs and silly adventures, but follow these etiquette tips to avoid catastrophe. As the holiday season approaches and invitations to gatherings start rolling in, take these points to heart when the plant is in the picture.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.