Make game day cannabis a touchdown with these tips

game day cannabis

We’re in the thick of football season, and with it comes gameday hangs. Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon or a Monday night, or any other day on the official schedule, gameday brings snacks, cold drinks, and maybe post-legalization, a little weed. Picking between onion and seven-layer dip for the food spread takes just as much thought as knowing what kind of cannabis products to provide.

Even if cannabis has been legal for a decade, not everyone is always on board. Read the room before providing something smokey like joints or heavy-hitting like rosin. Here are some game day cannabis bar ideas that cater to lots of football fans.

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Edibles for the crew

There are a few things to consider when picking edibles for a group. Know long it takes for an edible to kick in, a faster onset will go best. It’s also wise to clock how many milligrams each guest can comfortably withstand. Microdosed edibles that contain 5 mg of THC or less are an ideal option when the aim is to stay social.

This is precisely why Kiva introduced the Team Spirit’ Michigan Blue Raz Camino gummies in the Great Lake State. The drinking culture of cannabis can make those who prefer the plant feel left out, and Kiva shared that it hopes Camino fills that gap.

Gummies and hard candies are often available in low-THC doses but don’t sleep on cannabis drinks. Cannabis mocktails are a fitting way to have a bit of weed during the game, especially when others will be sipping on beers, soda, and other beverages.

Savory snacks like nother option that is bound to please a crowd. Granny’s Cheddar THC Pretzels are available nationwide. California consumers can grab It’s All About Choices Cheddar Jalapeño Crackers or TEMPO Solventless Hash Truffle Parmesan Crackers. Just be sure to read the dosage guide.

Choosing edibles for the crew requires a keen look at the group. Ask whether the guests require a lower dose or if they have any food restrictions, and always be sure to avoid overconsumption.

Smoking or vaping with the game day group

Inhaling cannabis isn’t for everyone, and some refrain from smoking altogether. When planning the weed menu for the football game day crew consideration is still required. Figure out whether people mind smoking, if they are interested in vaping, or if they like to take a long puff of a joint on the patio.

Classics like a joint or a wax pen may be universally accepted, but hanging out to watch the game is the perfect setting for a tabletop vape like the Storz & Bickel Volcano or the Hitoki Trident. These high-end consumption options are easy to share with friends. Passing around a Volcano bag of vapor is a fun way to spend an afternoon, and the Hitoki laser bongs never fail to impress.

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If the group likes to puff and pass, Pax has more portable vape options, and runs a football special. During the season, use the code “GRASS” with the purchase of any Pax and receive a free grinder.

Be mindful of who is joining when stocking the cannabis lockbox, just as hosts do with the bar before guests arrive. If a friend likes Coors over Budweiser, most people would stock their fridge before a visit. The same should go for weed. Most buddies who light up together know their friend’s preferred consumption method. If a friend likes joints, have some pre-rolls on the table, and if they enjoy vaping, perhaps it’s time to explore some tabletop vape options.

Choose cannabis made by NFL players

Once the edibles and hardware are locked in, it’s time to pick up flower from the dispensary. Since it’s destined for game day, consider buying from a cannabis brand owned by a former NFL player.

Highsman is a weed company owned by famed cannabis football star Ricky Williams. Three flavors, Pre-game, Halftime, and Post-game, are available in California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Cookies has a collaboration with Adam “Pacman” Jones on the aptly named strain Pacman, which is available in California at Cookies and Lemonnade stores.

California consumers also have access to Dodi Blunts, owned by Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch. Save this one for the experts though, as it is infused with extracts.

Picking out the snacks, drinks, and even the throw pillows for the next big NFL game hang takes some forethought–the same should go for the weed. Hosts that take the time will throw a party that’s a real touchdown.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.