Fast Five Q&A: Jamie Croyle, Founder of House of Oilworx

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Cannabis retail isn’t just about sales—it’s about building community. When people step into a dispensary or CBD shop, it’s hoped they can learn, connect, and heal.

Jamie Croyle embodies this ethos in everything she does. As the founder of House of Oilworx, Croyle allows guests to discover the benefits of plant medicine in various form factors. Through her work with the Minnesota Women’s Cannabis Collective (MNWCC), she aims to unite women in weed in her home state and beyond.

Croyle answered GreenState’s Fast Five questions, shedding light on her passion for the plant, the mission of MNWCC, and her foray into psychedelics.

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GreenState: How did your journey with cannabis begin?

Jamie Croyle: My journey with cannabis commenced at the age of 16, evolving from a purely recreational pursuit into a deeper exploration. However, in my mid-twenties, I began experiencing severe anxiety after consumption, prompting me to abstain from cannabis and explore alternative recreational substances. 

Twenty years later, I rediscovered cannabis through CBD, seeking relief from anxiety without the adverse effects. This experience inspired me to assist others in a similar journey, leading to the founding of House of Oilworx. 

Over time, I reconnected with cannabis on a non-euphoric level, finding relief for anxiety, restless leg syndrome, and enhancing focus. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, cannabis became a coping mechanism, aiding in stress management amidst uncertainty. Through engaging in activities like walking, cleaning, yoga, and crafting, I learned to mitigate anxiety, finding solace in the holistic benefits of cannabis. For many, the pandemic served as a catalyst for reconnecting with plant medicines, further enriching my journey with cannabis.

GS: What’s your preferred method of consumption?

JC: My preferred method of consumption is smoking a bowl from one of my various glass pipes, although I also enjoy indulging in edibles occasionally.

GS: What principles guide House of Oilworx, and what can customers anticipate upon entering?

JC: The ethos of House of Oilworx revolves around fostering daily balance through diverse plant medicines, particularly cannabis and mushrooms. Upon entering our establishment, customers can expect our team members to be both inquisitive and passionate about addressing their individual needs, guiding them towards personalized solutions for their journey.

GS: How did the Minnesota Women’s Cannabis Collective originate, and what objectives does it aim to achieve?

JC: The inception of the MNWCC arose from the necessity to provide a platform for women business owners in Minnesota’s cannabis industry, enabling their participation in events that were previously financially prohibitive. Through collaborative efforts, we created a supportive network of women-owned businesses, facilitating empowerment and unification within the community. 

Our mission is to empower and support women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry by offering accessible platforms, resources, and networking opportunities, thereby fostering a thriving ecosystem of women-led businesses.

GS: You’ve also ventured into functional and psychedelic mushrooms – how have these compounds influenced your perspective?

JC: Amidst the global upheaval caused by COVID-19, I found myself drawn to exploring various plant medicines, including mushrooms. This journey coincided with my pursuit of healing through natural remedies, aligning with my aspirations to become a wellness coach and herbalist. Delving into a program that facilitated this growth, I rekindled my connection with mushrooms, both functional and psychedelic. 

The profound experience of rediscovering the magic of the world through psychedelic mushrooms sparked a transformative journey toward empowerment, empathy, and connection. This led me to pursue certification as a Microdosing Coach through The Microdosing Institute located in Amsterdam.  I am also enrolled in a year-long psychedelic training program called “Vita,” hosted by Psychedelics Today.  

I am also actively engaged in advocacy efforts for rational and evidence-based evaluations of psychedelics on the Minnesota state level. Psychedelics have not only reinvigorated my sense of purpose but have also positioned me as a vital advocate within the psychedelic community, both locally and nationally, as we collectively strive for holistic well-being and societal transformation.

Jamie Croyle is a passionate advocate for natural healing, specializing in cannabis, mushrooms, and various plant medicines. With a deep commitment to guiding individuals on their journey towards holistic wellness, Jamie’s expertise and dedication empower others to explore the transformative potential of these natural medicines. Her mission is to demystify the healing power of nature’s gifts and foster a greater understanding of how cannabis, mushrooms, and plant medicines can enhance well-being.

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