Perspective: How Cannabis Affects Chakras (according to Ayurveda)


Ayurveda teaches that marijuana falsely opens the chakras.

When I learned this, I wondered if it necessarily had to be a false opening…

As I’ve written about before, cannabis has helped me out of some deep, dark funks. It helped me gain clarity and see the situation from another perspective, see the damage I was doing to my body by allowing this situation to hold me down and consume me.

It would only be after weeks of crying, binging on any form of carbs or sugar I could get a hold of, that I would finally think to get high.

And then I essentially slap myself back into reality, truly SEE-ing what I was doing to myself.

Cannabis gives me clarity.

Cannabis also helps with integration.

When I have a deeply saturating experience, cannabis is my plant ally with integration.

Otherwise, my go-to in order to delay processing it is eating. But cannabis makes it less daunting to actually sift through the corners of my mind and see what rich, dense information I have collected through experiencing the beautiful world.

I have been vocal and a proud advocate of how cannabis interplays with wellness.

So, when I learned in Ayurveda school that the teachings say marijuana falsely opens chakras, things started clicking in my mind.

But one thing didn’t… “falsely opens chakras.”

I thought to myself, why does this necessarily have to be false? When I am high, I make more conscious, subjectively better decisions for myself in the name of health. Health and wellness is my greatest passion and profession. I am a student to the ancient teachings of Ayurveda.

Perhaps this is the missing piece. For others who engage with cannabis as an escape, get high, and are uneducated on nutrition, it may not be the most nourishing for the mind and body to pig out on chips to satiate the munchies.

I used to be there, but since learning about health, I’ve reframed. It has been deeply solidified in my mind that you ARE what you eat. Everything you put into your precious temple of a body is what becomes all of your tissues.

So, this understanding complemented with my open chakras from getting high allows me to let in high quality things, and integrate the high quality experiences I expose myself to on the daily (because I deserve it!)

Cannabis can be a profound ally.

But I now also recognize it can be a foggy cloud of distraction and escapism.

Choose wisely about how you engage with cannabis, and any other things you put into your body.

Food, as well as experiences. These are all forms of consumption and what ultimately become us.

Cannabis affecting chakras is precisely what inspired me to start my cannabis Reiki practice. I learned how to work with chakras in my Reiki training, and now that I’ve learned this new piece of information, it seems like a no-brainer. The profound level of healing and inner access that can be accessed with the combination of cannabis and Reiki is unparalleled.

It is a way of healing deeply from the inside out, tackling psycho-emotional and physical pain. It is for those on their spiritual quest to awakening.

It is for those who may have hit the wall of pain during their quest and feel that it is an impenetrable wall. I truly believe (and have seen) that the profound combination of cannabis and energywork can cultivate a deeper level of body TRUST.

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Till then, enjoy life and be happy 🙂

It really can be that simple, and my dear friend Mary Jane always reminds me how to do just that.

Stephanie Zhu is a freelance writer covering the sectors of health & wellness, cannabis, and sustainability. She is also a healer, a massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner. Learn more about her at, and on Instagram as @themysticdreamer.