Smoothies, veggies and ‘danknola’: Try these healthy cannabis-infused recipes

There are so many recipes out there to make your own cannabis-infused coconut oil, and now you can even buy it prepared in some dispensaries. As a healer, my goal is to endorse health in all possible ways. This involves encouraging people to put the right things in their bodies that heal instead of harm. Here’s how to use this method to ingest cannabis in a delicious, creative, and healthy way.

Worried about odor while cooking with cannabis? Check out these tips. 

How to make a healthy weed smoothie


~2 cups spinach

~2 cups frozen mixed berries

~1 cup plant-based milk, orange juice, coconut water, or just regular water

~3-4 leaves Mint

~1 cup ice

AND the magic ingredient,

~1 tbsp cannabis coconut oil (or whatever the unit is for 5-10mg)

Blend until mixed and drink up. You can also use whatever ingredients you have on hand, it doesn’t have to be exactly what I used. Basically, all you need to do is make a smoothie and plop some weed coconut oil in.

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Coconut oil itself is amazing for you. It’s a great source of fat that will help absorb the nutrients from fruit and veggies (some vitamins are fat-soluble).

Other recipe ideas I have made before with weed coconut oil:

It’s super easy to mix cannabis oil into sautéed mushrooms, as well as a healthy weed granola I once made and called Danknola. Basically, you can use anything that you’d normally make with oil or butter and transform it into a healthy and delicious edible.

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Go forth and dabble with ingesting weed. See what fun, healthy foods you can make to get high!  Healer-approved.

Stephanie Zhu is a freelance writer covering the sectors of health & wellness, cannabis, and sustainability. She is also a healer, a massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner. Learn more about her at, and on Instagram as @themysticdreamer.