Cannabis commercialism is booming

davide ragusa/Unsplash

In California, where cannabis is recreationally legal, there are cannabis ads all around. The billboards along the highway proudly display weed delivery and dispensary signs.

This is a testament to the pulse of society’s climate.

When it comes to cannabis, this is where California is at and it’s a beautiful thing.

Thanks to capitalism, people can use their purchasing power to decide where the collective energy of the world flows. From my observations, it’s currently getting concentrated in cannabis.

Even in New Jersey, the somewhat conservative land where I’m originally from, CBD products are starting to pop up at pharmacies and on their advertisements.

People are starting to tap into the powerful healing and medicinal properties of cannabis. And companies are proudly marketing it in order to allure more people to tap in, as well.

This is just the beginning. I have mentioned before, I do think of cannabis as a gateway plant.

It is a plant that has received a great deal of attention in the market, but it is just one of many. There is a bountiful world of healing plants that many ancient healing practices have been using for years.

Engaging with plants helps us connect with Mother Nature, and innately catalyzes the journey to cultivate more respect for her. Once we start to harness the healing powers of the Earth, we feel inspired to protect it.

The intersection between cannabis and health is so obvious, there are many amazing cannabis wellness centers popping up to solidify and bring this concept into actualization. Offerings include weed yoga, cannabis nutrition classes, marijuana hikes, and more.

Cannahealth is paving the way for cannabis to be de-stigmatized and re-introduced as a powerful healing medicine.

For my birthday this year, I even plan to do a dispensary tour. It’s like a winery tour, but a classy cannabis version of it. On the lineup? Vape lounge, cannabis cocktails, weed yoga, and just general education about the beautiful plant.

In addition, more and more cannabis products are starting to be created and flood the markets. Those that got in early and persisted despite the regulations are lucky.

Their hard work has paved the way for many new products to follow, and they themselves will be known as the OG cannabis products.

For others that wish to come into existence, there are even amazing companies that will help to bring products to life.

Spacestation, for one, is a complete end-to-end cannabis product conceptualizer, prototype, launcher, marketer, and more. They care so much about spreading the good name and healing properties of cannabis that they accept any idea, and with their team of industry experts from both cannabis perspective as well as mass consumer production perspectives (particularly with beverages), they are able to offer a complete suite of services.

They are showcasing the effectiveness of their end-to-end services by launching their own cannabis sparkling water: Nektr, which is intended to become the LaCroix of cannabis.

Cannabis kombucha? It’s in the works.

Cannabis tea? Kikoko’s got you covered (20% off with “Cynthia20”, courtesy of my dear friend Cynthia of Cyntivee, a cannabis re-education platform)

The cannabis revolution is just starting. And it’s all about YOUR health, tapping into our dear mother Earth, and community.

Don’t get left behind. Resistance is futile.

Try enjoying the beautiful healing plant with some healthy recipes today!

Stephanie Zhu is a freelance writer covering the sectors of health & wellness, cannabis, and sustainability. She is also a healer, a massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner. Learn more about her at themysticdreamer.com, and on Instagram as @themysticdreamer.