Perspective: CBD is Breaking Down Marijuana Stereotypes

Embodying health and wellness, CBD offers physiological health benefits that bring relief without any psycho-active trippy mind alterations.

In this way, cannabis empowers, uplifts, and unlocks people’s true potential and their highest vibrational way of living. And as marijuana enters the realm of legality, CBD will pioneer the path of building its reputation as a powerful, medicinal, healing plant.

(Photo by Robert Nelson on Unsplash)

CBD is vastly different from its cousin, THC. With no mind-altering effects, it heals by tapping into physiological receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammationrelieve stress, and promote relaxation.

Because of the way it affects the body instead of the mind, CBD is tamer and can be more overtly viewed as medicinal than THC. The latter could be lumped into the category of other mind-altering substances, such as alcohol or psychedelic drugs.

This is what scares people and allows them to construct marijuana as a harmful substance.

But the very same plant can offer serious relief from pain by tackling endocannabinoid receptors in the body, and even has been successfully used to treat seizures. The first FDA-approved prescription cannabidiol, Epiodolex®, is CBD only and geared towards helping seizures. How’s that for its healing prowess?

This is the future of cannabis.

As it becomes legalized by more and more states, the scene of cannabis is rapidly changing. There are more and more regulations, creating more hoops for those who traditionally dabbled in the scene as an underground market.

This makes cannabis more reputable overall. Working within the legal system is what will bring faith and confidence to those who have previously been skeptics.

It makes our jobs as consumers important, to use our purchasing power to support the brands who are paving this new age of cannabis.

(Photo by Kimberly Nanney on Unsplash)

Focusing on the healing powers and effects of CBD will help to deconstruct the previous narrative constructed by media such as “Reefer Madness” or even “Pineapple Express” of lazy stoners.

The lazy, couch-potato, munchie-gobbling stoner narrative is one we need to replace with real people who are highly active and engaged community members.

By unlocking a certain level of healing, cannabis unlocks potential in people. It relieves pains, aches, or anxieties that have been plaguing people for years and holding them back. It empowers and uplifts.

A new narrative for marijuana needs to be brought to light.

I attended an event called “Enlighten & Elevate”, which was the first of a series of educational talks working to build this new reputation for cannabis, hosted by Cyntivee and A Kind Collective. It is focused on CBD and the intersection it has with health.

CBD helps to bring marijuana the reputation it deserves: an elevated, sophisticated, and uplifting plant.

It is more about homeostasis and balance, rather than momentary, extreme bouts of euphoria. I don’t know about you, but I am always in pursuit of balance in my life.

It is a tonic, and it can be used to proactively or retroactively heal the body.

(Photo by Kimberly Nanney on Unsplash)

CBD can also replace pharmaceuticals that do more damage than people realize, as they continually pop pills that quiet the symptoms, but not the problem itself.

In countless scientific experiments, CBD has shown positive results with helping stress and various forms of inflammation.

Stress is what triggers the perpetual fight-or-flight mode many people find themselves in nowadays, which leads to inflammation (*ahem* stress acne)

Nearly all physiological problems can be boiled down to inflammation of some part of the bodyAcne is inflammation on the face, gut problems are inflammation of the intestine, and muscle pains are inflammation of a specific muscle.

By tackling inflammation in the body, CBD is a health powerhouse and addresses problems at their source.

It’s time to re-invent cannabis. No more “bongs and thongs”.

It’s time for a new age of elevation.

It’s time for the world to know about cannabis’ incredible, life-changing healing properties.

Cannabis is taking on the world at a rapid rate. Will you join the revolution?

p.s. To see the intersection of health and cannabis I myself am excited about, check out the women-published, healing-focused publication about real women living cannabis-focused lifestyles: MJ Lifestyle.

It is classy and elegant and beautiful, and this is everything cannabis represents to me. ❤

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